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Oil instead of cream: 5 benefits of facial oils

Of course, oils are not new to cosmetics. They are contained in creams, serums and even in make-up, but only as one ingredient among several or many. But pure oils? In the face? Oh yeah! And no, the skin doesn't have a totally greasy sheen, but the oil is soaked in and doesn't leave a greasy film, as you might think at first. So get over this prejudice and try it!

Who are facial oils recommended for?

Do you have dry skin and moisturizers are not helping? Then oils are just right for you. Or combination skin? Here, too, the right oils help to bring the skin's own fat production back into balance and special active ingredient oils also help against impurities. Or have you discovered the first wrinkles and don't feel like more? Well here, too, oils are ideal, as wrinkles are a sign that the skin can no longer store moisture as well as it was in younger years and oils replenish the moisture store.

But now to the benefits for the skin:

1. No synthetic additives required

The biggest advantage of good facial oils is that there is no need for strong, synthetic preservatives. In creams, oil and water are mixed, the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold. The bacterial growth and mold infestation is of course prevented by means of preservatives. However, preservatives also mess up our skin flora or even kill it off completely. Pure oils do not need this additive and you can save on emulsifiers.

2. Better absorption

Vegetable oils are absorbed better and more deeply. They also nourish the deeper layers of the skin. Even with the right dose, no shiny oil film will remain on the skin.

3. Protection against free radicals

Oils from nuts and seeds are rich in natural antioxidants and thus protect against free radicals that attack and age our skin cells. Antioxidants are the key here to protect the skin from these attacks and to keep the cells healthy.

4. Natural balance

Plant-based face oils support the skin's own functions and bring them back into balance. Depending on which care you have used before, this can of course take a while. The skin may first have to get rid of the ballast that synthetic substances have left behind. Vegetable oils provide lipid protection and allow the skin to breathe at the same time.

5. Totally productive & versatile

Creams are often stretched with cheap fillers without skin-nourishing properties (e.g. palm oil) or sometimes even with skin-damaging properties (such as mineral oil). A few drops of the right combination of pure, vegetable oils are sufficient to nourish and care for the skin all around. In addition, it is also suitable for cleaning the skin using the oil cleaning method and removing make-up, as a basis for masks or peelings, as hair tips or nail oil (see 10+ possible uses).

As you have probably already read between the lines, it is of course immensely important to pay attention to quality products, because unfortunately many products also use synthetic ingredients or facial oils can contain mineral oil or palm oil to make them cheaper. With our beauty oils from Pure Skin Food you are definitely on the safe, 100% vegetable & organic side. It is also important to always apply facial oils to damp skin. That's why we prefer to combine the oils with a toner. At Pure Skin Food, this combination is available in a set tailored to different skin types.

Do something good for your skin!

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