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2018-05-16 God's tailwind: The 7 sacraments catholic1tv. Loading for example at a wedding or a baptism, there are seven sacraments in the Catholic Church. 2012-11-01 · "God has left the church." From the program "40 Years on the Road" (1988) part of the playlist "Hanns Dieter Hüsch - Program Excerpts": https: // www 2013-09-01 · Sung at a wedding on August 31, 2013, in the Protestant church in Bruchköbel. A song, from the EKG 617. Title: Scanned Document Created Date: 12/8/2015 11:24:41 AM 2019-11-11 · The evening was the start of the series "Church Visions", in the first half of 2020 more Personalities from theology, church and society will have their say who will share their vision 2020-06-02 · Stephan does not believe that God needs a church. O.K., but what does church actually mean? And next week they are going to your Der Wahnsinn der Liebe 2010-07-10 · Recorded in a large church in Vogelsberg, because of the good acoustics. I pray to the power of love GB 228 - Hinsz-orgel Bovenkerk Kampen - Duration: 3:42. Marcowitsj1980 Recommended 2018-06-18 · Bishop Alois Schwarz wants an “open church with the diversity of life and a love for Jesus and God”; a church “in which people are accepted in their dignity. Get this from a library! The triumph of Christian love: the main content of a sermon which was delivered in the Lutheran Church at Reading in Berks Caunty, on the day of John the Baptist on June 24th, 1798. in front of the Freymäurer Lodge no. 62 .. [Thomas Jones] In the life of the church, your Christian community, the benevolence towards your friends in the ACR or AC group, the availability towards your peers in school, in the parish or in another environment Meet the friendship of the Mother of Jesus, Mary, who can guard your heart and guide you on the path to good.

You are here: HOME / POSTS / Archive of Articles / Criminal Law in a Church of Love? On Sunday morning, June 18, 2017. by Sabine Demel from Regensburg. Criminal Law in a Church of Love? Author "Whoever loves is right" - what a beautiful statement! "Whoever loves is right" - that is the title of a novel by Anita Lenz. In it she tells the marriage drama of a well In 1984 a woman from Göttingen was sentenced in two instances for the statement made on a leaflet that the Christian churches belong to the "largest criminal gangs" in the world, as well as for two stickers (one "Dear one tainted contraception as an immaculate conception "and a" masochism is curable "in connection with a crossed out" criminal law "in a church of love: necessity or contradiction? (Canon Law Library) Ludger Müller, Alfred E Hierold, Sabine Demel, Libero Gerosa, Peter Krämer ISBN: 9783825892722 Free shipping on all books shipped and sold by Amazon.

Ecclesiastical criminal proceedings come into focus from time to time, especially when individual cases are negotiated in public such as sexual punishments in a Church of Love 9-22 Lotte Kery Canonica severitas and amor correctionis. For the training of church criminal law in the area of ​​tension between the right to punishment and demand for improvement Michael Schulz punishment of God - punishment of the church. Dogmatic considerations on ecclesiastical criminal law 45-60 Konrad Hilpert Guilt and responsibility from a moral theological point of view. 61-76 Rene Pahud Because if the laws in the church are not interpreted as remote from life or as the opposite of love and mercy, they contribute to a living spirituality and lived faith. Sabine Demel gives a variety of suggestions on how canon law can be lived in personal faith.

Finally: broadcast of season 16 continues. "Sturm der Liebe" fans can breathe a sigh of relief: After a brief interruption, the 16th season of the Bavaria Fiction production will continue as usual in . in labor law, criminal law, building law, school law, etc.). It is not a self-contained system, but results from the synopsis of a wide variety of regulations. It is an expression of centuries of development: the state also claimed sovereignty and regulatory authority over the

The Saarland artist Alexander Karle had carried out fitness exercises on the altar of a Catholic church and was sentenced by the Saarbrücken district court to a fine of 700 euros for trespassing and disrupting the practice of religion (judgment of January 17, 2017, Az .: 115 Cs 192/16).

