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Alibaba Cloud

The hyperscalers in Switzerland

The Chinese technology giant Alibaba has only rudimentarily managed to enter the European and Swiss markets. Information on any data centers in this country or model customers could not be obtained from the company upon request. What is certain, however, is that the Alibaba Cloud, including services such as automation, infrastructure and security, can currently be obtained from data centers in Frankfurt and London. According to earlier statements by the company, further data centers are planned in Europe, but no concrete plans have been communicated. Alibaba's services are now focused on those Chinese customers who operate in Europe.
A global user of the cloud infrastructure is, of course, Alibaba itself. The cloud services that are now available in Europe are accordingly data-heavy: According to the provider, the image search is particularly useful in combined online and offline retail. Digital service robots serve millions of customers at the same time. The “Dataphin” solution also automates data management within a company. The Alibaba Group says that it has entrusted 95 percent of its data to the system, from retail to finance and logistics to transportation. "We can use the practical experience and successes that we have gained and achieved in China in the digital transformation to the advantage of European companies," is the logic of Yeming Wang, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Europe.

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