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The internship contract.

Differences between voluntary internship and compulsory internship.

The internship contract must be adjusted depending on whether it is a voluntary internship or a compulsory internship. The type of internship has an impact, for example, on the entitlement to vacation, the social security obligation and the remuneration of the employee.

Voluntary internship.

compensation: For voluntary internships over three months, the minimum wage is due. Information about the remuneration or the salary and the entitlement to it must then be included in the contract.

Vacation entitlement: In the case of voluntary internships, the interns are entitled to the statutory minimum leave. This is 20 days a year if the intern works five days a week. Since they usually work in the company for less than a year, the vacation is calculated proportionally: one twelfth for each month, i.e. a little less than two days per month. However, if the employee only spends a very short time in the company and does not make an economically usable contribution, the vacation entitlement can expire.

Compulsory insurance: Whether the intern is subject to social security contributions or not depends on whether and how high the remuneration is. Individual testing is advisable here.

Compulsory internship.

compensation: The employer is not obliged to pay. If the employer nevertheless pays remuneration, the wage entitlement does not apply in the event of illness during the compulsory internship.

Vacation entitlement: According to legal regulations, the intern is not entitled to vacation.

Compulsory insurance: Here there is basically no obligation for health, unemployment, pensions and long-term care insurance. However, if the intern receives more than € 450 per month, this can change. An individual test is required here.