What is a good slow dance position

Stand & Carry Position

The stand & carry position is not how virtually any other sex position. You don't need a bed or sofa to run it. Instead, your man will stand up for it and keep you off the ground. This won't work for every couple though, but we have plenty of other sex positions in our sex positions guide that will work for you.

Picking them up is the hardest part of Stand & Carry. It's easiest if you start in a position like the butterfly, lying on your back on a bed or table while your husband is standing. Your man can then bend over you and you can put your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist. Your man can put his arms around your waist or bum before standing upright and holding you.

Alternatively, you can both stand and face each other as if standing in a slow dance position. While you are inside of you, your man can put his hands around your bum / waist and lift you up. When your husband picks you up, you can wrap your legs around him.

What the girl is doing in the Stand & Carry position

If your man is holding you up in the air, you will have to carry some of your weight around his neck with your arms. Your legs, wrapped around his waist, can also support some of your weight.

Even if your man is going to bump a lot, you can still pull yourself up and down on him. You can pull yourself up with your arms and press your legs against his waist to hold them in place so you can move up. In the Stand & Carry position, you can lean back quite a bit or hold close to your man to change the angle at which he steps in.

You want to be careful not to do anything to upset your body's balance, which can cause you to fail.

Because you are facing each other, you can kiss passionately to make it more intense.

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What the guy is doing in the Stand & Carry position

Her husband has two jobs in the Stand & Carry position. The first is to hold on and carry most of your weight. The second pushes into you. He will hold you tight by putting his hands around your waist. He can thrust into you by bending and stretching his legs. Or he can use his hips while keeping his legs fairly straight.

Things to consider when performing the standing and carrying position

Quite a few students of the Bad Girls Bible have tried Stand & Carry with their husband. Here is some of the feedback they have given on this:

  • The Stand & Carry is exhausting: doing more than 2-3 minutes is exhausting for both of you.
  • Try to bring Stand & Carry up against a wall so that your back is against it. This will help shed some of your weight, which means you and your husband can stay in it for longer. He will also be able to fuck you with more strength when you stand against a wall.
  • This sex position may not offer the best of G-spot stimulation because you are concerned about standing.

Variations of Stand & Carry and similar positions

The Stand & Carry position becomes exhausting for both of you very quickly. Fortunately, there are a number of very fun alternatives:


If you can straighten your leg straight up, you are perfect for this position. Learn more about the ballerina position here.


When you stand on one leg, your husband doesn't have to worry about carrying you. Click here to learn how to do the dancer position.

Slow dance

Face yourself in this sensual, standing position. You can find out more about the slow dance position here.


When he's seated and you are on his lap, it'll be easier for both of you. Click here to learn more about the Mastery position.

You can also find 20 more exotic sex positions here.

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Sean's Thoughts on the Stand & Carry Sex Position

The Stand & Carry is not that difficult to do. The only thing it requires is that you both have a considerable amount of strength. If your man has a bad back, then I strongly recommend that he avoid Stand & Carry as it puts a lot of stress on him .

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