Which transport problem electric scooters solve

Electric scooter

parked electric scooter

Be in advanced countries Electric scooter Used very successfully for solving environmental and transport problems, reducing oil dependency, congestion and parking problems. In the summer of 2009 there were 100 million in China.

In developing countries like Germany, these vehicles are still largely unknown. The spread is made more difficult by a severe lack of sockets in the possible parking lots. The electrification of parking lots in fourth-world countries like Germany is not only very time-consuming and costly, but since the electrification of the railways the electricity companies have been claiming that it is not possible to do this in smaller parts. The nuclear power they offer, as well as the untreated green power, would be far too viscous to be able to operate such filigree two-wheelers. After all, in China they would use diluted, faked electricity for what the German consumer could not be expected to do.

Native moped dealers claim to have petrol in their blood and are of the strict opinion that what does not crackle or smell is not a moped and should not be sold.

Behavioral researchers have also researched an incompatibility with the courtship rituals of young bulls there. The rule “Whoever has the loudest exhaust can tow the stupidest bride” was evaluated in painstaking detail. An exhaustless moped cannot be used for courtship.

Another big problem is the censorship of the media, the inhabitants of such backward countries firmly believe in the eternally cheap oil, because reports about the devastating oil forecast of the IEA hardly get through the censors there.

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