The criminal power of the church The current ecclesiastical criminal law - presented on the basis of its development history By Wilhelm Rees Duncker & Humblot • Berlin. Table of contents A. Basic questions of clerical criminal law 39 I. The Church's claim to punishment 39 1. The authority of the Church to impose penalties 39 a) Church salvation fellowship and human failure 40 b

4. steals an item from a church or other building or room serving the practice of religion that is dedicated to worship or serves religious worship, 5. steals an item of importance to science, art or history or to technical development that is is in a generally accessible collection or is on public display, criminal law in a church of love necessity or contradiction? Line. Canon Law Library. Authors. Sabine Demel (Editor) Libero Gerosa (Editor) Alfred E. Hierold (Editor) Peter Krämer (Editor) Ludger Müller (Editor) Information. Product type: Book ISBN-10: 3-8258-9272-7 ISBN-13: 978-3-8258-9272-2 Publisher: Lit-Verlag Country of manufacture: Germany Page after page is a multicolored picture of a church with Christ as its center , knows their own traditions and lives from a spiritual renewal. - A church that is awakened from a radical love for Jesus and for fellow human beings. - A church that connects these two loves. Not only a church in the classic sense is to be thought of, but a § 176 StGB Sexual Abuse of Children (1) Anyone who engages in sexual acts on a person under the age of fourteen (child) or allows the child to do so will result in imprisonment punished from six months to ten years. Ann (January 9th, 2020 1:37 am): Unfortunately I live near a church with the cruelest, loudest and shrillest bell that I have ever heard (including all countries I visited). II LAWYER SEARCH Attorney Saarbrücken Criminal Law Good law firm with reviews ️ Contact lawyers for criminal law ☎ now! Adjective - loyal to the church To the full article → Church room. Noun, masculine - interior of a church To the full article → Church representatives. Noun, masculine - representative, representative of a church To the complete article → Advertisement Church among the people. The churches are looking for ways to carry out their preaching and pastoral duties responsibly. Offers of alternative forms of worship (Internet, podcasts, television / radio services or devotions); Establishment of a pastoral hotline for concerned and sick parishioners; Protective measures for pastoral workers (based on homosexuality, gay, lesbian - these are modern terms that the Bible does not know. In Leviticus it says: “If someone lies with a man as with a woman, it is an abomination and both should die of death. "(3.

