What if Boba Fett were sensitive to force?

Biggest Unanswered Questions in the Skywalker Saga

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WARNING! SPOILER forThe rise of SkywalkerConsequences!

Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalkeris here and with it the end of the epic Skywalker saga. The film answers some big questions, including the mystery of Rey's ancestry that goes back to the vicious Palpatine, who hopes to take his granddaughter to rule the galaxy for good. We also learn more about the backstory of Poe Dameron and a few nuggets of what Lando Calrissian has been up to since the endReturn of the Jedi.

Still starting with the first onewar of starsThe Skywalker Saga was shot in 1977 and includes nine full-length feature films. He is over 40 years old. BetweenA new hopeandThe rise of SkywalkerThe stories have asked us many questions and there are still many unanswered. There are resurrections that we cannot explain, resurrections that we expected but never occurred, mysterious births, inexplicable cases of memory loss, Jedi and Sith forces that we still do not understand, and a lightsaber that seems to be able to travel between solar systems all by itself.

Here are the biggest unanswered questions we have left at the end of the Skywalker saga.

How did Maz Kanata get Luke's lightsaber?

In the first entry of the latest trilogy,The Force Awakenslet's learn the downsizing Maz Kanata Somehow Luke's first lightsaber - the one Obi-wan Kenobi gives himA new hopeand that originally belonged to his father Anakin. Han asks Maz how she got it and she just replies, 'A good question. For another time. 'Whatever' some other time 'means, it's outside of the Skywalker saga.The rise of Skywalkerends with Luke's first lightsaber next to Leia's buried near Luke's old house on Tattooine.

This question is not easy to answer. Luke loses his first lightsaber when Darth Vader ends up chopping off his hand during the climate duelReich strikes back, in Cloud City on the planet Bespin. Luke's hand and weapon fall on the same long shaft. Luke drops. The tavern of the planet Maz is Takodana - in a completely different system than Bespin.

It is not inconceivable that the saber could get into Maz's hands. Presumably someone found it and eventually sold it to Maz Kanata. Maybe she found it herself, maybe she got it with less than legal means. Whichever way it went, we may never know.


Is Boba Fett Alive?

The bounty hunter Boba Fett falls in on his apparent deathReturn of the Jedi- straight into the waiting maw of the mighty Sarlacc. However, much has been speculated that the only unmodified clone of Jango Fett survived. Despite his relatively brief appearances in the original trilogy, Boba Fett has proven to be a fan favorite. The fan reaction to the character has been so surprisingly positive, says George Lucas on theReturn of the JediCommentary track he was considering including a shot in the special edition that would show the bounty hunter escaping the Sarlacc.

In a way, history has already been written. By doingwar of starsThe expanded universe that is no longer canon. The bounty hunter's armor helps him survive the giant monster's slow but painful digestive system long enough to escape. 'Such a Barve: The Story of Boba Fett' - a short story that appeared in the 1996 anthology bookStories from Jabba's Palace- tells us exactly how Boba Fett escapes.

But when the Skywalker saga is over and no reappearance is possible, we may never know if fat will eventually escape or if it will still be digested along with Jabba's other thugs.

Does Yoda have any connection with Baby Yoda?

We can't really countThe Mandalorianas part of the Skywalker saga, but the making of the child - better known as Baby Yoda - is initially linked to the tiny Jedi master Yoda, who appears in most Skywalker saga films either in person or only through his voice.

Fan theories sprang up almost immediately after Baby Yoda's appearance at the end ofThe MandalorianFirst episode, many suspect that the toddler is either a clone of Master Yoda or is directly related to him. On the one hand, it's kind of silly to assume that the kid hassomethingto do with Yoda at all, other than being members of the same species. After all, if you are introduced to a in a human characterwar of starsMovie you don't immediately take on: 'Oh, this must be Han Solo's nephew.' On the other hand, the assumption has been understandable since we know so little about Yoda and the species of the child. We don't even know the name of their species, which George Lucas purposely left out of mythology.

If there's a deeper connection between the two, we'll likely have to wait for future episodes ofThe Mandalorianto learn. The Skywalker saga has no answers.

Why doesn't Obi-wan remember the droids from the prequels?

One of the biggest surprises in thewar of starsPrequels was the discovery that it was the young Anakin Skywalker who created C-3PO. The protocol droid's best friend, R2-D2, also appears in all three prequels, but when Obi-wan is reunited with themA new hope he doesn't seem to recognize it and we never find out why.

Of course, the real reason is most likely because The phantom menacecame out over 20 years after the firstwar of starsLittle did Film and George Lucas have a clue in 1977 that the droids would appear in any prequels. But there are also some possible narrative explanations.

