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Translation of "like you" in English

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you want do you like you may you wanna


Is that enough or do you like more?
Is that enough for you or you want some more?
What TV program do you like prefer?
For example, do you like English?
There do you like maybe you are right, Ragnar LobrĂ³k.
So do you like feel but you belong to a bigger family.
You may feel that way, but you are bound up in the greater family.
How do you like your burger, handsome?
So many do you like probably not.
Which of the two girls do you like?
Sweed daddy do you like the public?
As a result do you like Have broken bones from minor injuries or falls.
As a result you may incur fractures with only minor traumas or falls.
Which kind of music do you like?
what moments do you like the most?
Therefore do you like now do what you think is good.
17.14. Therefore, you may now do what seems good to you.
Since when do you like Andy Griffith?
Then Ahriman replied: Well do you like to be right.
So... do you like Charlie Chaplin?
Cell phones do you like apparently not either.
Probably do you like not even me.
Then do you like probably this.
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