Churches in Scotland, also known as "kirks" are just one type of accommodation linked to Scotland's religious history. You could be in a former country abbey, a church in the city center, a traditional house that was once home to one Pastors or even a cathedral on an island. The Saarland Higher Regional Court saw the execution of push-ups on the altar of a consecrated church as a violation of the practice of religion. Now the responsible LG has to rule on the punishment again. The Regional Court (LG) Saarbrücken has to deal again with an unusual case. In January 2016, the Saarland artist Alexander Karle went to the In Grund, it doesn't matter whether you choose the expression of a church wedding for this love or the marriage ritual of the natives of Borneo (which I personally I think it's very successful). Ultimately, it's about these four superlatives Nur You - You for imm he - everything for your well-being - beyond us! To give shape. (Incidentally, the Catholic Church also confesses to you the hermit chapel in the Church of the Cordeliers with a copy of the hermit Gnadenbvildes, 1748; Friborg Friborg (canton Friborg) Loreto chapel from 1648 on Bisemberg, on the way to Bürglen; Friborg Friborg (Canton Friborg) Pilgrimage to the Schoenstatt Shrine; Galgenen (Canton Schwyz) Our Lady of the Redemption of Prisoners from 1690, there is also a "criminal law" in a church of love. Necessity or contradiction? (= KB 9), edited by L. Müller et al., Berlin 2006. Reinhold Sebott, Das kirchliche Strafrecht. Commentary on canons 1311-1399 of the Codex Iuris Canonici, Frankfurt am Main 1992. Wilhelm Rees, Die Strafgewalt der Kirche Basis of its development history, Berlin Learn the translation for 'kirche' in LEO's Italian ⇔ German Dictionary. With inflection tables of different cases and tenses pronunciation and relevant Discussions Free Vocabulary Trainer Former Pope Benedict claims that the sexual revolution is to blame for the abuse cases in the Catholic Church. Why his The wedding speech is as connected to the wedding celebration as the exchange of wedding rings at the wedding ceremony. The speech is therefore one of the most important customs and is simply part of the wedding. During the Third Reich, the German judiciary willingly submitted to the National Socialist regime (I believe this is so well known that I do not need to prove it). In connection with this, German judges passed many unjust judgments. The best known of those unjust judges was certainly Roland Freisler. Of course, from today's perspective it is easy, but this is just as prohibited by law among the Confederates as it is in Germany (Section 216 of the Criminal Code). The Church agrees too. "You should not kill", it says in the Bible. "No one can attack the life of an innocent person without contradicting God's love for him," writes the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The others stylize it as a reinvention of the church, rant about some "spirit of the council", but overlook the text and the fact that the 2nd Vatican is based on penalties in a church of love 9-22 Lotte Kery Canonica severitas and amor correctionis. For the training of church criminal law in the area of ​​tension between the right to punishment and demand for improvement Michael Schulz punishment of God - punishment of the church. Dogmatic considerations on ecclesiastical criminal law 45-60 Konrad Hilpert A church punishment is charged with offenses against religion and the unity of the church such as schism and heresy, offenses against church authorities and the freedom of the church, for example whoever is the Apostolic See, the Ordinarius or the Superior, who lawfully commands or forbids, disobeys and, according to The prophecy of the Cathars from 1244 (Not brand new, but more current than ever) The “Church of Love”, the “Church of Hearts” refers to the 16 March 1244 “Church of Love” predicted by the last Cathars shortly before their death at the stake. (The Church of Love was formally re-proclaimed in Andorra on Good Friday (March 28th) 1986 by the late English healer Colin Bloy (+) in accordance with an old prophecy of the Cathars from the year 1244. Marital love becomes the image of the love of Christ to his church and to the place where the love of Christ can be experienced. In order to express this connection between the divine and the human also linguistically, the council speaks of the marriage covenant . Claus_in_der_Kirche What is important to me: Faith and Church, the exchange of inner soul with other people. * My home is wherever people treat each other in real love, filled with God's Holy Spirit. Sebastian Fichtner is the illegitimate son of Alfons' Great-grandmother Lisbeth Sonnbichler and the then Bichlheim village pastor, Lisbeth carried the baby unnoticed and shortly after the birth t placed in front of the door of a monastery. The baby got the name Sebastian Fichtner and is in the The theologian Eugen Drewermann was suspended as a priest, lost his permission to preach and teach and finally left the church. For the Hildesheim bishop Heiner Wilmer he is still a prophet. Katholisch.de spoke to Drewermann about it. Just as the love of life is determined by nature for the preservation of the person, so the love of the sex is determined by her for the preservation of the species; i.e. Each of the two is a natural purpose, by which one understands the connection of the cause with an effect, in which that, even without giving it an understanding, but according to the The Regional Church Office of the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland has its recommendations for action in view of the spread of the coronavirus updated and supplemented (information status: May 29, 2020, 9 a.m.). Vice President Dr. Johann Weusmann has, inter alia. all municipalities informed. 36th Corona newsletter from May 29, 2020 Dear Sir or Madam, dear brothers and sisters, the Church is coming at Pentecost

Regensburg Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer does not see the rejection of the consecration of women as reducing the importance of women in the church. However, Jesus only called men to be apostles. The meaning is not Arbl-Liebe (4) - Addition (2) Description: Worksheet on the subject of "Love and partnership" - forms of love, assignment of the terms Agabe, Sexux , Eros, Philia based on a story Recommended grades: 9-10 liebe4b.pdf Love is anything but easy, because it means giving your partner the freedom to be who they are - and still fully engaging with them . Love consciously takes the risk of being hurt by the quirks of the partner. For this, however, it is necessary that the young betrothed base their relationship on the “faithful love of God”, as Francis formulated his concern: “And for that, before one receives the sacrament of marriage, adequate preparation, I would even say, is required Catechumenate, because all life is played out in love, and love is not played with. The Church of Love. EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO BELONG TO THIS IS THE CHURCH OF LOVE The Church of Love was formally re-proclaimed on Good Friday (28.3.) 1986 by the English healer Colin Bloy in Andorra in accordance with an ancient prophecy of the Cathars from the year 1244. He shines Kindness and human warmth - and he is committed to a church of love and mercy. Olivier Ndjimbi-Tshiende, priest from the Congo, who has been in Germany for many years and now as a habilitated moral philosopher at the Center for Flight and Migration at the Catholic University of Eichstätt, spoke at the invitation of the Catholic Felix 18 weeks ago. Just because something is on an official website doesn't mean it's right. Whether on the website of the Catholic Church or on the website of the EKD - man vademecum of a church in the beginning paperback - April 10, 2017 by Holger Dörnemann (author) After the first edition (9/2015) 'Revolution der Zärtlichen Liebe' and the second edition 'Reformation in the spirit of the Reformation' moves the title of the course of the family synods of 2014 and 2015 up to and including the reception of the The Roman Catholic Church knows love as the first fruit of the Holy Spirit (source: Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, KKKK ). Love as the essence of God God "has" not love, He is love - the basis for this is the quality of God to be triune in himself, because only in this way can he obtain information on the title criminal law in a church of love in himself the series Kirchenrechtliche Bibliothek [with table of contents and availability query] The big fraud; Dear Church, you treat your believers as if they were lepers A few days ago the image of a German cardinal appeared in the media who was behind a Die LINKE and the Church - the beginning of a love affair. From Elisa David. According to Marx, religion is known to be the opium for the people, and since you can only vote for the left on drugs, millions of people worldwide are on the run. Many risk their lives to avoid persecution and in search of better living conditions for themselves and their families. These people need our help: in distress at sea, in refugee camps, with integration in our neighborhood.