It could be this Kenobidoesremember the droids, but keep that to yourself. After all, he clearly doesn't want to tell Luke about his father, and his acquaintance with the droids brings him closer to this difficult truth. It's also possible that he really doesn't remember her. Kenobi is not portrayed as particularly tied to droids in the earlier films. A story inThe Clone Wars shows that Kenobi is not nearly as concerned as Anakin in assuming R2-D2 is lost; Anakin only convinces his master to let him save the droid by telling him that sensitive military data is on his mind.

What would Finn Rey tell in The Rise of Skywalker?

When Finn, Rey and the other heroes believe they are sinking to their deathsThe rise of SkywalkerFinn tries to tell Rey something, but he never gets the chance. Fortunately, the heroes survive and when Rey asks Finn what he would say to her, he says he will tell her later. Poe teases Finn about it, but by the end of the movie we still haven't learned what Finn was going to say.

The most obvious possibility is that he would profess his love for her. The two obviously care for each other and soon after they first metThe Force AwakensFinn asks her sharply if she has a boyfriend.

According to aCinemaBlendQuote quote Rise of Skywalker Director / Co-Writer J.J. But Abrams. Finn's motives may have been decidedly less romantic. Rather than doing a piece for Rey, he'd apparently be confirming something that has been suggested repeatedly throughout the trilogy's sequel - namely, that he's force sensitive.

What exactly happened during dinner in Cloud City?

in theReich strikes backLando Calrissian reveals the heroes to Darth Vader and Boba Fett, who we learn will arrive in Cloud City just before the Millennium Falcon.Lando reveals his duplicity by leading the rebels into a dining room where Vader is waiting with Boba Fett. Han takes a few unsuccessful shots, a group of stormtroopers appear, and then the doors close behind the heroes, leaving them with the Sith Lord and the bounty hunter.

Ninja feud

It's not exactly the most pressing secret in the Skywalker saga, but we have to wonder what a meal with Darth Vader and Boba Fett looks like. What are you talking about? 'Hey, how's all this trying to kill us going?' Can Vader even eat without taking off his helmet? Did Boba Fett take off his helmet to eat, or is he just as adamant about not taking it off as Mando?The Mandalorian?

The people atRobot chickentook a stab at what the food might have looked like, although we feel it is not considered canon.

What's wrong with Force Lightning?

The first time we see a Sith using Force Lightning is inReturn of the Jediwhen Emperor Palpatine almost kills Luke Skywalker with it. It has since been clear that some Sith can use it while others cannot. But it is not really clear what regulates who can and cannot use it.

We never see Darth Vader with Force Lightning, but considering how much of his body is mechanical, it's safe to assume that using it would be dangerous for him. But we never see Darth Maul using it either. Supreme Leader Snoke, as far as we know, never uses it - although admittedly his death inThe last Jedidoesn't give us much chance to see what he can or can't do. Kylo Ren doesn't seem able to conjure up the stuff, and given his temperament and general lack of subtlety, we're pretty sure if he could he would.

One might assume that Sith masters like Palpatine are purposely not teaching their students how to use Force Lightning to ensure they have an advantage in case the student tries to kill them. But that wouldn't explain how Count Dooku knows how to use it, or how Rey, without even consciously trying, summons Force Lightning The rise of Skywalker.

How did Palpatine survive?

Even if you missed all the advertising preparationsThe rise of SkywalkerWith reference to the return of Emperor Palpatine, his resurrection is evident at the beginning of the film. What is never answered is exactly how the Sith master survived his alleged death in the endReturn of the Jedi.

in theRevenge of the SithPalpatine says he knows how to bring the dead back to life and uses that claim to seduce Anakin Skywalker - who is plagued by premonitions about Padme's death - to the dark side. Even if we assume that Palpatine is telling Anakin the truth, that does not explain how the Sith Lord can revive himself, especially considering the manner in which he died. The dying Vader hurls Palpatine off a catwalk down a long shaft, and the emperor appears to explode when he hits the floor.

We're not suggesting that Palpatine's resurrection is uniquely unlikely in a narrative that makes the impossible possible, butAscent of the SkywalkerEven so, he cannot explain exactly how he survived not only his fall in this shaft, but also the destruction of the second Death Star.

Why doesn't anyone seem to remember Qui-Gon Jinn after the prequels?

Despite the fact that he personally trains Obi-wan Kenobi, he is the one who finds Anakin Skywalker. andHe is the first Jedi we see communicate beyond the grave. Qui-Gon Jinn is never mentioned in the original trilogy or in the more recent films in the Skywalker saga. The only teacher Kenobi mentions is Yoda, who says he took it upon himself to train Anakin - without mentioning that it was Qui-Gon's dying wish.

