How is a crystal oscillator beneficial

Adjustable crystal oscillators

Adjustable crystal oscillators - optimal adaptation to the desired frequency

Quartz oscillators are used in many electrical devices: for example in frequency counters, quartz watches, digital signal generators and various computer components. These frequency-determining components set the clock or the time base. In addition to the conventional crystal oscillators, you will also find adjustable versions on the market where you can change the frequency. This allows practical adjustments to be made.

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The crystal oscillators have these properties

The integrated quartz oscillator serves as the basis of every crystal oscillator. This represents the frequency-determining component, often referred to as quartz for short. Quartz also occurs in nature, in the form of rock crystal. If a cuboid plate is cut out of the quartz crystal after a precise definition of the crystallographic orientation, you get the oscillating quartz.

In combination with an airtight housing and two electrodes, a quartz oscillator is created as a standard component that is used in many industries.

Under the influence of electrical alternating voltage, the quartz oscillates thanks to it piezo-electric properties. The frequency of the alternating voltage must match the natural frequency of the quartz.

All crystal oscillators are from the Temperature dependent. Most usually work in a range of -40 ° C to +85 ° C. But other temperature tolerances are also possible. Deviations in the common frequency range of 3 MHz to 20 MHz are a maximum of 0.01% from the nominal frequency and are therefore extremely small. The other components of a crystal oscillator can also influence the temperature. You can use this to your advantage, depending on the ambient temperature.

The capacities of oscillators are subject to the operating voltage. If there is a change, there is also a change in the oscillator frequency. In addition, high voltages cause greater stress on the quartz crystal. Therefore, a stable voltage is a prerequisite for a stable frequency. If you would like to have the option to adjust the frequency, a is suitable adjustable crystal oscillator preferably.

Adjustable crystal oscillators and their purpose

If you add a trimming capacitor to the crystal oscillator, the frequency can be changed to a small extent. Frequency changes on the order of 100 ppm are possible.

The abbreviation VXO for adjustable crystal oscillators comes from English, Variable crystal oscillator. The X stands for Xtal and is often used as a short form for Crystal.

In the past, crystal oscillators were less precise. A trimmer compensated for inaccuracies. Today it is only necessary to switch on a trimmer for special areas of application.

There are different versions of the adjustable oscillators:

  • VCXO: Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator
  • TCVCXO: Temperature Compensated Controlled Crystal Oscillator
  • OCVCXO: Oven Controlled Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator

An adjustable oscillator enables you to counteract temperature dependencies or aging. These components are often used in frequency generators, phase-locked loops and other high-frequency measuring and testing devices.

Quartz oscillators as a standard component or to build yourself

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