Do you love Charlie Puth

# 19 "I love her ..."

Tired and completely exhausted, I leaned my head against the window and hummed the music that was playing on the radio. Charlie and I were on our way home. The whole time there was a pleasant silence until Charlie cleared his throat. "You Grace?" He asked. I looked at him, he looked so nervous and tense. "Yes?" I replied and looked at him questioningly. "Tell me something about him.", He asked me. I frowned and asked confused: "From whom?" Charlie looked a little sad at the street and then mumbled: "You're in love." My heart skipped a beat and I struggled uncomfortably on my seat. "Oh ... I can't do that." I whispered and slightly lowered my head. Charlie swallowed and then asked: "Why not?" I twiddled my thumbs nervously and then mumbled: "It doesn't work, it's complicated. You don't tell me about the girl you're in love with either." I noticed how uncomfortable Charlie felt now and then kneaded his steering wheel. "Shall I tell you something about her?" Actually, I didn't want to hear a word from this cow, but it would be conspicuous if I said 'No' and somehow I was curious what he thought about her, even if I heard it later My heart would break again. So I nodded. "Okay ... she's the prettiest girl in the world, I love everything about her. Her humor, her character, her self-confidence, her quick-wittedness. I can always laugh with her and she." It means so much to me. It robs me of my entire mind, I can no longer sleep because of her, I am no longer hungry and have to think about her all the time. I want to spend my future with her, I want to experience everything with her. I love her deepest heart. " I listened to Charlie intently and felt the broken parts of my heart jump into a thousand pieces again. It hurt so much to hear Charlie talk about another girl like that. I fought back tears and a large lump stuck in my throat. It was quiet for a long time, then I asked: "Are you together?" Charlie looked sadly around and mumbled, "No. But I wish, how about it. I'm afraid of your reaction, I think she likes someone else. That makes me so sad. " It was the same for me too, so we were in the same situation, only that he didn't love me but another girl. I was lost in painful thoughts for a few minutes, then Charlie asked carefully and with a slightly sad undertone: "Now tell me something about him." I nodded slightly and then began: "He makes me forget everything around me when I am with him, I have the feeling that there is only him and me. He is so nice to me, so caring and I am so grateful to him for everything. He shows me every day anew how nice it is to know him . He is perfect." We stopped at a red light and Charlie looked out the window, leaning his head against the window pane. He looked so unhappy, so disappointed and somehow also ... sad. "Does he know that you love him?" He asked softly and looked deep into my eyes. They looked so empty, so hurt. I shook my head. "No. I can't tell him." "Why not?" He asked. I sighed and replied: "He doesn't love me. I know that." Charlie carefully took my hand and pulled it onto his lap. ,,Where do you want to get that from? You only have a conscience when he knows about your feelings. "If Charlie only knew who I was in love with. Sadly I said," I would destroy our friendship. I can't tell him, actually it should be forbidden for me be to love him. " Charlie nodded weakly, was I imagining his eyes were filling with tears? "C-Charlie ... are you crying?" It had turned green for a long time, but there weren't any cars to be seen anywhere, so we just stood on the street. I looked at him worried, now even some tears were running down his Cheeks down. "Charlie ..." I whispered and unbuckled myself so I could hug him. I heard him sob softly and gently stroked his back. I hadn't seen Charlie cry that often, he was more the one who had to comfort me. "It makes me so sad ..." he sighed, his voice sounded so broken. It broke my heart to see him like this. "What makes you sad?" I whispered and looked him in the eyes. "Not being able to tell her, it makes me feel bad. I love her so much, I would love to just tell her everything. But that doesn't work ... ", he mumbled and wiped a tear from his face." Charlie, in the end everything will be fine. If it's not good, it is not the end. ", I whispered and gave him a hug stuck to me again. He nodded slightly and then mumbled: "I'll drive on ..."
After a while I heard him laugh sadly. "Crazy, I'm sitting here with you and howling at you." I shook my head. "That's what I'm here for, you're my helpline too," I said. "And I'm so grateful to you for that, Grace," he said.

After half an hour we arrived at my apartment. The mood was depressing and I wanted to just cry with Charlie. "Remember, everything will be fine.", I whispered and unbuckled myself. He nodded slightly. "Call me if something is wrong." I said goodbye and took Charlie's hand, it was pleasantly warm. "I never want to lose you.", I whisper and kissed Charlie on the cheek. He smiled slightly and mumbled, "I don't either. See you tomorrow." With a weak grin I left the car and, when I got outside, let out a deep breath. I was so sorry for him, how could this girl please not fall in love with him ?! I unlocked my apartment door and went into my apartment. It was pleasantly cool. I slammed the door and screamed. I COULD NOT LOVE HIM! HE DIDN'T LOVE ME! Weeping, I kicked every object that came my way, my aggression was no longer under control. All the feelings I had over the past few days came up. The endless hatred of love, the doubt about myself, the grief for Charlie, the anger at the girl. I collapsed on the floor crying and sobbing. What was he doing to me? He showed me things I didn't know about myself. "I love you ..." I whispered.

After two hours I had calmed down again and I sat huddled under a blanket and read new tweets from my followers:

"The talk show was so cool!"

"Like the whole time look at, sees yes every blind that they yourself love!"

"OMG IDIE!!! Both say they would both each rather fall in love with yourself!
#FanGirlTod "

"Grace is sooo pretty :3"

"I'll ship them!"

I got a WhatsApp message from Charlie. I clicked on it immediately.

"I want to go to the trampoline hall with me tomorrow walk ;)?"

"Sure, what time?"

"I'll pick you up at one o'clock."

"Ok ..."

So Charlie was feeling a little better again. Satisfied, I put my cell phone aside and turned on the TV, I couldn't let my series down!
My life was so crazy right now ... Everything was upside down. But sometimes you need things like that, otherwise life would be boring, wouldn't it? Of course, it bothered me that he didn't love me and that I lost several liters of tears almost every day. And instead of the love for Charlie waning, no, I fell in love with him more and more every second. Even if he said hurtful words about that other girl. I've never been so in love with someone as I was with Charlie. A lot of hope that he might love me was lost, but deep inside me there was still a little fire of hope that only disappeared completely when she and Charlie got together. Why couldn't I just kill her? Ok no That would be really brutal and would not suit me at all ... in any case, despite the deep pain, I was looking forward to tomorrow with Charlie in the trampoline hall. We have been to the trampoline hall quite often, but it was a while ago the last time.
I took a sip of my hot lemon tea and watched what went on on the show while some crickets chirped outside. I snuggled a little further under the covers when a gust of wind reached me from the open window.
'I love you, I would do anything for you.' It crept through my head.
And it was true, I would do anything for him.

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