Why was Meek Mill in jail?

Meek Mill has been sentenced to up to four years in prison and fans are right to be upset

As reported by numerous music media such as Rolling Stone, Meek Mill had to answer before a court in Philadelphia yesterday for violating his probation requirements. The verdict was unexpectedly harsh. Two to four years in prison is the sentence for the rapper, who is also known as Nicki Minaj's ex-boyfriend and Drake's favorite victim of bullying.

Almost ten years ago, Meek Mill was sentenced to 11 to 23 months' imprisonment for illegal drug and weapon possession, from which he was released early - on condition of a five-year probationary period. After Meek had already violated his probation conditions several times in the past few years (which in the meantime also earned him several months of house arrest), his last two violations now led to the punishment that fans perceived as excessively harsh.

Of course, repeated disregard of probation requirements is not acceptable. However, if you look at Meek Mill's recent misdemeanors that ended up jailing him, it is easy to understand the anger of fans: one is an airport argument and the other is a violation of the New Highway Code York (he did a few wheelies on the street on a dirt bike). Both not exactly capital crimes and for many fans another example of how the American judicial system repeatedly abandons and criminalizes the black population.

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The reason why the verdict is so harsh, the American music magazine Billboard quotes judge Genece Brinkley as saying, "She has been trying to help Meek Mill for about ten years, but he just does what he wants". In addition to the last two offenses, she also used failed drug tests and Meek Mills' consistent disregard for the travel ban imposed on him in the course of his previous probation violations as arguments for her severity. The public prosecutor's office had not asked for a prison sentence.

Rap colleagues like T.I. or even Jay-Z, who usually keeps a low profile on social media, have already expressed their displeasure with Meek Mill's sentence.

Nicki Minaj (and Drake too) have not yet commented on the verdict. Mill's attorneys have appealed the verdict, according to the Billboard.

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