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Important to know: In Germany, the first registered place of residence is always the main place of residence. So you cannot register with a second residence if you do not yet have a main residence in Germany. Anyone who gives up their apartment in Germany without moving into a new one must deregister within two weeks (Section 17 (2) sentence 1 BMG). The other way round also applies: Anyone who rents an apartment in Germany but does not move into it is also committing an administrative offense. May 2020 in France will not be accompanied by a relaxation of border controls or access to French territory or travel between French regions / departments. I have a second home in France, can I go there? No, you are not allowed to enter. Travel without a valid reason is prohibited; it is strongly recommended to stay at his head office. This prohibition also applies if im.

Note: In contrast to Germany, in France you have to pay a residence tax (taxe d'habitation) for your primary residence at your place of residence. It is due for the first time in the year in which you live in France on January 1st. Citizens of the EU and Switzerland do not need a residence permit in France. However, you must register with the French tax office responsible for you. If you want, you can have a Carte de Séjour (e.g. as proof of residence. This also results from §§ 8, 9 AO, since everyone who has an apartment in Germany is subject to unlimited taxation. In the German tax return you can then state that you have already paid taxes in France with regard to income etc. and the collections come from abroad. Then in Germany this income would no longer have to be registered as taxable in Germany (contractual agreement). Presence in Germany in the 2nd semester = 4 days x 6 months = 24 days (2 days could be deducted - vacation -). The rest of the work is, as before, carried out remotely from France (teleworking). Is it then considered as a second tax residence? 2 months or more per year in Germany

An employee who is resident in France can be taxable in Germany in various ways. [1] A natural person who has neither a domicile [2] nor their habitual abode [3] in Germany is subject to limited tax liability in Germany if they have domestic income. [4 Employee A is domiciled in Germany. Because of an extended activity in France, he also established a residence there. A's family continues to live in Germany. Result: A has a place of residence in Germany and France and has unlimited tax liability in both countries. Due to the family residence in Germany, however, this is where the focus of his life interests is. Thus, according to the DTA, Germany is the country of residence

We currently have our main common residence in Germany. Now my wife (French) will live in our apartment in France for the majority of the year (approx. 7 months) in the next few years, while I will continue to live in Germany for the main part of the year due to work. Now the question is whether my wife can move her main residence to France while I still have my main residence in Germany.To my knowledge, the question regarding secondary residence does not arise because the main residence is abroad and the only residence in Germany is automatically declared as the main residence. I have to pay taxes in full anyway, so I've already come to terms with that. Fortunately, double taxation can be avoided

According to Art. 4 (1) sentence 1 of the Franco-German double taxation agreement, a person has a tax domicile in Germany and France whose estate is subject to unlimited tax liability under the law of this country (but not in the case of limited tax liability, Art. 4 (1) p 2 DBA) A second place of residence in Germany requires a first place of residence in Germany. Many do not want that because they would have to pay taxes in Germany too. A second place of residence in Germany and the registration requirements. A second place of residence in Germany sounds tempting at first. You don't have to pay taxes because you only have to do this where your primary residence is registered, but you can still return at any time because you have registered the secondary residence. Primary residence is considered to be where you spend most of your time. In theory, you have to spend more than half of the year at your primary residence. But you can go wrong .. If you have decided to register a second home, you have to know that you are not free to decide which is your main residence. The following applies here: The primary residence must be where the center of your life is! This means that if you work five days a week in Berlin, for example, and travel to your home country, e.g. Hamburg, on the weekends, then you have to state Berlin as your main residence. Note: In contrast to Germany, in France you have to pay a residence tax (taxe d'habitation) for your primary residence at your place of residence. It is due for the first time in the year in which you live in France on January 1st. Citizens of the EU and Switzerland need in.