The real world reason is probably no more complicated than the fact that George Lucas Jinn hadn't thought about it in the original trilogy, but no narrative reason was given. One possibility is that Kenobi and Yoda - without wanting him to find out his father's identity - decided to give Luke as little detail as possible. It could also be that Jinn's reputation is mottled. After all, he brings Anakin to the Jedi and Anakin eventually defeats the Emperor, but a lot of blood is shed before Anakin is redeemed.

Is Palpatine finally dead this time?

At the end ofThe rise of SkywalkerRey harnesses the power of all Jedi in front of him and reflects Palpatine's power back onto him, killing him.

But ... is he really dead?

Palpatine's death seems pretty final at the end ofThe rise of Skywalker. We see him torn to pieces. But in the end his death does not seem to be more or less finalReturn of the Jedi. In the earlier film, the dying Darth Vader threw down a long shaft and his fall to the ground is followed by a burst of energy that suggests he has exploded. Not to mention the fact that shortly afterwards the space station on which it is located is completely destroyed. If Palpatine can get back from it, then what?tilt he comes back from?

Another complication is the fact that we are never told exactly how Palpatine survived Return of the Jedi.If we knew that, we could see that somehow the same or a similar explanation does not apply this time. But we don't know what we don't know. In the end, it may be best to assume that we don't know whether this is really the case or nottheEnd for Palpatine.

Why is Lando wearing Hans clothes at the end of Empire Strikes Back?

If you haven't noticed yourself, you may have been caught by thefamily GuyparodySomething, something, something, dark side- At the end ofReich strikes backWhen Lando and Chewie race away from the rebel fleet to save Han from Jabba the Hutt, Lando has inexplicably transformed into Han Solo's clothes. At least it's weird, if not a little creepy, and it's never explained.

One popular theory explains that it is actually the other way around - Han used Lando's clothes. We know Han won thatMillennium falconfrom Lando, and the theory is that Han took the ship without allowing Lando to retrieve his clothes. As the theory suggests, at some point when the heroes flee Cloud City, Lando finds his old clothes and puts on some.

We have a problem with this theory. We see inSolo: A Star Wars Story that Lando has a closet full of clothes on his ship before Han wins him from him. Beckett catches Han and Qi'ra doing it. But from what we see, Lando clearly prefers clothes with a lot of flair. He wears regularly Capes, for Pete's sake. A white shirt with buttons and a black vest without a cape? That doesn't sound like something you would find in Lando's closet.

Does Finn have the potential to be a Jedi?

There are two big pointersThe rise of Skywalkerthat Finn might have enough of a connection with the Force to be trained as a Jedi. First, Finn assures his reformed stormtrooper Jannah that it was power that enabled his true self to emerge from the conditioning of the First Order. Later, in the fight against the Final Order fleet, Finn says he knew that the Order only transferred its navigation from the ground tower to the command ship because he could feel it.

When we think back onThe Force AwakensThere were clues from the start. Finn makes an unforgettable impression on Kylo Ren after the village was butchered in the opening of the film. Later, when he escapes with Poe, Kylo immediately knows which stormtrooper he was. Both moments suggest that Finn is causing or being influenced by waves in the Force that Kylo is also feeling. In the meantime, General Hux and Captain Phasma appear confused as he had 'shown no prior signs of nonconformity'.

The rise of Skywalkerends up without a fixed word either way, but it at least seems possible that the man formerly known as FN-2187 has his own lightsaber.

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Who is Rey's grandmother?

The rise of Skywalkerfinally answers the question about Rey's parentage. We learn that she is the granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine and that her birth parents sold her into bondage on Jakku in order to save her from the emperor. After that, her parents were murdered by a Jedi hunter. The only missing piece is Rey's grandmother. Emperor Palpatine is not exactly a formidable epitome of charisma, so it makes sense to wonder exactly who has consented to a union with the Sith Lord.

The prequels give us a possibility.Often seen next to Palpatine inAttack of the clonesandRevenge of the Sith is a calm, pale and scary looking bald woman named Sly Moore. The official onewar of starsThe website describes her as 'Palpatine's senior administrative assistant while he was chancellor' and says rumors surrounded the enigmatic woman.

The expanded universe offers a few other possibilities, though they come from stories that are no longer considered canon. In the 1995 novelChildren of the jediBarbara Hambly introduces Roganda Ismaren. The former Jedi boy is captured by the Empire and made the concubine of Palpatine. There's also Ysanne Isard, who was featured in the Dark Horse comic seriesX-Wing: Rogue Squadron. At one point, Isard is the director of Imperial Intelligence and actually takes over the running of the empire after Palpatine's 'death' inReturn of the Jedi. Her position suggests that she likely had a close relationship with the emperor at some point, though anything romantic is left to speculation.