What are the best gaming youtube channels

Top 10 gaming channels - YouTube ranking

The gaming scene is huge! We took a closer look at the top performers from Germany and analyzed them in our HitchOn database, and today we present the most successful channels in our ranking. You can find more rankings on a wide variety of topics here.

Which channels are the biggest in the gaming business?

Gronkh should be known to many and is also known beyond the gaming area as one of the largest male YouTubers in Germany. He has been running his YouTube channel since 2006 and has lived out his passion for gaming ever since, publishing new videos every day. Regular uploads are a recipe for success for gamers, including on the Paluten channel, where new videos are posted online every day. The gaming scene is big, but also very closely connected. The viewers cheer with their favorite gamers as they passionately and often loudly discover a new game in front of the camera and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the games.

Interesting for companies?

For companies in the gaming industry, YouTube is absolutely interesting. Thanks to strong communities and the recommendations of new games from YouTubers, there is always movement in the industry and product placements in the form of games of all kinds find their target group. This is where the views on individual videos come into play, which are particularly exciting for companies. We have summarized for you who has the highest views per video.

Who gets the most views?

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