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Secondary residence only exists in Germany. So main residence = France & secondary residence = Germany is not possible. If so, then it would have to stay with the main residence in Germany if I want to remain registered From the point of view of a German resident in France, it can be advantageous to choose the German law of home if I want to appoint my spouse as the sole heir. If, on the other hand, I have no spouse but children, the succession is well regulated in French law in equal parts. Exceptions may arise in specific individual cases. Citizens throughout France are also not allowed to visit their second homes. The curfew means that they must be in their primary residence. This also applies to all foreign owners of second homes in France and work in Germany, taxed in France. In return, the German pension is taxed in this place of residence in Germany. The DTA with Luxembourg, on the other hand, looks completely different on these points. Anyone who relocates to France should be aware of this legal situation

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  1. Difference between primary residence and secondary residence. Primary residence, also known as main residence, is the place where you spend most of your time. Primary residence is the center of life and the person spends more than half of the year in this apartment. The Federal Registration Act (§ 21 BMG, Paragraph 2) defines the primary residence as the.
  2. On January 1, 2021, the rules for EU citizens living in or moving to the UK will change. The same applies to UK nationals who live in or move to an EU country. I have my permanent residence in the United States.
  3. Residence in France: business registration in Germany? Question What documents do I need if I want to apply for a trade license (as a sideline) in Germany

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Hamburg - Germans who own a holiday home or a second home in France may have to prepare for higher taxes.If you are neither domiciled nor habitually resident in Germany, but you earn income here, you have limited tax liability. If this applies to you, you must submit a tax return on the domestic income received in the past calendar year. Example: The Austrian entrepreneur Elias has neither his habitual residence nor his. However, if you want your second home outside of the EU, you need to be well informed. The law applies that you have to register in the new country as soon as you leave the EU for more than three months. The main residence is where the center of life is. If you have registered your main place of residence in Germany, you must also keep an apartment there, or at least you must.

Main residence in France and secondary residence in

  1. loutarral wrote: Good evening, my wife and I, we are considering relocating our main residence to France and we are asking about the procedure, since there is no right to report in France (from a German point of view). We are usually in France for more than 6 months a year
  2. This also applies if the main place of residence is in Switzerland. For the authorities, it is irrelevant how often the apartment is ultimately used. In Germany you can only register an apartment as a second home if the first home is also in Germany. Therefore, the weekend secondary residence in Germany becomes automatic.
  3. Pension and old-age provision: Germany and France have signed a social security agreement. Without a permanent address you cannot open an account in France and without a bank account you cannot get an apartment. This is a common problem in France. The landlord may temporarily confirm your place of residence so that you can open a bank account. In France.

1. Residence in France 2. Residence in Germany

The registration of a main residence or a further residence takes place at the registration authority (municipal office or magistrate) that is responsible for the new residence. If a person has only one place of residence, this is also the main place of residence, a secondary place of residence is any place of residence that is not the main place of residence. The main place of residence in Germany also determines the address. Here you can find out more about the obligation to notify and what regulations apply to secondary residences.The legal situation regarding the main residence at the campsite is complicated in Germany: For a long time, the so-called Building Usage Ordinance (BauNVO) in particular was decisive for the assessment: Since campsites are often regarded as recreational areas (according to § 10 BauNVO so-called special areas that serve recreation), permanent residence was not possible in most cases

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  1. Residence. My father would now like to register a place of residence in Germany so that he and my car that is insured on him can continue to be insured in Germany! Now my question is, can I also register a residence in Germany if I have my main residence in France. They said to me today in the town hall that that would not be possible.
  2. Germany In the German registration law, France has the most registered second homes in Europe between main and secondary residences, as of 2020. Austria. In Austria, the Registration Act 1991 distinguishes between two types of residence, the main residence and the secondary residence. A person's main residence is based on that accommodation.
  3. A testator resident in Germany leaves an heir resident in Germany with a property located in France, a bank balance at a French bank and a bank balance at a bank in Germany. This gives France a competing right to tax property only. However, the applicable tax rate is determined from the.
  4. Trade in Germany - primary residence abroad This topic ᐅ trade in Germany - primary residence abroad in the trade law forum was created by martinhahn90, 15
  5. Resident in France - Job in Germany: Do online trading part-time? What do I have to do if I want to sell instructions for e.g. crocheted shawls via an internet platform ...

