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Wedding cakes: everything you need to know about them


The wedding cake - modern or vintage - is one of the highlights of your wedding. That's why there is so much you need to know about the selection, decoration and presentation of the cake of all cakes. We have summarized everything from A to Z to give you a complete overview and wish you already now: Bon appetit!

First of all, it's about the size (one-story or multi-story) - this can vary a lot depending on the number of guests and budget. When it comes to taste, the wedding cake should above all contain your favorite flavors, but it should also not be too fancy so that the guests can also find something to their taste.

The decoration is of course the most important thing, we have lots of tips and a photo gallery for inspiration for you. Important decision: Who bakes the cake and how does it get to the location? And how would you like to stage the cutting?

A few background information on the customs complete our extensive article on wedding cakes - click on the topic of your choice.

Here is the overview of this article:

  1. Wedding cake prices: what does a wedding cake cost?
  2. What shapes and sizes are there?
  3. Wedding cakes: tastes, colors and coating
  4. Wedding cake decoration: cake figures, cake toppers & decorations
  5. Fancy wedding cake formats
  6. Bake or buy a wedding cake yourself?
  7. Transport and delivery
  8. Cutting the wedding cake - where, how, when?
  9. Customs around the wedding cake
  10. Silver, gold, diamond: cakes for special occasions

1. Wedding cake prices: What does a wedding cake cost?

As is so often the case, there is no specific answer to the question of the price of a wedding cake - it depends on the wedding cake!

As a rough guide, you can expect € 2.50 to € 9 per piece.

2. What shapes and sizes are there?

The most obvious difference in wedding cake shapes is the number of floors. The typical traditional wedding cake, as we know it from dream weddings, is 1-tier, 3-tier or 5-tier.

One-tier wedding cakes

This variant is much easier to make than a multi-tier wedding cake. You don't need an étagère, there is no assembly and transport is usually much easier.

However, that does not mean that such cakes have to look simple. With a nice ornament or a chic frosting, even wedding cakes with a simple shape can look very festive and beautiful.

The biggest disadvantage is that it becomes difficult to combine several flavors in one cake.

Heart shape - one-tier wedding cake

In addition to the simple, classic heart shape, which is a symbol of love, two hearts fused into one another can also serve as a shape. The matching color is of course red, which can be achieved very well with strawberries or other red fruits.

It doesn't always have to be a symmetrical heart. Hearts that curve downwards are also very popular.

Multi-tier wedding cakes

With the multi-tier dream cakes, the big difference lies not only in the number of tiers, but also in the way in which they are attached on top of each other:

Self-supporting wedding cakes

The individual levels are stacked directly on top of one another without using a cake stand or étagère. Care should be taken to ensure that the bottom is very stable so that the cake does not sag inward.

In the case of self-supporting cakes, only firmer fillings are possible, especially for the lower floors (e.g. Sacher cake, butter cream, etc.), as these have to bear the weight of the upper floors.

Wooden pegs are often inserted into the cake to stabilize it, so that part of the upper weight is absorbed.

Wedding cake with cake stand / wedding cake stand

Advantages of the freestanding tiered stand:

Each can be cut individually and there is no need to "eat through" from top to bottom. Therefore definitely recommended if the top floor is to be frozen.

This variant also offers more space for decoration. So if a lot of ornamentation and decoration is desired, then this free-standing tier (or the staircase or column tier) is preferable.

In addition, all floors can usually be transported separately and only put together at the wedding location. That of course makes the transport a lot easier.

The wedding cake stand can of course also be a visual highlight and bring out your cake even better.

Discover all information about the wedding cake stand (shapes, materials, etc.) in our detailed article:

The 3-tier wedding cake

There is a secular and a Christian interpretation of the meaning of the 3-tier wedding cake. Worldly meaning:

  • Above: love. This should be as sweet as possible, which expresses the desire for love that is always sweet.
  • Middle: happiness. A lot of marzipan and even more almonds are used here, which represent happiness in marriage.
  • Below: fertility. A fruit cake goes well with this. If you don't want a fruit cake as part of your cake, you can also place the fruit in the filling on the lowest level.

In the Christian interpretation of the 3 floors, they stand for the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The 5-tier wedding cake

Traditionally, we are more familiar with the 5-tier wedding cake on the European mainland. It not only offers a large number of pieces, but also has a Christian symbolic meaning.

Each individual floor stands for one of the five phases of life: Birth, communion / confirmation, marriage, birth of children and death.

