What is a recording

Recording (German)

Part of speech: noun, (Female)

Auf | nah | me, Plural: Record
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ˈAʊ̯fˌnaːmə]
Word meaning / definition:
1) starting something
2) Reception, accommodation, accommodation of people in a building
3) space for 2)
4) sociology Introducing a new member to a group
5) accepting or taking over (e.g. a bond)
6) Taking something into a directory
7) technology Recording of an image, an incident, an acoustic or other event on a corresponding carrier medium (process)
8) Biology, medicine: absorption process; Process by which something is absorbed
9) Object that arose as a result of 7)
Origin of the term:
Derivation of the noun from the stem of the verbtake up with a vowel change and with the suffix-e as a derivative (derivative morpheme)
4) integration
7) Record
Opposite words:
1) Weaning
7) Playback
8) segregate
Subordinate terms:
1) Taking evidence, taking up dialogue, taking up energy, taking up conversation, establishing contact, taking up performance, taking up negotiations, resuming
2) asylum seekers
New recording
3) Apprenticeship admission, employee admission
Emergency room, emergency room
4) initiation
5) Borrowing
6) Inventory
7) Photo recording, film recording, snapshot, plate recording, X-ray recording, sound recording, accident recording, video recording
8) Fluid intake, food intake, water intake, drug intake
9) Tape shot, flash shot, aerial shot, satellite shot
Application examples:
1) Already the admission the negotiations were unfavorable.
2) We found a very pleasant one admission with our friends.
3) The Admission, We were received in a very nice room.
4) Yesterday in our AA group there was the admission of four new members.
5) The 40 year old man intends that admission a European bond.
6) The criteria for admission of items in the directory of our establishment can be found in the general conditions.
7) Did you at the admission expects such a photo to come out?
7) "Miles had before the Recordings attended a performance by the Africains ballet and was overwhelmed by the African rhythms, the African scales and the thumb piano. "
8) This drinking yogurt stimulates the admission of lactates.
9) The microphone is broken, that's why it is admission on the tape not as good as we hoped.
Typical word combinations:
8) „admission of knowledge ”refers to its cognitive processing
Word formations:
Recording area, recording studio, recording appointment, recording capacity
take up
Nominative: singular admission; Plural Recordings
Genitive: singular admission; Plural Recordings
Dative: singular admission; Plural Recordings
Accusative: singular admission; Plural Recordings


  • English: 1) start; reception; 4) adoption; absorption; 7) photographing (taking photos), filming (the filming); record
  • French: 1) début (male); 2) accueil (male); enregistrement (male); 8) absorption (Female)
  • Galician: 8) absorción (Female)
  • Italian: 1) accoglienza, accettazione, ammissione, ricezione, registrazione; 8) assorbimento (male)
  • Catalan: 8) absorció (Female)
  • Dutch: 1) begin; opname; 3) receptie
    • Bokmål: 2) mottak (neuter); 3) resepsjon (male); 7) Photo:photograph (neuter); innspillning (male) (Film, sound); 9) Photo:form (neuter), photo (neuter)
  • Portuguese: 8) absorção (Female)
  • Swedish: 1) inledning (Utrum); 2) mottagande (neuter); 3) reception (Utrum), mottagningsrum (neuter) (Nursing); upptagande (neuter); 5) upplåning; 6) införlivning, medtagande (neuter); 7) photografering (Utrum) (Photo); upptagning (Utrum) (also sound); inspelning (Utrum) (Film, sound); 9) picture (photo), kort (photo), photo (photo)
  • Spanish: 1) comienzo (male); recepción (Female); grabación (Female); 8) absorption (Female)
  • Czech: 1) zahájení (neuter); příjem (male); 4) přijetí (neuter); 7) snímek (male)
  • Turkish: 1) başlama; alınma; 4) dahil etme alma; 7) kaydetme; 8) absorpsyon (medicine), emme; 9) Photo: fotoğraf (photo); kayıt
  • Hungarian: 1) megkezdés, kezdés; 2) fogadtatás; felvétel

Similar words (German):exception

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

The planned capital airport BER has after the admission of billions in loans for the future admission further debts announced.
German Economic News, December 02, 2018

The US government has that admission announced by trade talks with the European Union.
dradio.de, October 17, 2018

The EU Commission recommends the admission of accession negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania.
Today.at, May 29, 2019

For the admission New rules apply in urban daycare centers.
Kölnische Rundschau, December 21, 2018

It is checked whether the amount of damage is not even higher. With a admission the proceedings are not expected before September.
DiePresse.com, June 13, 2019

No majority for admission of refugees from Moria.
DiePresse.com, September 23, 2020

Development Aid Minister Müller is for the admission of 2000 migrants.
Kölnische Rundschau, September 9th, 2020

Seehofer and Dobrindt are for admission of refugees from Greece.
sueddeutsche.de, September 15, 2020