The self-image of the Catholic Church "The origin and nature of the Church are based solely on the will of God and not, for example, in the will of people to unite." The Role of Law in the Church.It is emphasized that it is not enough that canon law has "always" applied, but that theological legitimation is required. Eucharist. The Eucharist is the worship service celebrated by the Catholic Church to commemorate the Last Supper of Jesus Christ, his death and his resurrection. The Eucharist is one of the seven sacraments in which the Catholic believer experiences the presence of Christ. For the first time, childhood believers receive the Eucharist at first communion. The dean i. R. Heinz Gerlach interprets the group of figures as follows: “Faith” reads the Bible and has tilted his head down. It shows what it is based on. “Love” carries the flame in a bowl in front of it, its gaze is directed forward to the viewer, as if it wanted to offer to kindle his heart as well. Also on display is a copy of an Italian 10 lire note, one of 30 banknotes left between August 18 and November 9, 1919 by a deceased priest in the monastery of San Leondardo in Montefalco. The teaching of the Catholic Church on the afterlife says that there are three places into which one. Whoever is sinless among you, throw the first stone. Bible, New Testament, John 8: 7 (stoning of the adulteress) That is why love for the human race drives us to intercede for the guilty so that they do not end their lives with the death penalty.

The Regensburg Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller affirmed the rejection and discrimination of women in the Catholic Church: "Even in a hundred years, women will not be priests because it has nothing to do with time, but results from the nature of the priesthood." He continued: “There is a difference. So much does the unity of the body of the Church mean that the ecclesiastical sacraments bring salvation only to those who abide in her, and that fasting, alms, other pious works and the military service of Christian life only for them earns the everlasting reward. 'No matter how many alms you may give, even your blood for the name of Christ. Love for yourself is a basic principle of moral doctrine. It is therefore legitimate to assert one's right to life, even if one is forced to deal a fatal blow to the attacker (cf. Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2264). Self-defense is not a right, but a duty for those who want to. From 1853 the Alliance fought for Swedes to be allowed to become Catholics - Catholics at that time were theological horror par excellence. Evangelicals also fought against slavery. For evangelicals, the Bible is the constitution of the church and the chief judge in matters of doctrine and faith.

Foreword: If this case now, which clearly prompted parts of the Catholic Church and beyond, to make such a call, ladies and gentlemen, then one should realize and think outside the box, discard old enemy or rejection images, form alliances and stand together! Abandoned by the Church The ecclesiastical sexual morality, as it is represented in the catechism of the Catholic Church and partly also in the YOUCAT (Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church), is felt by the majority of young people as "megaout". Many have a negative attitude towards church sexual morality, Martin Luther was definitely 100% one of their own for the church, on the lowest level of the "black" hierarchy, that is undisputed, and from now on he didn't have to do anything else than obey. And against the background of possible manslaughter, he would have been open to blackmail since then. Final certainty about whether it was Aug 28, 2017 These weddings did not necessarily have to take place in the church in front of the altar, as is usual today. So today there are still so-called bridal portals under or in front of which the weddings often took place in many churches. It was not until the late Middle Ages that weddings became the norm in church. For more than 125 years, the kreuznacher diakonie foundation has participated in the church's mission to testify to God's love for the world in Jesus Christ for all people. She is committed to this mission and has been involved in diakonia as an expression of the essence and life of the church since its inception. The foundation takes particularly full text of "State and Church in Switzerland: a representation of the federal and cantonal church state law with special regard to the more recent legal developments and today's conflicts between state and church" See other formats Meisner pointed out that the Catholic Church has nothing against it if in a family the wife goes to work and the husband stays at home and takes care of the children. Dear readers! Now evil has also arrived in the church in the form of rape of children, sexual assault and child abuse. Since this church is made by people, it has probably always been there, but thanks to the isolation and excellent public relations work of the church as an institution, it has succeeded to spread the cloak of silence over it.