You are resident in the respective neighboring foreign country and are subject to income tax, but are employed abroad, e.g. in Germany, and go to your domestic place of residence daily or at least once a week. An employee is also considered a cross-border commuter if he does not return to his country of residence on a maximum of 45 working days in a calendar year. The place of residence is the spatial center of the living conditions of a natural person. The regulations on German social insurance apply - as long as they do not require employment or self-employment - for all persons who have their place of residence or habitual abode in Germany (No. 2 SGB IV). Willing and legal. Resident in France - Job in Germany: Do online trading part-time? Question. What do I have to do if I want to sell instructions for e.g. crocheted shawls via an internet platform. I am resident for tax purposes as an otherwise employed person in France (cross-border commuter with a job in Germany) German pension resident in France. Prepare your tax return yourself online. Save money and time Experience an exciting time with the Urbanos and help you with German grammar. Have fun getting good grades - test Germany's No. 1 learning platform for free 24 hours a day. You have to register a second home in Germany. Your main residence is still outside the location of your second home. Your main residence is still the center of your life. If you meet all the points and the tax office recognizes your double housekeeping, you can pay the costs of the second home, travel costs, moving costs and additional costs within the first 3 months.

The legal situation to the main residence on the campsite is in Germany Complicated: For a long time, the so-called Building Use Ordinance (BauNVO) in particular was decisive for the assessment: Since campsites are often considered recreational areas (according to Section 10 BauNVO, so-called special areas that serve recreation), permanent residence was not possible in most cases Obligation to register for every main and second home. It does not matter whether it is a bought or rented secondary apartment. Your own holiday property is also subject to the reporting requirement for the second home. A change of registration is not only necessary when moving to another city or state. Who within a community or even one. . A secondary residence is only possible if you have several apartments in Germany (see §12 MRRG). You can of course have a main residence abroad and a domestic one. A second residence cannot remain registered in Germany as long as the primary residence is not in Germany. In such a case, the second home would automatically become the first home. Anyone who registers an apartment that he does not move into or does not de-register is committing an administrative offense that can be punished with a fine of up to 1,000 euros. Interesting is. Residence. Register second residence: Obligation to register the secondary residence. 10/26/2018 - If you want to register a second home today, you don't necessarily have a luxurious secondary apartment or holiday home on Sylt. Instead, it is often students or commuters who cannot drive home every day and therefore stay in the big city during the week. So that everything is correct when you register.

Summary1 The best international insurance according to NTV1.1 The top 10 countries for emigrants1.2 Overall result of the study of holiday home portals according to DISQ2 Private health insurance abroad Residence: Live and work outside of Germany2.1 Who can take out private health insurance for abroad2.2 Advantages of private health insurance2. 3 private. The German authority has imposed a 10-month blocking period from March 2013 and a fine. Original text: In your case, you are resident in France for more than 6 months, so that all requirements for a driving license that is valid throughout the EU are met. You can then drive in D with the French EU driving license, even though you have not passed an MPU in D. Kai R. In the two agreements of 21. In July 1959 and October 12, 2006, France and Germany regulated the avoidance of double taxation. Income taxes: Franco-German double taxation agreement of July 21, 1959 Natural persons who have their tax residence in France are there in accordance with the French-German double taxation agreement of July 21.

France / 1 employee residing in Germany

  1. In Germany, a distinction is made between a secondary residence and a main residence. According to the registration law, a secondary or second home is an apartment that is used privately but does not serve as the main residence. If a resident uses several apartments in Germany, one of these apartments must be specified as their main residence. The main residence is used in the.
  2. German resident in France, job in Luxembourg. So the topic also bothered me. I have to say that I had additional insurance in LUX with DKV before moving. After moving, I went to my old statutory health insurance physicians in DE for a while and received some heavy private bills there. This then in LUX at the (then still) CMEP.
  3. I would definitely keep my main residence in Germany. To open an account in F you only need an EDF or telephone bill, or proof that you are registered there, but no carte de séjour. Greetings Lilo. 0 x up.Stefan Cilimba Posts: 186 Registered: Saturday April 13th 2002, 9:38 pm Residence: St. Jory de Chalais Perigord Dordogne. Post wednesday 18.
  4. I don't have health insurance in France either and at school I once learned that everyone must have one. :) DerHans 03/21/2015, 11:17 AM @NoGoingBack You will notice that at the latest when you want / have to go back to Germany. As long as you are not properly signed off here, the debt will accumulate. Similar questions. De-register residence in Germany for one year olds.
  5. Tax domicile: Its importance for taxation in Germany Reading time: 2 minutes. The tax domicile of a person is determined by the actual circumstances and not by the will of a taxpayer. A taxpayer's place of residence is where he has an apartment, which he also as such.
  6. Residence as we know it in Germany does not exist. 2. According to the current status, both of you will be taxed in Luxembourg with your first place of residence, a change must then be clarified by both of you in an objection procedure. Germany and Luxembourg then take a close look at your situation and then jointly determine where your tax is finally to be paid. To be clear.
  7. Resident in France. In France you are liable for tax if you. live in the departments of Bas-Rhin, Haut-Rhin or Moselle, work in a 30 km wide zone (as the crow flies) from the German-French border in Germany and; usually return to your place of residence in France every day (45-day rule). In order to be exempt from tax deduction in Germany as a cross-border commuter.

