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Give me 5 !: The bizarre beauty tips from the stars

Stars like Jessica Alba do a lot to make their skin glow and stay healthy. But some beauty tricks seem pretty strange

Yes, well, they have tons of money and servants. But the ravages of time also gnaw the biggest stars. Here are five beauty tips that even a star really wants to do voluntarily:

1. Jessica Alba

On her Instagram account, actress Jessica Alba appeared under an iron mask. The so-called opera mask is very popular in Hollywood because one application is supposed to tighten the skin.

2. Tori Spelling

The 42-year-old likes to go to the spa and treat herself to a "chemical peeling", among other things. However, her skin reacted with severe redness and irritation to this aggressive application, which results in skin renewal.

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3. Demi Moore

She once revealed on the "David Letterman" talk show that she was undergoing leech therapy. The slippery leeches are said to be able to cleanse the blood with their mucus.

4. Goldie Hawn

The actress swears by an old classic: the hemorrhoid ointment. The drug is said to help fight wrinkles due to its moisturizing ingredients.

5. Elle MacPhearson

The supermodel checks her health based on her own urine. She always carries a test strip with her to check her pH level. This is how the 51-year-old can tell whether she has given her body enough alkaline foods.

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