Should burger buns be roasted

Hamburger roll .. how do you roast them?

Aaaaaalso, if I really fancy a culinary cheek like "hamburger", which I rarely have because I actually always make something myself that neither looks like sweet rolls with meatballs nor tastes like them, I would do it SO do:

I would go to McDoof or to Würger King, order something and that was it. But I only do it once a year when my kitchen stays cold and all other options are closed.

On my last vacation in Denmark there was such an emergency. We were far from any culinary civilization that normal homo sapiens could afford, and we stopped in such a tourist-oriented ketchup temple. Since a simple deep-fryer schnitzel with the commonly used Dutch-style fried potato sticks, along with a 08/15 salad, cost 100 DKK (where according to the current exchange rate ten Danish kroner corresponds to about one euro), I ordered a fish hamburger in anticipation of hunger edema 60 DKK, or about 8.40 euros. I actually expected at least one gold-plated plate and a glass of Moet Chandon, but was bitterly disappointed in view of the McDoof-like cardboard packaging. In a wobbly-sweet bun roughly the size of a Big-Mäc, there was one after the other (above and below):

1 lettuce leaf brand Eisberg (not for the Danish town of Esbjerg),

1 piece of breaded plaice fillets (length of the breaded fish about 7 cm, height including breading about 6 mm),

4-5 small, cooked "Rejers", so Atlantic crabs (not our "garnet)

1 slice (about 3 mm thick) cucumber made in Netherlands,

and about 2 tablespoons of a tasteless Danish remoulade.

With this "delicious" meal, I completely lost my enjoyment of American "fast food cuisine".

That's why my "hamburger" looks something like THIS:

1 slice of fresh, dark brown bread, maybe toasted. A little butter on it (based on Horst Lichter),

1 meatball with lots of onions (in the sausage),

1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard.

The bread and butter divided in half, the meatball in half, mustard on top and the other half of bread and butter slapped on top. Loosely based on Volkswagen: You know what you have ........



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