What can Facebook credits be used for?

How to Get Free Facebook Credits

Do you want to invest in advertising Facebook But don't you want to waste your budget on paid sponsorships at the same time? In this case, you could try to get some credits from the social network and then use them for sponsorships. How do you say? Have no idea what Facebook Credits are, let alone how to get them? Don't worry, I'm here to shed some light on the subject.

I can point this out to you in the following sections of this tutorial how to get free facebook credits. To dig deeper into the subject, I'll first show you what credits are, what they are for, and then show you a few ways you can get them. As you can see, by the end of this reading you will have clearer ideas on this subject.

Are you ready to start Yes? Very Good: Make yourself comfortable, take the time to focus on reading the following paragraphs, and most importantly, try to implement the "tips" I am about to give you. I have nothing more to do, but I wish you a good read and good luck in everything!

  • What are Facebook Credits?
  • Get Facebook credits through regular promotions
  • Get Facebook Credits through partnerships between Facebook and third parties
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What are Facebook Credits?

Let's see, first of all What are Facebook Credits? (also called Promotional coupons ) and what are they for. I'll tell you right away that in this article, I'm going to be talking about the Promotional Credits and not the credits that can be spent on Facebook Games. As I partially expected in the introduction of the guide and as the name suggests, Facebook credits are nothing more than a kind of "bonus" that sponsorship can be carried out for free.

In other words, instead of paying to sponsor pages and posts, credits allow you to promote that content on the Mark Zuckerberg platform for free without investing anything. Wondering How To Get Facebook Credits? Basically, this can be done through regular promotions and through partnerships between Facebook and other websites or companies.

When you use an advertising credit, you will cover all advertising costs you have generated, that is, any active ads, in addition to the ads created using the credit itself. Active ad costs are deducted from ad credit on a daily basis until it is depleted or expires (typically expiring 30 days after credit is received).

However, at the time of this writing, Facebook does not allow the use of ad credits to pay for any pre-accrued charges (i.e. prior to receiving the credits). These costs will (as usual) be charged to the main payment method of your advertising account.

One final clarification that I want to make before going into the merits of the speech relates to the fact that it has become a little more difficult to get promotional credits in recent years as some of the social network's internal guidelines have changed. They slowed the spread. Anyway, nothing is stopping you from getting them. If everything is clear to you by now, I would say we can move on.

Get Facebook credits through regular promotions

A first method that you can use to get credits from Facebook is to go ahead regular actions. That means, through regular sponsorships through your advertising account, you can receive credits to invest in other advertising.

I didn't use the condition randomly: getting credits through this method is not automatic at all. While you are running regular promotions, it is not certain that you will receive a promotional coupon to spend on the social network. This may or may not be the case. However, the attempt does not cost anything.

How can you run regular promotions on Facebook? The best way to do this is by using the tool managing DirectorThis allows you to fully manage your marketing and advertising activities on the well-known social network. It must be said that it is a complex tool, but once its general workings are understood, everything becomes easier.

To use it, go to the Facebook for Business homepage and click the button Begins and create your advertising account: To do this, click the button Create a commercial manager and fill out the form that appears Account designation it dealthe Your name and your company's email address ;; Then click the button Venga.

Next, provide information that is specific to your business (ex. country, talk to, ciudad, State / Province / Region, POSTCODE, Websiteetc.), click the button Send, Press the button final Click to complete the account creation link received at the company email address you provided in order to validate them.

Now click the button Business Manager configuration (top left), expand the menu account placed on the left sidebar and click on the item pages. Then click the button (+) AddClick on the wording Create a new page Follow the instructions in the wizard to complete the creation of the link with the Business Manager account page. However, if you already have a page, all you have to do is add it to your account by clicking on the text Add a page in the same menu and follow the instructions on the screen.

By clicking the button again (≡) Business Manager configuration and then in one of the link In the four sections of the opened menu, you can use the functions to better plan and manage your campaigns planning it Creation and administration. More information here.

If you are lucky, Facebook can assign one or more credits to your advertising account after a certain number of regular promotions. In this case, you will be notified by email to the address you provided when you created your advertising account.

Get Facebook Credits through partnerships between Facebook and third parties

Get Facebook Credits through partnerships between Facebook and third parties The second way of receiving vouchers is advertising that invests in advertising on the social network. In fact, Facebook has several official partners who offer promotional discounts on Facebook when advertisers decide to buy their products or services.

These are usually made available to new customers of the partners in question, although promotions are occasionally open to all. Unfortunately, Facebook has not created an official list of the names of its partners. Because of this, I can't tell you which websites and online services actually offer promotional coupons that can be given out on Facebook.

So to find them I suggest that you do your research online, possibly using the terms "Services to receive coupons or promotional credits from Facebook" O "Facebook partner for advertising credits". Once you've identified one or more services that can be used to get Facebook advertising credits, carefully review the terms of use of those services, and most importantly, whether they are resources that can really be used for your business. Understand?

For more information

Would you like to dig into the topic of Facebook ad credits by the end of this reading? In this case we recommend that you visit this page for more information Facebook business help : There you will find more details that will undoubtedly help you.