Facebook Marketplace is easy to use

Facebook Marketplace: Now eBay & Co. are on the hit list

Facebook takes over: The marketplace is to become the central point of contact for users who are keen to buy and sell on the platform. According to the social network, there are already over 450 million users a month in flea market groups. In order to keep them on the platform, the network giant is now expanding and professionalizing the sales function.

Easy handling and contact with users

The social giant announced the launch of the Marketplace. The feature can be accessed in the app via the market stall item, which will replace the messenger item in the coming days, in the control bar at the bottom.

Marketplace is algorithm-based and shows interesting articles in the area. At the beginning, the sorting takes place according to the liked pages of a user, later it is based on the articles that were viewed, bought or sold. Users can contact the seller via direct message and clarify everything else privately. To sell their own items, the user simply uploads a photo and adds the standard information such as description, price and item location. The use is free of charge, so unlike the auction house eBay or Amazon, Facebook does not charge any fees for the sale.

It is comparatively easy to use and is very reminiscent of eBay classifieds or Amazon: Articles are sorted by categories and are displayed in a certain radius, which can be adjusted by the user himself. If a search is unsuccessful, he can, for example, expand the radius. The feature is designed for mobile use, but a desktop version is to follow.

Most important advantage: Everyone can check the trading partner themselves on the Marketplace

With the introduction of the marketplace, Facebook serves the interests of users and wants to keep them on the platform longer, not least in order to further increase its advertising income. As The Verge reports, 84 percent of Facebook's sales come from smartphone users. For many of its 1.7 billion users worldwide, Facebook is already the linchpin of their Internet activities and the network giant wants to expand this position further.

Selling weapons, animals, alcohol and other things is prohibited in the Marketplace, just like in the sales groups on Facebook. The social network also assumes no liability or guarantee, each user is responsible for himself. If a purchase goes wrong, he is on his own. However, the existing user profiles of those involved could provide a little security: Everyone can visit the profile of the seller or buyer and assess whether it is a serious offer or not. Nobody is forced to buy something from someone whose profile they don't trust. This is of course a huge advantage for the popular eBay classifieds app, because there are no extensive user profiles that would make an assessment easier.

Since Facebook users spend a lot of time in the app every day, the limited anonymity could pay off towards eBay and encourage users to make flea market purchases directly on the social network.

Marketplace will be rolled out in the USA, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand in the coming days. More countries are to be added in the coming months.

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