Shapes of the multi-tier wedding cake

Round wedding cake (classic)

Multi-tier wedding cakes are usually round. The classic shape is the easiest to bake and fits perfectly on a cake stand.

Square wedding cake

Square cake shapes are also popular for multi-tier wedding cakes. They look chic and offer many variants.

Whether flat or square in the form of a cube - the angular shaped cakes can also be placed nicely offset to loosen up the picture even more.

Heart shaped wedding cake

Several hearts on top of each other - that makes a difference. You can have them placed directly on top of each other or offset. There are also different étagères with which the cakes can be presented in a circle upwards or upwards in an ascending order.

Modern and unusual wedding cake shapes

If you don't want the classic shapes, you can also use the teardrop shape or the octagon (octagonal), for example. Or you can mix different shapes: square at the bottom, round in the middle and heart-shaped at the top.

Also an eye-catcher are frills that add that certain something around the wedding cake. This also enhances the classic shapes and can also be set off in color.

By the way, the arrangement of the individual levels is mostly pyramidal. But there are also tiered stands on which the cakes are placed or rotated. This looks very good with square wedding cakes, for example.

Of course, there are also cakes that are particularly original and the shape fits perfectly with the theme wedding. Such as the Princess-and-the-pea wedding cakefor a fairytale wedding or wedding cakes that look like real wedding dresses:

3. Wedding cakes: tastes, colors and coating

Now it comes to the delicious contents of the wedding cake. A lot here depends on your personal preferences - but also think about allergies for your wedding guests.

Allergies and Co .: It is best to ask about allergies or intolerances on the wedding invitation so that you can prepare yourself for them when it comes to wedding cakes. A small tart without gelatine for vegetarians or vegans. Or special muffins for guests with lactose intolerance or gluten intolerance. You can also provide an extra cake for diabetics.

Your affected guests will be thrilled to be able to participate in the cake fun as normal!

Wedding cake flavors

The possible flavors of a wedding cake are almost endless. Make sure that there is at least one taste “classic” without alcohol with your wedding cake.

Some pastry chefs offer the opportunity to try a few flavors by arrangement. So you know in advance what you can look forward to.

Please note when choosing: Season, cake shape, guest wishes (allergies, diabetes, vegan, alcohol). It's best to label the individual floors so that not everyone has to ask.

The following types of cakes are among the most common wedding cakes:

Creamy, fruity and fresh wedding cakes

Loose, airy, fluffy - cream cakes go down well on every festive table. However, the delicious calorie bombs are only allowed to bear their name if the whipped cream content is at least 60 percent.

  • Men's cake - not so sweet, thanks to the dark chocolate coating
  • Prinzregententorte - the popular layer cake with chocolate buttercream
  • Buttercream cake - the classic in a German (without egg, but with pudding), French or Italian version (egg and sugar mixture)
  • Mocha cake or tiramisu cream cake - a light treat for coffee fans
  • Cheese cream cake - fluffy and light and very varied with fruits
  • Quark cream cake - a great refreshment on hot wedding days when chilled
  • Philadelphia cake - completely without baking: a "refrigerator wedding cake"
  • Black Forest cake - the German cake par excellence and always a highlight
  • Peach and passion fruit cake - refreshing summer cake with an exotic note
  • Caramel popcorn cake - an unusual flavor variant

Chocolate and nutty wedding cake fillings

  • Sachertorte, Mozarttorte - delicious specialties from Viennese cuisine
  • Nougat cream cake - a real treat for chocolate fans
  • Chocolate almond cake - simple and addictive
  • Walnut cake - wonderfully creamy and melt-away
  • Simple sponge cake - if you like it classic

Alcoholic wedding cakes

  • Champagne cake - an exclusive temptation for the late evening hours
  • Punch cake - there is no better way to combine rum and chocolate
  • Amaretto cream cake - creamy, fine almond flavor with coffee and Co.
  • Eggnog cake - Easter classics just like grandma's

Different flavors per cake level

If you choose different flavors for the individual floors of a multi-tier wedding cake, then pay attention to the following points:

  • Usually the lower floor is the largest (except for an étagère with floors of the same size). So you have the most pieces of that flavor.
  • If you want to freeze the top floor (in order to give it up for the baptism of your first child), then it will of course not be tried at the wedding itself. So a taste falls out for the celebration.
  • Take the flavor that you definitely want to try yourself on the floor that you will cut first on your wedding cake. In the case of self-supporting cakes, this is always the top floor.
  • If the cake should also contain a few "unusual" flavors, then a more traditional flavor should be selected for at least one floor.

