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Two grain

type of wheat related to spelled; Emmer
  • Word form:


    two, the cardinal number between one and three
    short for "two o'clock" or "two o'clock"
    briefly for "two years (old)
    • Word separation:
    • Word form:
    • Synonyms:
      • two, two, two o'clock, two o'clock, two years; two years old at the age of two


    Mathematics the natural number between one and three
    the number two (, ٢, 二, 貳)
    in Germany “good”, the second best grade
    two eyes on one die
    • Word separation:
    • Word form:
    • Synonyms:


    general, plural 1 grain
    Plural 1 single, very starchy seeds of various types of grain
    often as a diminutive, plural 1 small, solid, approximately round object
    mostly as a diminutive, plural 1 tiny amount of something, even figuratively
    Plural 2 device for aiming over the barrel of firearms
    without plural resolution of photo paper
    alcoholic drink, clear and strong
    • Word separation:
      • Korn, Pl.1 Korn, Pl.2 Korn
      • Korn, Pl.1 Korn, Pl.2 colloquial Grains
    • Word form: