Juventus improves with Ronaldo

Pissed off about Ronaldo: Angry fan travels to the Juventus star as far as Sweden

Because Cristiano Ronaldo, contrary to a contractual agreement, did not want to compete with a South Korean selection with Juventus Turin, a fan from South Korea has apparently followed the superstar to Sweden.

A South Korean soccer fan has apparently traveled as far as Sweden to confront superstar Cristiano Ronaldo for not playing in a friendly in Seoul. On a YouTube video that has already been clicked more than three million times, Kwak Ji-hyuk documented his unsuccessful attempts to get a reaction from Ronaldo.

The Portuguese striker from Juventus Turin did not respond to Kwak's English question ("Why didn't you play in Korea?") still on his poster. Juventus visited Stockholm last week for a friendly against Atlético Madrid.

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Juventus and Ronaldo apparently failed to keep their agreements

At the end of July, contrary to an alleged contractual agreement, Ronaldo did not appear in a sold out Juventus friendly against a South Korean national team in front of 63,000 spectators in Seoul.

That had caused a lot of anger in South Korea. The South Korean league has already requested an apology from the club. More than 2500 disappointed fans had also initiated a class action lawsuit against the organizer The Festa.

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According to a report by the Korean TV station SBS Juventus would have committed that Ronaldo should play at least 45 minutes in the friendly game and hold a fan meeting. Both agreements were not kept.