Have Quora users stopped answering questions

Is the practice of killing a cow for a guest (गोघ्न | goghna) still followed?

The questions you asked are difficult to answer.

For example, although I know it is not obeyed these days, but how am I going to prove it?

Likewise the question "When did you stop?" is unanswerable IMO.

As for the "why" part, we can still answer it.

The book "Essence of Dharma Sindhu" states that many forms of sacrifice are forbidden in Kali Yuga. And one such sacrifice is the Go-Medha, in which a cow is killed.

Kali Yuga Nishiddhas:

The following are the avoidable and unnecessary acts of Kali Yuga, namely. Samudra Yatra, wearing kamandulu to mislead the public, remarries and fathered children of his husband's brothers; Go Vadha ; Mamsa Bhakshana in Shraddhas; performing vivaha in front of a physically immaterial girl; Chirakaala Brahmacharitwa; Naramedha Ashwamedha Gomedha Yagna; Madya Paana, Abhakshya Bhakshana, Apeya Paana, Agamyaagamana or single-minded Rahasya Prayascittha, Devata Puja and Pashubali for evil purposes; Kula bhrashtata; Extreme profiting and narrow-mindedness.

In general (IMO) all forms of animal sacrifice must now be stopped as only a few very skilled individuals are able to perform them exactly as prescribed in the scriptures.

The person who does the killing and sacrifice must also be spiritually advanced. Otherwise, it just becomes an ordinary act of killing, and in this case both the pashu and the person go down.

And so I think Sri Sarada, the wife of Sri Ramakrishna, completely abolished the practice of Pashu-bali in the affected temples as soon as she got there.


"When did you stop?" - This article provides an explanation for when and Why : "Some scholars believe that with the advent of Buddhism and Jainism at the beginning of the fifth century BC, the term ahimsa or nonviolence slowly gained importance in Brahmin circles (Basham 1959, 48-54). The sacred texts and law books from this time contain numerous references to it. "

Anubhav Jha

@sv. No, vegetarianism has always been part of Hinduism. You can read Kiron Krishnan's answers on Quora. He answered the questions about vegetarianism very well. All Hindu holy books are also compiled 5000 year old bed vyasa, the westerners have given their own prejudiced time.


@ AnubhavJha Who is Kiron Krishnan? Is he an expert on the Vedas? Maybe you can invite him to join this page and answer my question. "Vegetarianism has always been part of Hinduism" - agree, but that's not my question. My question is when did cows stop killing a guest and why.