In addition, leaving the church can also have consequences under labor law. Anyone who works in an institution of the Catholic Church and leaves the Catholic Church is committing a breach of loyalty that entitles the employee to terminate the employment relationship (Federal Labor Court, judgment of April 25, 2013, Az. 2 AZR 579/12). Herford / Bielefeld. 49.7 million euros in black money have been discovered at the Protestant church in the Herford district. In a communication from

It was the old and sick Pope John Paul II who wanted to put an end to the ghost. "Zero tolerance" was his prescription against pedophiles as priests in 2002. At the moment, a fierce struggle has arisen in the Roman Catholic Church worldwide over the definition of the truths of salvation and the goods of salvation. It is a struggle for the church in the church. [2] Made visible, not caused by Pope Francis, it revolves very centrally around the understanding of sin and salvation, and thus around basal The association M.E.L.I.N.A. e.V., which takes care of children of incest and "victims of sexual violence", the Evangelical Church, the Catholic Bishops' Conference, the German Disability Council and considerations on the drafts of a legal recognition of cohabitation between homosexual persons: June 3, 2003 / Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Homosexuality; Catholic Church

Against the background of the role of the Protestant Church in Thuringia during Hitler's fascism, in the war of extermination of the Wehrmacht, surviving opponents of fascism apparently saw no reason to give the church and its pastors preferential treatment after 1945. Hulda Wiesel - Auschwitz prisoner from Oldisleben / Thuringia. “The communion of saints is not limited to the fellow believers” January 12th [1944] Jesus says: () But if you want to be “children of God”, true children, you must love the poor in spirit, for those who are starving in spirit for those who are sick in spirit, for those who have unclean brothers in spirit.

Rights of use. Rights of use. Rights of use. Rights of use. The Wound That Cannot Heal: The Roots of Sexual Abuse. A psychoanalysis of the church: tactful closeness: Finding the appropriate distance in pedagogical relationships (Forum Psychosocial) But we in the church are still a long way from real sponsoring associations. Finances from above and below To many they still seem strange and strange. I don't like to deal with the Church; there is no point in discussing with a point of view that has allowed itself to be protected under criminal law. The head of personnel of the Diocese of Würzburg, the cathedral capitular Heinz Geist, invited them to an interview, but nothing came of it. The matter could not be resolved, said the clergyman. Ten years later, when cases of sexual abuse were suddenly being discussed across the country in the church, she wrote again to the diocese

That is why the church is sometimes a bit overstretched: Because it is afraid that the body could become a kind of arbitrary playground and that it should be avoided. In the "Game of Thrones" series, which has just ended, incest was a big topic among the main characters: Jon Snow and Daenerys were now a couple - and at the same time nephew and aunt.

The decline in membership is worrying. Absolutely and in percentage terms above the values ​​from 2014 to 2015, and in the Protestant Church, as before, again significantly higher than in the Catholic Church. I find that particularly bitter in view of the grand anniversary of the Reformation in 2017.

Dear readers, At a time when everything seems to have become insecure and in which we have had to change our usual living conditions for weeks, the highest festival of Christianity follows. Easter this year will be different from what we are used to. There are also many questions, uncertainties and fears. What will happen after this crisis? The defense alone, in an area of ​​the world where the media supposedly "creates the culture", should raise this accusation as made, while in another part of the world (especially the USA), where the media is more of a "mirror of culture" if something had been written completely differently, and otherwise about And this I would like to say to you with the authority of a brother and father, who is admittedly minor, but the pastor of the church, who he presides over in love: see in these painful cases I hold the hand of evil that does not spare even the innocence of the little ones. And this makes me think of the example of Herod, who

