How do I fix this WiFi problem

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Some WLAN problems are simply mysterious: The connection in the wireless network between two devices that previously understood each other perfectly breaks off again and again. Or suddenly there is no connection at all. A device appears to be in contact with the router via WLAN, but still cannot access the Internet. And so on.

Solving WLAN problems quickly is often difficult because in this case there are no cables, no connection sockets and no PC interfaces that you can control at a glance. The problem lies somewhere in the radio waves that travel invisibly and connect devices - or they don't.

Many of these problems are particularly puzzling because you actually know the basics of WiFi and have taken appropriate precautions: the distance between router and WiFi devices is not too great, no thick walls on the radio path, and if there is no other way, you have one Repeater used.

In order to come up with a solution anyway, we have compiled common WiFi puzzles from practice - and of course a solution with which you can solve these problems in the wireless network. There is often a technical explanation for the behavior of the WLAN devices: If you know this, you can work around the problem before the connection in the future. A changed setting in the router, repeater or WLAN driver usually brings you to your destination. And sometimes you need special tools for this, with which you can see more than in the menus of the WLAN devices.