What are the levels of knowledge


2.2 Epistemology

The Epistemology deals with the occurrence and the prerequisites of knowledge, whereby essentially two groups of theoretical considerations come into play in this context.

  1. On the one hand, the evolutionary epistemology reflected on the prerequisites of human thinking and cognition, how they evolved. This means the basic abilities of humans as a social and cultural being equipped with special cognitive properties, who, thanks to human language, has very elaborate social communication skills and, thanks to different culturally fixed forms of knowledge storage and transfer, with a special social and cultural learning ability Is provided.
  2. On the other hand, in the traditional epistemology as an interdisciplinary sub-discipline of philosophy, thought about the occurrence, the conditions as well as the rules and principles of knowledge. As Epistemology and as Theory of Knowledge deals with the way in which knowledge comes about or can come about. The various prerequisites and levels of thinking are important, taking into account emotional, reflective, logical and ethical aspects.

Epistemological considerations lead to Reflections on the way in which knowledge can arise as a result of an interaction with the world. The object of this metatheoretical view is the evaluation and justifiability of knowledge, as a process or result of knowledge gained through insight or experience. In methodological considerations, epistemological considerations play a central role when it comes to developing adequate methods and techniques to understand and explain a social phenomenon. Because when developing different methods, the aim is to exclude subjective, unreflective opinions and to overcome the limitations and selectivity of human perception, but also its deceitability.

Overall, in addition to theoretical scientific reflection on the way in which knowledge arises individually, it is also about one Establishing the possibilities and limits of knowledge with regard to the relationships between a reality existing outside of man and the person who reflects and interprets this reality as a thinking as well as socially and culturally acting being.