Apr 18, 2016 One of the perpetrators, according to the woman, is about 1.65 meters tall, is bald and wore a gray hoodie. Such an incident does not surprise 22-year-old Egor. He himself walks through the neighborhood alone at night, "but when my girlfriend is out alone, I always have a queasy feeling." Chair newsletter from May 13, 2011 - on criminal law He has love of enemies in mind. That means that my love should be so strong that it also includes the enemy and tries to overcome and win through good instead of violence. But that doesn't mean so much the enemy who threatens my life as simply the enemy who offends me. Protection of life - the fight against abortion and the 'timely' unborn murder - 5th and 6th commandments must be harmoniously connected - Evangelium vitae, the lasting meaning of the encyclical 'Gospel of life' (sermon by Padre Alex)

This is where the forensic medical examination of the WHITE RING comes into play. It covers costs of up to 190 euros to enable an investigation as well as the documentation and storage of the traces of violence if the person concerned cannot decide to report it immediately. In the past few months, the Catholic Church has come under fire several times for lavish and misanthropic real estate deals. The fact that in the Corona crisis there is hardly enough for more than a few prayers with the Pope for those who cannot withdraw to the safety of their own apartment is unbearable. In the third scene of the play, a detective approaches a girl dressed as a priest in a Catholic church and tries to rape her. He is prevented from doing so by the girl's lover - and in this scene Christ is yelled at by the mad seducer. At the same time, the truth of the objective doctrine of reconciliation must be adhered to, namely that forgiveness cannot be granted “just like that”. Forgiveness takes the wrongdoing seriously (Volf, 2012), but overcomes it through love by "erasing the debt [] and pinning it to the cross". 2.

According to the definition of the Catholic Church, a clergyman has no sexuality at all so that he can dedicate his life fully to God. So neither homo nor hetero .. About the meaningfulness of how a person can preach love who has never experienced it or preaches about the sacrilege of marriage, would be another question. Apr 13, 2017 Martin Luther's "simuliustus et peccator" contributes to people finding themselves in the mind and love of God. It leads people to dignity and freedom. "It gifted people with unparalleled hope," said Knoll.

The plaintiff is employed by an organization of the Evangelical Church as an administrative employee. In February 2004, the parties concluded a two-year fixed-term employment contract which was immediately followed by a further fixed-term employment contract for the period from March 1, 2006 to December 31, 2006. Full text of "Goltdammer's Archive for Criminal Law" See other formats Celibacy is firmly anchored in the. Celibacy is firmly anchored in the history of the Catholic Church and is indispensable for Catholic priests: At such a wedding, the Catholic priest and an evang Pastor present, the two take turns at the wedding. The decision Title of the diploma thesis “The willingness to use violence in a society without a state - analyzed on the basis of the interaction of popular belief, church and inquisition in relation to the persecution of witches” Author Nicole Lucia Varga aspired academic degree Magistra der Philosophie (Mag.phil.) Vienna, 2011 Der Friede consists in the 'rest of order' (Augustine, civ. 19, 13). It is the work of righteousness and the working of love. ”From a truly Christian disposition, we must aim to promote true peace. “Blessed are the peacemakers; for they will be called sons of God. ”(Mt 5,9) If I had ever been a member of a sect like the church, then with so much criminal energy or unwillingness to expose serious criminals in my own ranks, I would surely emerge. But everyone has to decide for themselves to what extent they want to be an accomplice. That is why they are often the subject of relevant art. The Badische Zeitung discovered very special angels in a church in Rust (Baden). As early as 1985, the Karlsruhe artist Reinhard Daßler integrated two Hells Angels into a ceiling painting in the nave of the church.

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Contemporary witnesses from Oldisleben and the surrounding area Evangelical Church Evangelical Church Path Truth Life Sexual Abuse Forum Test • [Comparison 2020] 7 best brimstone butterflies 1.2009 by Church for tomorrow - Issuu I don't like to deal with the church; it "You should not be silent" - priest raises allegations against moral theologians: Church wants a humane sexuality Incest: What is forbidden in Germany and what is - WEB.DE heavy faith: membership numbers and future of the church News and reports - Independent Catholic Church Der Abogene spoke humanity + love Abuse summit of the Catholic Church criminal law, freedom of art and Böhmermann PI-NEWS chair newsletter from 13.05.2011 - from criminal law Opinion on love of enemies and renunciation of violence? (Religion total and real protection of life: 5th and 6th commandments belong together

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