What are some crazy IoT products

IoT - the virtual world becomes real

How about having a refrigerator that always informs you as soon as certain foods are used up and missing? It might sound a bit crazy at first, or maybe it's not absolutely necessary. But it could still be a very nice luxury. And there we are already on the topic: Internet of Things, Internet of Things. What still sounds like crazy ideas for the future to many has already arrived in our everyday lives more than you realize and think.
We would like to give you an insight into the topic and explain what IoT includes, what possible applications there are and what you as an entrepreneur should consider when using it.

What does Internet of Things mean?

The Internet of Things consists of objects, i.e. things that become intelligent through the installation of small microchips and can then coordinate with one another directly via the Internet. The devices can act completely independently at any time and without any human intervention. You can also react individually to a wide variety of situations and adapt to new circumstances. It is important that every object is given a unique identifier, i.e. its own identity, on the Internet. This is the only way that communication with each other can function and humans can operate and control the devices from any location.

Use in the private sector

In the private sector, objects of everyday use are mainly networked. Here we are, for example, back to our refrigerator from the beginning. Lighting controls, alarm systems, remote monitoring, automatic heating and air conditioning control or intelligent electricity meters are also part of the IoT.

Another example from the smart home area that you are definitely familiar with: With a smart living system, you can make your own four walls even safer. When you are on vacation, for example, the system raises and lowers the blinds at set times or switches the light on at certain times. This is how the devices simulate your presence. And you can control what should happen when from anywhere in the world.

The Internet of Things in the professional environment

The Internet of Things is used for companies in the automotive industry, telemedicine, building automation, logistics and in the industrial sector.
Intelligent systems

- ensure just-in-time deliveries
- monitor transport routes
- let vehicles communicate directly with the car workshop
- make it possible to detect imminent faults in systems or the like in good time through monitoring and tracking.

Industrial processes can be completely automated and planned through the Internet of Things. This makes them safer, more cost and time efficient and enables more sustainable quality management. Companies can also make their product range more flexible and react better to unplanned situations, such as delivery bottlenecks or special customer requests.

How companies can benefit from it in the field of marketing

As an entrepreneur, you can also use the Internet of Things for marketing purposes. Digital marketing already includes some of these tools, such as email marketing.

A nice example is a hairbrush that is already on the market: it transmits data to a smartphone app through built-in sensors and microchips when combing. Taking into account the current weather forecast, the app then gives the user various care suggestions and also shows the right products from the hairbrush brand. Practical advertising - the user has the feeling of getting added value and at the same time, as a company, you can target your products.

Or we go back to our fridge: it not only tells you what to buy, it also suggests where you can best buy it. So supermarkets can suggest specific products right away - welcome to digital marketing!

Important for you to use the Internet of Things for your company:
- It's not a sure-fire success! You should look for an experienced digital marketing partner who is at your side.
- Since the devices are connected to one another on the Internet, there is always a risk of external attack or unauthorized use. So you should make sure that all areas are optimally secured at all times.

This is how the future will be

According to experts, the Internet of Things is just a stopover. The future will be the Internet of Everything, in which all data, people, machines and processes will be connected to one another.
The diverse links on the Internet and the use of smart devices by end consumers will steadily increase. It is therefore particularly important to keep up with the marketing process and adapt your marketing strategies.

Do you still have questions about the Internet of Things? Then take a look at what we do or contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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