In general, make sure that there is something for every wedding guest.

Sandy from braut.TV gives tips in her video on what you should consider when choosing the flavors of a wedding cake:

The color of the wedding cake

It looks great when the color of the wedding cake or its decoration is perfectly adapted to the wedding colors you use. Perhaps a possible motto can also be found.

Give the confectioner color samples of napkins or fabric samples so that he can orient himself and everything looks harmonious.

If you use real flowers for the wedding cake decoration, these should be coordinated with the flowers of the room decoration or the bridal bouquet.

If it fits, decorate the floors in different colors or adapt them to the taste of the respective floor. Example: yellow for vanilla flavor, red for strawberry flavor, etc.

If you want a white wedding cake, then with the right decoration it can be an eye-catcher without any color. A great example of this is this one, for example Wedding cake over white.


Gradient ombre cakes

A relatively new trend: the ombre look. Especially with the wedding cake, your wedding color can find its place in different shades on the cake.

Wedding cake cladding / covering / wrapping

The coating of your wedding cake is of course crucial for the look.

If the floors are stacked directly on top of each other, you have the choice of first stacking and then covering or covering each cake individually and then stacking it - this leaves more space for e.g. B. different colored coatings.

Marzipan and fondant are of course more stable than cream or cream for decoration. However, they are not suitable for cream cakes, as the moisture would soften the marzipan or the sugar mass.

Wedding cake with fondant

Tastes very sweet, but has no taste of its own. It can be rolled out very thinly and has a nice, smooth look. For wedding cakes, most of the time fondant is used, which can simply be seen as a slightly firmer frosting.

This is usually a gumpaste that is used to wrap the wedding cakes with it. The sugar mass can also be used to model decorations and decorations such as flowers that are placed on the cake

Fondant is a good alternative to marzipan, which is made from almonds, especially for nut allergies.

Like fondant, royal icing is also used to coat wedding cakes or to spray decorations (e.g. roses). It is also suitable for attaching decorations to the cake. It usually consists of egg white and powdered sugar.

Marzipan wedding cake

Marzipan is made from rose oil and almonds and therefore has a symbolic meaning. The marzipan stands for love (roses) and happiness (almonds), but the slightly bitter taste of the almond should also point to the bad times that the bridal couple will master together.

In contrast to fondant or royal icing, marzipan is never snow-white, but always has a light yellow tone. Marzipan is relatively insensitive and offers good adhesion for other wedding cake decoration elements.

But marzipan is not so easy to process and is a matter of taste, so it may not be the right thing for every guest. The compromise: marzipan as an ornament that can be removed.

Cream wedding cake

You can choose cream or creme to cover your cake to match the wedding cake filling. The disadvantage: Both are not very dimensionally stable, especially in hot temperatures. In the worst case, the decorative elements could even sink into the cream.

Wedding cake with icing / couverture

The simple variant that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Without a coating: the naked cake

Some couples prefer a wedding cake without fondant. The naked cake, the wedding cake without a coating, is just the "naked" cake and still looks great thanks to the decoration (e.g. with real flowers or different fruits). The vintage look makes the naked cake a trend and conjures up a little variety in the wedding cake looks.

We have put together more inspirations for you in a detailed article:

Vintage wedding cake: The Semi Naked Cake

Another form of the naked cake is the semi-naked cake ("half-naked cake") - here the cake is only very thinly coated and shows a super nice vintage look for the wedding cake.

Drip coating: drip cake as a wedding cake

A special way of garnishing the wedding cake: the glaze is applied in such a way that it runs down the cake like a drop.

We have more examples for you in a separate article:

Ruffle Cake

The frilled cakes are made with fondant or butter cream. The wave-shaped decoration looks like ruffles and is designed more or less evenly, depending on your needs.

Fault Line Cake

The latest cake trend is the fault line cake. It looks like the cake has a line of tension or disruption in the middle.

Crystal cake

The crystal cake (also called geode cake) is a visual highlight: with small, glittering crystals, the wedding cake becomes a real treasure.

Photo cakes

A photo on the wedding cake always makes it a very individual highlight of the celebration. The picture is also completely edible.

Motif cakes for the wedding

Motif cakes are 100 percent individual and unusual. They do not necessarily have to be made in the shape of the object to be represented, but can also make a great motif through color design and decoration.

