How can I export pharmaceutical medicine

Trade in pharmaceutical products

Health is an important human asset. The remedies play an important role in this.

The remedies include human and veterinary drugs as well as medical products. The latter include public products such as plasters or contact lenses, but also implants, tests for the detection of diseases or surgical instruments.

To make sure that you will not have any difficulties with the import, present product samples with all related information (composition, promotions) to the competent authority in advance.


Swissmedic, the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products, is the central Swiss supervisory authority for therapeutic products. To protect human and animal health, Swissmedic ensures that drugs and medical devices are effective and safe in Switzerland.

Swissmedic is responsible for:

  • the approval of medicinal products
  • the operating licenses for manufacturing and wholesaling as well as inspections
  • the market surveillance of drugs and medical devices
  • the control of narcotics traffic
  • the laboratory analysis of the drug quality
  • the setting of laws and norms.

The trade in medicinal products (drugs and medical devices) is subject to numerous and detailed regulations. The differentiation from food supplements, cosmetics or everyday objects is sometimes difficult. If you want to market a medicinal product in Switzerland, consult

If you want to market a food supplement or cosmetic, contact the cantonal laboratory in your canton, see