Which Apple laptops come in purple

Apple: Now come the colorful MacBooks

PlayStation 5 in short supply until 2022

"Play like never before" - "Games like you've never played before". Sony is currently promoting the PlayStation 5 with this slogan. However, this only applies to the lucky ones who actually got their hands on a PS5. Because even half a year after its appearance, the Sony console is about as popular and rare as a corona vaccination with Biontech. And that should stay that way for the rest of 2021, as the Japanese have now admitted. "I don't think the demand will calm down this year. And even if we were to secure a lot more devices and produce significantly more PlayStation 5 units in the next year, our supply would not be able to keep up with demand ", said Sony's CFO Hiroki Totoki according to Bloomberg on a conference call with analysts.

The fact that the PS5 will be rare in retail until 2022 is mainly due to the lack of chips, from which the entire electronics industry suffers and which also affects car manufacturers. The number of items produced by the PlayStation 5 is definitely impressive. By March 31, Sony had sold 7.8 million copies of the new console. In the new financial year it should be at least another 14.8 million. These numbers roughly correspond to the premiere of the PlayStation 4 in 2013/2014. Especially in times of the Corona, when more people gamble more at home, the demand is significantly higher - even though not even triple A titles have yet been released, which make the PlayStation 5 an absolute must-buy.

New Facebook rule: read first, then share

Dumbly click on an article with possibly dubious content and share it with your Facebook "friends" - unfortunately this is how fake news spreads all too often. The Zuckerberg network now wants to improve and provide "more informed sharing". That is why a test is running from now on under the motto "Read first, then share". Users should actually have to read an article before distributing it - which makes sense in terms of content. If you just click Share, you'll see the message: "You are about to share this article without opening it. Sharing articles without reading them could mean you are missing out on important facts." Facebook then asks users to either open the article first - or to continue sharing without having read it.

There is still no "reading obligation" and it can hardly be implemented. Because Facebook cannot control whether a user actually reads a piece of content or whether he just scrolls to the end and then shares it unread. The new function, which Facebook has now announced by tweet (!), Could at least raise awareness of how dangerous it can be to bring monstrous mischief to the people unread. As reported by vox.com, Facebook is now initially testing the innovation with around six percent of its global users in their Android app. Twitter introduced a similar function last fall. As a result, users opened messages a good 40 percent more often than before before sharing.

BMW: This is how the electric racer sounds with the sound of Hans Zimmer

Even if a lot is currently at a standstill in Hollywood, star composer Hans Zimmer from Frankfurt ("The Lion King", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Inception") is very busy. The 63-year-old is increasingly concentrating on sounds for technology companies. After composing ring tones for the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo, the Oscar winner is now creating a completely new sound for BMW electric cars in the sporty M series. "Every BMW has its own character, which is reflected in the sound," explains Zimmer in a press release. "We have therefore developed a drive sound for the electrically powered BMW M automobiles that underlines the emotional driving experience particularly clearly and ensures that the performance is felt even more intensely."

The room acoustics will initially be heard by buyers of the BMW iX, i4 and i4M models. The Munich-based carmaker speaks of "IconicSounds Electric", which instead of the silence of an electric motor sound different in every driving situation. The i4 should "create an immersive and pleasant atmosphere" in comfort mode - while Hans Zimmer and BMW sound director Renzo Vitale step on the gas in sport mode and make the car sound "more dominant and powerful" with "an intensive intensification of the sound development ". According to BMW, the synthetic sound is supposed to close the "gap in the emotionality of the driving experience" in electric cars - and make them sound (almost) as exciting again as a good old six or eight-cylinder unit used to do. If you only want to hear the room sound in the video: It starts at around 1:30 a.m.

Incognito on the Net: Porn is not the main reason

The incognito mode is now available in almost every browser. It enables largely undetected surfing, in which information such as the pages visited, passwords, search entries or cookies are not stored on the computer. The function is particularly popular with users who share their computer with other people, for example at home or in the office. As practical as incognito mode is in many cases, its reputation as a "porn mode" is dubious - because it supposedly serves primarily to be able to view slippery content without being caught by your partner or colleagues. A survey by the VPN service NordVPN among 1,000 adult Internet users in Germany now shows that porn is not the most important reason for using incognito mode.

34 percent of the users of this function actually use it on pages with bare facts, which are considered "Not Safe for Work" (NSFW) or also as "Unsuitable for the workplace". Even more often, namely with 44 percent of users, the incognito mode is used when researching health issues, when consulting "Dr. Google". The function should actually be called "doctor mode". This is followed by getting gifts (24 percent), flirting websites (22 percent) and travel bookings (20 percent). The standard from Vienna, however, says that spicy "NSFW" websites could actually be in first place - but that the respondents are reluctant to admit that.