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Food security, food security and health in the emerging Indian metropolitan region of Hyderabad (2008-2013)

Subproject in the joint project: Climate and Energy in a Complex Transition Process towards Sustainable Hyderabad; Coordination: Humboldt University Berlin, Institute of Agricultural Economics and Social Sciences, Div. of Resource Economics; http://www.sustainable-hyderabad.de

Project leader:Prof. Dr. Christoph Dittrich
Project staff: Sarah Nischalke (2008-2010); Anne Dahmen (> 2010)
Project times: 2008-2013
Project funding: BMBF

Project goals: With the involvement of Indian partner institutions, the project deals with the food system of the Indian metropolis Hyderabad in the context of globalization and climate change. In addition, there are questions of environmental health risks. The project is based on the thesis that climate change and partial aspects of globalization will increasingly transform and threaten the already fragile food supply, food security and health of the poor people of Hyderabad today and in the coming years. At the same time, resource-intensive consumption and lifestyles of a growing layer of the wealthy are increasingly contributing to the overexploitation of the regional resource base and thus also to the intensification of climate change. The overarching objectives of the project are (a) application-oriented knowledge generation with regard to sustainable food supply and food security, climate protection and energy efficiency; This is also about questions of mitigation, adaptation and resilience, (b) promoting resource-efficient, low-emission and socially sustainable food supply and reference systems, diet and consumption styles (c) promoting and building knowledge networks in the fields of food, nutrition and health To enable awareness-raising processes, a change in awareness and a change in policy (transition management, crafting rules by discourse).