Main residence in France and Germany

  • Anyone who is domiciled in Germany, i.e. does not have a domicile abroad, is also subject to tax in Germany. And that regardless of where he earns his income. Even if you did not stay personally in Germany in the tax-relevant fiscal year, the tax liability is based on your place of residence. The financial authorities go from your unlimited.
  • With your place of residence in Germany, you remain fully liable for tax. Whether your approach then works depends on whether the only permanent establishment of your foreign company is in Dubai and whether you are considered to be based in Dubai. Then the DTA must be checked and, above all, always submitted in DE tax returns. So in any case a demanding plan. With pleasure.
  • If you want to leave Germany, you must give notice by 31.01 at the latest. the health insurance. Please note the post and insist on a cancellation confirmation for your documents. In the past it was quite possible to terminate health insurance in the event of emigration without observing the notice period, but this is now being done by the.
  • If it were up to me then I would log off and move my residence to my parents (would be the main residence for D - if I understand that correctly) and then start my normal everyday life in France. Since I get a company in F that deals with the settlement, that's not an issue for me in F either. I hope that everything will go well then.
  • Because even with a foreign account, you remain tax resident in Germany if you have your place of residence or your usual place of residence there. Basically, it can be said that foreign accounts in the euro zone offer few advantages. These are closely linked to the German banks through the SEPA area, so that they are treated like domestic accounts. An account in the Netherlands.
  • registering a second residence in Germany is not permitted if your son is abroad. Unfortunately, due to a lack of knowledge of Swedish law, we cannot judge why your son was not given a personal number in Sweden and cannot get health insurance. As soon as your son is back in D, he has to register (primary residence). If that is yours, you would have to be Him.
  • The following must be observed in the case of a second residence: Principle: The principle of unity of residence permits only one residence within Switzerland. Exception one-week stay (= actual second place of residence): According to Swiss law, a second place of residence is not classified as a place of residence but only as a one-week stay; Depending on personal circumstances, priority of.

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The situation on which a double taxation agreement is based is that you, as a taxpayer, are resident in a contracting state of the double taxation agreement (e.g. Germany), i.e. have your place of residence there, and receive income from another contracting state (e.g. France). In the country of residence (Germany) you are subject to unlimited taxation, in the country of income (France) you are subject to limited taxation International law was created by sep4you, 19

If you have told your health insurance company that your main residence is now in France, you will only get the benefits that are available in France. Of course, this also applies to Hungary, i.e. if you want you can of course continue to pay a multiple contribution in Germany for exactly the same service that you get in Hungary for 25, - video courses. Algebra 1 Intuition (NEW!) There is no easier way to understand Algebra 1! Linear Algebra 1 There is no easier way to understand Linear Algebra 1. Quite simply, any place where you live permanently and where you meet your basic needs is what counts under the domicile. As a citizen of an EU country, you enjoy advantages. For example, you can enter Germany and live here without the need for a visa. However, it does not work entirely without the notification requirement. You must register once you have a permanent residence.

