Are alcohol-free beers more fattened

Should you do intermittent fasting with a beer belly?

Intermittent fasting is often helpful with beer belly, in which - in the ideal form - fasting is 16 hours per day. Eating takes place in a time window of 8 hours, e.g. B. between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. In this way fat burning is boosted. At the same time, you avoid late evening meals, which have a negative effect on weight loss.

Breakfast is canceled or is eaten late. Don't worry, a fancy breakfast doesn't make you gain weight - as it is still often called. On the contrary. We know that a fancy breakfast does not have a negative impact on weight loss. B. a study published in the British Medical Journal in January 2019 (4).

Which exercises help against the beer belly?

There are basically no individual exercises with which you could train your beer belly away in no time at all. Exercises for the abdominal muscles, such as the usual sit-ups or crunches, are usually shown on the internet.

A comprehensive all-round program, which should not only include strength training (for all muscle groups), but also individually tailored cardio training (endurance training, whether jogging or treadmill, cycling or home trainer, etc.) is much more sensible than such a one-sided training. After all, you don't just want to get rid of your beer belly, you want to become fit and attractive overall.

How long does it take before the beer belly is gone?

Your beer belly will be gone in four weeks! Sentences like this one are hugely popular and you can find them on the net on every nook and cranny. It only corresponds to the truth if the beer belly is very small and you consistently follow a strict program.

Otherwise it depends on the size of the beer belly and how motivated you are to change something in your current way of life. In six to nine months, however, you should clearly see something - but only if you have recognized how much fun a healthy lifestyle and diet can be and consistently adheres to it.

Remember that it can often take many months to force yourself to eat a new diet or exercise. However, if you pull through this dry spell, then suddenly the day comes when you look forward to the sport and no longer want to be without it. The day on which you wonder how you could just cram unhealthy stuff into yourself for years and spend the evening motionless on the coach ...

How long does it take from a beer belly to a six-pack?

This question is also very popular on the internet. And here too, of course, it depends on the size of the beer belly, on the diet and on the individual training program. Since a beer belly usually develops as a result of years of poor diet and lifestyle and you can often not shake it off so easily, personal change depends on the strength of the will to change something in life permanently and permanently.

Anyone who has not done any sport before should - with a strict nutrition and exercise program - expect a year until the beer belly has turned into a six-pack.

Get rid of beer belly - the training plan

An exercise plan to get rid of your beer belly is best done by a professional trainer. A general training plan, on the other hand, could be too demanding or too demanding and would not lead to the desired results and goals.

In general, however, one can say that the same training rules apply here as for anyone who would like to stay or become reasonably fit: strength training three times a week and then light cardio training - both at the individually appropriate intensity - and as much exercise as possible in everyday life (Stairs instead of lifts, bikes instead of cars, hiking or cycling tours, gardening on weekends, etc.).

Our tips for healthy and sustainable weight loss, in combination with the exercise mentioned, will help you to get rid of your beer belly.


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