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Remove the missed call. Remove call details

Each of you has already read the details of the calls to your number. If someone doesn't know, it is information about incoming and outgoing calls with a detailed description of the time, date and number of the person you were talking to. A useful service that is provided free of charge by all operators - MTS, Megafon, Tele2, Beeline and Yota.

It's no secret that you can get service remotely. With the detailing of calls to someone else's number available to everyone today, you need to be careful about your safety. Any detail that the other person learns can be used against you.

Correspondence, conversations are stored on the servers of mobile network operators for years, and there are services that receive confidential information from absolutely every participant in personal contact with the server. Leaving to another country or changing SIM card will not affect the information. You can throw away the number, but the server will still save your conversations and SMS texts. Let's consider the main ways to remove details.

How to remove call details in your personal account

Many are looking for a feature to remove call details after entering their personal account. Frankly, none of the service providers say how to do this, as the information you receive is stored in accordance with the law, so that in the event of a proceeding, you can not only find out the subscriber's location, but also collect the entire database about the person, their name and place of residence.

So every time you buy a new SIM card and sign up for a mobile service contract, show your passport. The operator does not have the right to allow you to delete the details of calls or other information about yourself. Otherwise you will disappear from the database and he will not be able to report your number to the authorities when they send a request.

Yes, okay, because there are also quite law-abiding citizens who do not hide from the authorities, but fear that their relationship with other people will become known ... a husband or a wife. Yes, if you have a suspicion, your concerned spouse will come over and order a call detail. After reading, you will not be petted for good behavior, but shown the door. You can long and foolish apologies that these were conversations two years ago and now everything has changed. In reality, however, you cannot simply and easily revert to your previous posture.

Cleaning up printouts of calls and SMS over the Internet

This method uses the service to remotely remove call details. You don't even have to go anywhere, just stand in line. Everything is quick. It takes us two hours to destroy the conversations on the server without recreating them. After the work is completed, the phone number will not reveal the details to anyone, including the officers. Nobody will ever be able to find out what your call phrase was before.

At the customer's request, both detailed and selective cleaning are possible. There is no difference in the quality or cost of the services. If you order the complete removal of call and SMS details, it means that they will be blank to other people and look like you haven't used them or called anyone. When you delete a number, only that particular number disappears, the rest is left untouched.

Selective removal of numbers from the detailing

Some customers want to remove one or more numbers for the sake of credibility. The cost of the service for removing a number is the same as for completely deleting the details. To selectively delete information, write the numbers separated by commas in the order comments. If you need to remove certain data or correspondence, write the time and dates. The clearer you provide the information, the more accurate the result. Don't make mistakes with your order.

What can be removed from drilldown:

  • Calls (incoming / outgoing);
  • SMS texts (received / sent);
  • Correspondence WhatsApp / Vibet / Telegram / iMessage.

Costs for removing details and printing

For example, you need to completely delete SMS + calls to +79131234567, the cost is - 3500 rbl.

Delete message history in all WhatsApp / Vibet / Telegram / iMessage messengers - 3500 rbl.

If you need to do some selective cleaning (for example, delete 1-2 numbers and leave everything else), write which numbers to delete from the server, and the cost will also be 3500.

If you want to completely delete EVERYTHING: calls + SMS + instant messengers, then there is a tariff for complex cleaning and will - 5000 rubles.

For sure, many Apple phone users have found that the latest versions of the iOS operating system have an interesting innovation. When you enter multitasking mode, both your recent contacts and the contacts from the favorites list, if any, of the screen are displayed at the top.

The innovation is undoubtedly interesting and practical, but in some situations it can play a cruel joke on you. It is quite easy to delete a line from the call log, but it will not be deleted from the "last" ones at the top, which may indicate the fact that you are communicating with someone that others should not know about.

If you don't find this innovation very useful for yourself, you can easily turn it off in your iPhone's settings. Read how to do this in this little guide.

Turn off the recent calls and contacts display

Setting up the display of recent calls and favorites in the multitasking section is as easy as anything on an iPhone, but not easy to find. Follow the simple steps below to activate or hide recent calls or contacts before "Favorites".

Step 1. Open your iPhone settings

Open the settings of your iPhone in the usual way, for example by clicking on the icon with the name "The settings" on one of the smartphone screens.

In the settings menu, scroll down to the item with the name "Mail, addresses, calendar" and open it.