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Deutsche Bundesbank - Cologne branch IBAN no .: DE49370000000038001005 BIC / swift no .: MARKDEF1370 Purpose: (file number of the transaction - if available - or first and last name of the applicant) The fee can also be paid by check. Checks should always be made out in euros and drawn on a German bank. Fees charged by foreign. Hello, I am planning to emigrate to Switzerland or I already have a good job offer etc. in Zurich. Now I would like to keep my apartment in Germany as a kind of second home - what's the best way to do that. The primary residence should be Switzerland because of taxes etc. right? Do I still have to pay taxes in Germany if I still own or rent an apartment here? Many translated example sentences with residence in Germany - English-German dictionary and search engine for millions of English translations Residence in France - Business in Germany: Funding? question. At the beginning of this year I started a company. Unfortunately, this was not the best time. Still, I would like to pursue my goal. So far I have used my equity to move forward - this is no longer enough. I would like to take out a start-up loan. Unfortunately, all banks tell me. Have many translated example sentences with residence in Germany - English-German dictionary and search engine for millions of English translations

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  • Many translated example sentences from Germany resident - Spanish-German dictionary and search engine for millions of Spanish translations
  • If you want to be taxed in France, your main residence must be there. If you just want to live there you just have to re-register and apply for a residence permit there. So you can work there too, if someone wants you
  • You are personally liable for tax where you are domiciled. This is France. You would be related to German income if you were based in Germany or if you had a permanent establishment there. Are you also interested in this question? You can see the complete answer for € 7.50
  • Current situation in the border region. Lockdown in France since April 3rd. Since April 3rd, new rules apply throughout France: Exit restrictions within a radius of 10 km from the place of residence: no certificate required, but proof of residence should be carried with you. If the distance is more than 10 km, a certificate is required and an important reason must be available

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We separated 6 years ago, I am living in Germany again, my husband is still in France. Now we want to get a divorce. Which court has jurisdiction over the divorce? The one in Germany where I live, the one in the place where we last lived together in Germany, or the one in France? Many Thanks! RA Thomas von der Weh Vehicle owners who permanently move their place of residence abroad have to de-register their car in Germany and register again in the new place of residence. The deadline for re-registration is six months after the move. However, some countries have a shorter deadline and charge penalties if this is not respected. For vehicle registration abroad, the so-called COC paper is required, which can be obtained from the vehicle manufacturer. After all, is the car in the new country? Hello @CelK, welcome to our community. Online opening is also possible in France. It is only important that your mother-in-law uses the VideoIdent procedure. Best regards, Hi, I have the following question: My mother lives in France and she has two cars (both cars are registered there). Now I would like to use one of them permanently in Germany (with a French license plate) but I have heard that this is only possible within a certain period of time or because ..

If you are a foreigner and have your normal place of residence in one of the member states of the EU or the EEA and are temporarily attending a school or university in Germany, this does not constitute a change of residence. Your normal place of residence is still abroad and not in Germany. In Germany and most European countries, tax liability is linked to your place of residence. Here, persons who have their place of residence in accordance with Section 8 AO or their habitual residence in accordance with Section 9 sentence 1 AO are deemed to be subject to unlimited taxation in accordance with Section 1 (1) sentence 1 EstG. A residence is the place where someone has an apartment that he keeps and. Hello community, I would like to know whether it is possible to conclude a Telekom mobile phone contract with a place of residence abroad. - German current account is available - German delivery address is available - German passport is available - Proof of residence in France is available.

Primary residence and second residence - this is how you register correctly a

You cannot have an official second home in Germany if you have your first home abroad. Your residence in Germany would then always be your primary residence. So if you have a double residence, especially a double residence in the EU, it depends largely on your residence under a DTA. I am a native of Germany, but I live and work in France. I am registered as an artist in France and do not have a place of residence in Germany. I have just registered for an art market in Germany. Do I have to pay taxes and social benefits for the works I sell in Germany or is it enough if I have the income in my French. How is income from a € 400 job in Germany taxed in France? The part-time job should be carried out over the Internet, i.e. from France, where the residence is. (German nationality) The main activity is already taxed through the cross-border commuter regulation in France

Hmm, foreigners who want to apply for a Chinese visa in Germany only have to submit the German residence permit in addition to the other required documents. But well, it seems different in France. They could apply for the visa through an agency (visa service) here in Germany. For example, you can use your parents' private address. The Chinese consulates do not check whether you are also a German citizen in. If your household (spouse and children) remains in France, you can keep your tax residence in France, even if you are temporarily or most of the time for work-related reasons Reside in another country for the whole year, unless you and your spouse have agreed separation of property Question - I live in France, but in Germany I have - 7K. Find the answer to these and other consumer law questions on JustAnswe

