Investors also look after startups

Become an investor in startups - weigh up the opportunities and risks!

Opportunities, but also risks!

No matter how high the temptation and the promises are, the fact is that a startup investment is risky for every investor. Basically, the earlier the phase, the more risky. Even with professional venture capital funds that invest in companies in the seed phase, it is usually assumed that out of 10 investments 1-3 meet expectations, 2-3 achieve moderate performance and the rest will eventually disappear from the scene . Mind you, these are numbers from professional investors who only look after and actively look after the investments on a daily basis.

In this respect, as a possible investor in startups, despite all the euphoria, you should never ignore the risks. Try to set yourself a risk budget right from the start and diversify the risks involved as much as possible by not putting all your eggs in one basket.

With crowdlending platforms such as Funding Circle or Auxmoney you can lend money to startups and usually achieve good returns!

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Author: Für-Grü editors

As editor-in-chief, René Klein has been responsible for the content of the portal and all publications by Für-Grü for over 10 years. He is a regular interlocutor in other media and writes numerous external specialist articles on start-up topics. Before his time as editor-in-chief and co-founder of Für-Grü, he advised listed companies in the field of financial market communication.