In the "Settings" submenu that opens, you also have to scroll down a little and find the title in the menu "CONTACTS" Article with title "Show in program switch"and of course open.

As a result of your actions, you finally get to the settings that are responsible for displaying recent calls and contacts from "Favorites" in the multitasking area (or program area) of your iPhone.

Step 2. Turn Recent Calls off or on again

The hardest part - finding the settings responsible for displaying recent calls - is over. In the menu that opens based on your actions in the previous step, simply move the slider to the desired position.

You can hide recent calls from the screen and leave your favorite contacts, or vice versa. Of course, you can also remove all contacts and leave an empty area above the running applications in the iPhone's multitasking bar.

To bring it all back and re-enable the display of recent calls on your iPhone's screen, simply move the settings sliders to the other side.

When making a call, all incoming and outgoing calls are automatically recorded on the Xiaomi smartphone and then entered into the database. This mobile device option is not always appropriate. Finally, there are times when it is simply necessary to hide information about calls from strangers or even close people by deleting all or part of the call log.

How do I delete recent call history on Xiaomi?

Most of the time, people think that clearing their call history will prevent others from seeing calls made or received by them. In practice, however, everything is far from it.

Instructions on how to clear call history on Xiaomi.

1. First, you need to select and press the Phone button. Then lists of all calls made and received are displayed on the screen. Next, select the phone number you want to delete by pressing and holding the call you want.

2. After that, a menu will appear where you can select both individual contacts and the entire call log (after clicking the "Select All" or "Delete Batch" button) if you want to delete the entire call history.

3. When at least one call has been marked, you can press the "Delete" button in the lower part of the display. After clicking, we also confirm the wish to delete by clicking the "OK" button once.

Basically, anyone familiar with mobile devices can see the calls they want to keep secret, calls that are not intended for other people. It sounds scary, but it's not a joke. After all, nobody wants personal or classified information with incomprehensible intent to fall into the hands of an outsider.

Simply deleting the call log by clicking the "Delete" button does not help in such cases, as this information can generally be called up from a mobile device if necessary. For such purposes, there are special applications that can be downloaded onto a smartphone. Once deleted via such an application, the deleted personal data and calls cannot be accessed.

When you call someone, the information about the call remains in what is called the call log. In some cases the log needs to be cleared or only part of the calls need to be deleted. How can you do that?

Go to the Call Log and click the "Menu" button. For example, in our case, it's under the screen. After you have clicked on it, a context menu appears in which you select the "Delete" entry.

A window will open where you can choose which numbers to select - some individual ones (you need to put a tick next to them) or all of them at the same time. Then click OK.

We chose two numbers.

We confirm the deletion.

You have been removed from the call log.

Example on samsung

The Samsung Galaxy uses its own Android-based TouchWiz firmware. We will show you how to delete numbers contained in it.

We go into the diary and click the button to bring up the context menu. In it, select the "Delete" entry.

We choose individual numbers or all at once. For example, we selected the last three calls (marked with a check mark). Now click on the "Delete" button.

We confirm the deletion.

That's all. Please note that no third-party app is required for this.

The application was originally designed to replace the standard dialer in smartphones. Over time, the features have expanded significantly, and Viber has evolved into a program in its own right.

If you communicate very often, you will gradually accumulate a lot of entries in the call log. And the moment comes when you need to clean some of them. Deleting certain calls in Viber isn't complicated.

How to delete call logs in Viber

  1. We start the Viber application on a smartphone.
  2. Click the Calls menu. The journal is opened for us, in which all calls are sorted by date.
  3. Press and hold any entry until a square appears on the display. Clicking on it will select the entire list.
  4. Then everything on the trash can icon will be deleted.
  5. Everything is ready

If you just want to remove some of the records, do the following:

  1. We start the application.
  2. Open "Challenges" as in the previous example.
  3. We find the entry we want, click on it and hold it down for a few seconds until a notification appears that it is highlighted.
  4. With the push of a button you can add more lines that the meter will inform you about.
  5. Click the Baskets icon.
  6. Done.
As you can see, the whole process is very similar to what is done in the phone book on the phone itself. Hence, this is not complicated and a novice who has just started using the program will find out.

Third way.
When you start a chat with the right person, calls can be deleted like normal messages.

  1. Go to the "Chats" tab.
  2. Open the desired dialog and click on the menu (three vertical dots) and select the item "Edit messages".
  3. You can selectively mark unwanted entries.
  4. Then the magic button "trash".

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