The district council agrees admission of the particularly needy too.
Stuttgarter Zeitung, July 18, 2020

Activists are calling for them admission of refugees - from an airplane.
New Germany, April 30, 2020

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Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • Registration: official registration; the act of logging on; Form or written evidence for; coll. Place where someone registers
  • Entrance: Opening to enter a limited area, e.g. B. a building; Opening of an organ through which something enters; Beginning of a process or a speech 4a) the arrival of a shipment 4b) the shipment that has arrived; Admission; Socket on a device to which a cable can be connected via which data can be sent
  • Entrance area: spatial area directly in front of and behind the entrance
  • reception: receiving a transmission (e.g. radio, radio, ...); Greeting (e.g. from guests, employees, friends, etc.); a feast to welcome guests; a reception in a lobby; receiving, receiving
  • Gate (fig.): small door, entrance gate; Room at the entrance, which is used for control or information; Geography cut, breakthrough in the terrain
  • Reception (hotel): Totality of the reception area of ​​a hotel; the reception desk there and the staff employed there; taking up or adopting other people's ideas or cultural assets; the (more or less) comprehensible recording of a text, work of art or media event
  • Illustration: something figuratively, graphically, by optical or electronic processes or symbolically represented, a more or less good copy of the actual, real image of real objects, people, situations, ...; Plural seldom: process of depicting something; Mathematics Assignment of elements from one set to those of another set
  • Illumination: The process of taking pictures with the aid of an apparatus; the result of the imaging
  • Deduction
  • Exposure
  • picture
  • Portrait: pictorial design of a person (or god)
  • Bildwerk (copyright) (technical)
  • Photo (main form): image created with the help of a camera - short for photography
  • Photo taking
  • photography: technical process in which an image (photograph, photo) is produced on a light-sensitive medium with the help of optical processes and is permanently stored there; an image of the real environment captured on chemically treated photosensitive plates or films, focussed and focussed by the reaction of the chemicals with the incident light
  • Photograph: general photography that is used to identify a person on official documents; Image produced by a photographic process; Image created using photography techniques (as opposed to an image created through painting)
  • Positive: Linguistics: unsupported form (basic level) of adjectives and some adverbs
  • Magnification: a copy of an object that is larger than its original; a redesign of an object so that it is larger than its original form
  • Ingestion
  • Consumption (Swiss, Austrian)
  • consumption: Intake, consumption of a food
  • acceptance: (approving) acceptance, recognition; also willingness to accept or accept something
  • acceptance
  • adoption: Premise, prerequisite: the belief in an unproven or unprovable state of affairs, a hypothesis or axioms; Receipt; Agreement to a proposal; mostly theology acceptance
  • Include
  • Inclusion
  • Inclusion: Insertion, integration of someone or something into a larger unit
  • integration
  • Interlocking
  • Merging
  • inauguration: Ceremony in which a building or an institution is officially handed over to its intended use; The act of introducing someone to something they did not know before
  • initiation: ritual admission of adolescents into the adult world
  • recording: explanatory, written notes of memories; Act of drawing or writing down; Recording of a radio or television broadcast and other video and / or sound observations
  • observation: no plural: targeted, conscious investigation, perception of something; Result of; what was observed; Compliance (for example of regulations)
  • documentation: the compilation, ordering of information; the result of the compilation or ordering of information; figurative: expression, evidence or sign
  • Documentation
  • Capture: to grasp the grasp of an overall situation or the essentials of a thing; targeted search or determination for registration; Entering EDP data into a computer
  • recording: explanatory, written notes of memories; Act of drawing or writing down; Recording of a radio or television broadcast and other video and / or audio observations
  • Image preservation
  • Recording
  • recording: Recording of an acoustic and / or optical event (for example a television broadcast, radio broadcast, a concert or the secret recording of a phone call)
  • Canned clay

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drink:… IPA: [ˈtʀɪŋkn̩], [ˈtʀɪŋkŋ̩] Meaning of the word / definition: 1) Oral intake of a liquid 2) Consume alcohol, including regular drinking in the sense of ...

Toilet: a sanitary device or facility for collecting body excretions 2) getting ready (body cleaning, body care and dressing) 3) a festive, usually long women's dress 4) a make-up table or dressing table Abbreviation: 1) 00, Toil., WC Origin of the term : in the 18th

Aerial view:… 1) Air intake. Origin of the term: 1) Determinative compound, composed of air and recording Synonyms: 1) Aerophotography, aerial photo Superordinate terms: 1) Recording ...

Aerial view: Aerophotography, aerial photo General terms: 1) Recording, image, photography Subordinate terms: 1) Orthophoto Examples of use: 1) Although this aerial photo was made from 11,000 meters, you can see almost all the details

picture:… Oil painting, tableau, tondo, drawing; (Swiss, derogatory) Helgen Graphics 2) Recording, photo, photography, photograph; (Swiss, derogatory) Helgen 4) Image, mirror image 5) ...

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