The motifs usually represent something that connects the bride and groom with each other. It can be something from the moment they got to know each other, a shared hobby or a shared dream.

Popular motifs for motif wedding cakes are:

  • bride and groom
  • The classic heart in different colors and possibly decorated with other motifs
  • Something that has to do with the common sport (football, tennis racket, golf bag, etc.)
  • A Bible with the matrimonial saying
  • Something that indicates an upcoming event (stroller, house, etc.)
  • Allusion to the honeymoon destination

You can find more ideas for special motif cakes for weddings in our detailed article:

4. Wedding cake decoration: cake figures, cake toppers & decorations

When it comes to decoration, you have an almost endless choice. But it also gives the wedding cake its final touch and should fit perfectly into your wedding decoration.

Whether classic, modern, playful, puristic or funny - the cake must definitely suit you and your celebration. Are you celebrating a motto wedding or have a special topic, this can be taken up great when decorating the cake.

Cake figures on the wedding cake

Bridal couple, heart or doves? Porcelain, sugar mass or marzipan - you have many options for the cake figure or the cake topper.

We have great cake figure inspirations and shopping tips for you in separate articles:

Caketopper on the wedding cake

So-called cake toppers are currently very popular. For example, individual lettering, pennant chains or other motifs are placed on the wedding cake.

Ornaments: flowers, fruits & Co.

Wedding cakes with flowers

Real flowers and candied petals are currently very popular in wedding cake decoration.

ATTENTION: Please make sure that the flowers used are absolutely pesticide-free and non-toxic! It is best to take flowers from the cottage garden or even just edible flowers. Alternatively, you can switch to sugar flowers.

More decorations for the wedding cake:

  • Real fruits (e.g. strawberries coated with white or dark chocolate)
  • Sugar pearls, sugar diamonds, sugar hearts
  • Edible ribbons (e.g. made of chocolate)
  • Silver leaf, gold leaf
  • Satin ribbon (fancy but impractical as it has to be removed before cutting)
  • Decorations made of marzipan, sugar paste, Massa Bianca

There are lots of great decorations, but not everything should be on one cake at the same time. Often less is more here. There is a large selection of decorations at Meine-Hochzeitdeko

And take a look at ours Wedding cake picture gallery, there you will find many more inspirations.

5. Fancy wedding cake formats

The increasingly popular, modern alternatives to the large wedding cake are small, sweet bites like Cupcakes & Co.that are also beautifully presented on a cake stand like a traditional wedding cake.

The advantage of these small bites is, among other things, that they look less bulky and the guests can eat them standing up without any problems. In addition, you could offer countless different flavors, which is not possible to the same extent even with a multi-tiered wedding cake.

Even if cupcakes, cake pops, chocolates and the like might not look as impressive as a wedding cake. At the latest when the wedding cake is cut, the finger food shows its strengths. Because no matter how many have already eaten, the others still look just as appetizing as they did at the beginning.

If you serve cupcakes, macarons, pralines, brownies, cake pops, push pop cakes or petit fours instead of a classic wedding cake, then the traditional cutting is of course not necessary, which may even be fine with one or the other.

But if you don't want to do without it and present the delicacies on a tiered stand, you can set up a small real wedding cake on the top floor. Then the question arises, however, who gets the "real" wedding cake because there are only a few pieces of it.

These unusual shapes of the wedding cake - in English Sweet buffets - but are also great as a supplement to Candy bar or with a classic wedding cake, which can then be a bit smaller in any case.

Cupcakes as a wedding cake

Like so many wedding trends, the trend of cupcakes as a particularly unusual wedding cake variant became known through weddings in the USA and England (where they were also known as fairy cakes).

Cupcakes are similar to muffins, but are usually made of a softer and sweeter batter, with a glaze and are nicely decorated. So that the cupcakes can be presented nicely, you need a cupkage tiered stand. You can find a large selection of cupcake étagères at Amazon .

Tip: Let your wedding guests decorate the cupcakes themselves.

For this purpose, bowls with a few different chocolate buttons (possibly in the colors of the wedding), chocolate sprinkles and other edible decorations are placed next to the cupcakes - a great item on the program.

Price: approx. € 2.20 per cupcake

Brownies as a wedding cake

The wedding cake can also consist of brownies. The chocolate delicacies can also be beautifully decorated and are a delicious addition to cupcake or cake pops.

Cake pops instead of wedding cakes