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Cronus Zen: The Invisible Cheater Danger on PS4 & Xbox One

With certain adapters, cheating on the console is child's play - without anyone noticing.

No, the Cronus Zen is not a crazy spin-off of an AMD architecture (despite the strikingly similar product logo), but a revised offspring of a long-standing series of Controller emulators. As the name suggests, it refers to devices that can imitate (emulate) original accessories so deceptively real that a console cannot tell the difference.

The invisible cheater threat on PS4 & Xbox One

The original idea behind it was that games could be controlled with a mouse and keyboard, although the developers did not plan to provide any support. Since one quickly became aware of the ability to manipulate the data streams fed in, after a while options were implemented to run self-written scripts in the adapters.

Therefore, this method of cheating is also considered relatively safe - from Cronus Zen and co. normal-looking key commands are issued.

Overview of usable cheats and how they work:

With this community script, different aim assist modes, zeroing the recoil, automatic fire for single-shot weapons, automatic ping setting or simultaneous lying down while shooting (dropshotting) are available. Key sequences for quick reloading and slide cancels are also popular.

The developers seem to have attached great importance to ease of use. Scripts are programmed quickly, are summarized in an online library and can be dragged onto the device in seconds.

What can you do with it? Weapon recoil is largely a thing of the past, and a push of a button is enough for complex movements, such as breaking off the slide in a flash. You can even implement a full-fledged aim assist that precisely tracks enemy actions.

All of this succeeds without interfering with the game software, because the programmers make use of electrical frequency changes and even the conventional rumble function, among other things. If you want to compensate for the recoil of a weapon, the exact timing is determined based on the vibration of the controller and counter-steered based on this. Annoyingly, this modification can only be recognized in a few cases due to the high speed of the game.

When every weapon turns GRAY - continuous fire without recoil:

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Identify Aim-Assist and file a complaint

However, if a cheater uses an extended aim assist, irregularities can be detected with the naked eye. If the weapon jerks back and forth with the visor on or appears to be turning small circles, a script runs in the background that detects the resistance of the aiming aid provided in the game on an electrical level and increases the effect according to an algorithm.

The "waving" is a kind of scan in every imaginable direction so that the script knows where the player's crosshairs are. This even "fidgeting" before the character is located reveals the aim-assist: (from minute 3:21)

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There is a lack of countermeasures on the part of the manufacturer

However, the technology itself could become its undoing. Since the scripts run key sequences or stick positioning according to certain triggers, patterns result. However, Infinity Ward would have to implement a method that searches all player inputs for these patterns, which is associated with an enormous amount of computational effort.

Alternatively, a so-called Overwatch feature analogous to CS: GO, in which experienced Warzone veterans can view game excerpts and evaluate irregularities, which are then finally analyzed by a pattern recognition.

So far, however, there have been few efforts in this direction, although there appears to be a need for action. While the article was being written, the Cronus Zen adapter was sold out, the download figures for scripts from the community are in the high five-digit range for well-known titles.

The "GamePacks" curated by the manufacturer and supplied with the software are not even listed there, which is why an exact estimate of the user base is impossible.

Have you noticed such cheats before?

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