What are the ingredients of the terroir


Soil, location, origin & provenance

The basic conditions for wine production are summarized as terroir. Terroir is translated from French as "soil, location, origin and provenance." What is meant by this is that the product, the wine, is the taste reflection of its location and thus its origin palatable makes. So it is very noticeable whether a wine comes from the Moselle, Rheinhessen, Franconia or our beautiful Palatinate. This unmistakable origin is reflected in a variety of wine styles.

Our Palatinate vineyards are unique in terms of their geological and climatic diversity, natural space, soils and topography. This diversity cannot be copied anywhere in the world.

As a result, wine is a product of numerous influences. On the one hand the natural site conditions such as soil, climate, hours of sunshine, amount of precipitation, temperature or exposure, on the other hand the philosophy and work of the winemaker in the vineyard and cellar.

The soils give the grape varieties their specific character. This is because the soil reflects a very complex picture. They are characterized not only by the type of rock, but also by their mineral and organic components. They can be basic or acidic, dry or moist, low in nutrients or fertile, compact or loose. The southern wine route is particularly known for its varied soil variations.