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Hearty sandwich recipes are quick to prepare and can be tailored to suit your mood. The classic sandwich is prepared with two slices of white bread, buttered and topped with various ingredients such as smoked meat, sausage, fish, lettuce leaves, tomato or cucumber slices, garlic sauce, ketchup and mustard. The white bread edges are cut off and the bread toasted as desired.

Sandwich recipes are a dime a dozen. Different types of bread can now also be used, filled and served as a sandwich. The most famous sandwich is of course the club sandwich, made from toasted toast, chicken breast, bacon, lettuce and mayonnaise. A great snack that can be prepared in no time. You are sure to find your favorite sandwich among our sandwich recipes.


VIP club sandwich

784 ratings

A healthy VIP club sandwich made from toasted bread, mayonnaise, chicken, tomatoes, cucumber and crispy bacon. The perfect snack recipe!

Cucumber sandwich

233 ratings

A great snack between meals is a cucumber sandwich. With slices of toast, butter, cucumber and a pinch of salt and pepper, a healthy recipe.

Black bread cake

39 ratings

The black bread cake is not only an eye-catcher, it also tastes delicious. This recipe is perfect for any kind of celebration.

Sandwich lasagna

193 ratings

Ever heard of a sandwich lasagna? We have the perfect recipe for it.

Avocado sandwich

146 ratings

Sandwiches are the classic snack for in between. Experience a different kind of snack break and try the delicious avocado sandwich recipe!

Vegetable sandwich

120 ratings

This vegetable sandwich is delicious and simple. A healthy recipe for the office or school.

Lemon Chicken Sandwich

53 ratings

The recipe for a fresh lemon chicken sandwich is particularly suitable as a perfect party surprise.

American steak toast

127 ratings

American steak toast - a brilliant recipe with tomatoes, cocktail sauce, cheese and of course pork fillet - very popular with meat lovers!

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