What is the strongest devil fruit

Strongest devil fruits

Today for you: My top 10 strongest devil fruits. Have fun

(Sorry for the bad picture quality UwU)


The Kira Kira no mi or glitter fruit from Jozu. This fruit offers a very strong defense. But even when attacked, this fruit is not bad. In Marine Ford, Jozu knocked out a fat block of ice, among other things. This fruit is only useful if you are physically strong without the fruit, because Jozu threw this huge block of ice towards the scaffold with his bare hands. With armor haki this fruit is also very effective against Logia users, which has been seen pretty well with Crocodile or Aokiji. Nevertheless, it is more of a fruit to defend than to attack.


The Gomu Gomu no mi or gum-gum fruit from Monkey D Luffy is a fruit that has been with us since the beginning. Luffy showed us that he can amplify the simple power like a simple 'gum-gum pistol' with the help of the gear molds and armor haki. Nevertheless, it is not enough that the fruit is in a higher place, because Luffy cannot keep his gear forms (especially Gear 4) upright during longer fights, so only place 9.