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NEW - Second home on site / near the first place of work: The second home should not be more than 50 kilometers away from the place of work in order to be recognized as such. As a rule, the shortest road connection applies. If the second home or second accommodation is more than an hour's drive away from the first place of work, the tax office will refuse the deduction of costs. In case of doubt, the decisive factor is whether the workplace will be available in less than an hour. Persons residing in Germany, Austria, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Finland, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Estonia, Greece, Slovakia, Switzerland, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland and USA (regardless of nationality Registration of vehicles in Germany with residence in France Tags: autokauf. hexchen 2009-05-17 18:34:26 UTC # 1. I'm moving from France to Germany in 3 months, I want my new vehicle in Germany does that work and how? anon18010486 2009-05-17 18:55:36 UTC # 4. If the background had been named the same, one might even have been able to judge the whole thing for the answer and not one. The normal place of residence must be in Germany be registered, you have to have the so-called center of life for more than half a year (185 days), i.e. it must not be a bogus residence, the 185 days are calculated up to the time the driver's license is issued; d For this reason (and, if necessary, with an exemption), the application for grant can also.

Can one be registered in 2 EU countries at the same time?

You have to declare a person you trust with an official registration address in Germany to be the authorized recipient. The authorized recipient thus receives your official mail and undertakes to pass it on to you immediately or to inform you of the process so that you can react.The DBA England-France provides that this is generally applicable to persons who are in one of the reside in both states. However, the principle of equality provided there should also apply if the person concerned is domiciled in a third country. The wife is English and lives in Monaco. This means that the DBA England-France can be invoked with regard to the principle of equality. In France, the wife is subject to, alone on. Rights of and requirements for EU citizens who stay in another EU country for less or more than 3 months: students, employees and pensioners, job seekers, etc. Whether the employment of foreign workers who are not resident in Germany is reported to the social security also depends on the status of the employee and the existing contract. In the case of marginal employment, for example, there is no obligation to take out health insurance; the same applies in the case of a posting. It is difficult for laypeople, the many. Anyone who establishes a second place of residence abroad and maintains their (main) place of residence in Germany will continue to have their place of residence in Germany for tax purposes. Ordinary residence But even if you do not have a place of residence in Germany, unlimited tax liability can arise from your habitual residence. The tax code regulates in § 9 AO

Inheritance and inheritance: Germany and France

  1. And if you leave everything you have with your bank in Germany or Austria, you are exposed to immediate access by the state, banks and potential creditors at any time. One or more bank accounts abroad offer considerably more security here. Read here how you can successfully open a bank account outside of Germany or without a residence abroad.
  2. Suddenly the public order office moved in. A German and her three children have to go back to Paris. The state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania sends her to France because that is where her main place of residence is.
  3. In theory, you can reside in more than one country and have legal residence status in all countries. Note, however, that tax residence is usually only granted in a country where all of your worldwide income should be reported
  4. A Pole may not be placed in a worse position in Germany than a German with regard to his settlement. A German can have his main residence in France and his second residence in Germany. Poles have the same right due to the freedom of establishment, which takes precedence over German legal regulations
  5. Therefore, German pension payments before 2016 are taxable in Germany. However, a refund of any taxes paid in Germany is possible in France. To do this, it is necessary to contact the French tax authorities.In addition, a questionnaire with personal details must be sent to the German tax authorities (tax office Neubrandenburg, if you are not a German resident) together with the French tax assessments before 2016 Ban on visiting second homes in Lorraine

Residence or habitual abode in Germany is a prerequisite for entitlement to parental allowance. Exceptions apply to cross-border commuters or posted workers. Get your very own piece of France here! As a photo on wood, canvas, glass or aluminum dibond, as a sticker set, postcard, T-shirt or fun item. As a photo on wood, canvas, glass or aluminum dibond, as a sticker set, postcard, t-shirt or fun item, the child does not have a place of residence or habitual abode in Germany, but lives in the foreign household of his parents (e.g. child lives in the house of someone Diplomats abroad, Section 62 Paragraph 1 Sentence 3 No. 3 EStG) the child lives in an EU / EEA country or Switzerland; the child lives in a country with which Germany has an agreement on social security including child benefit.

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And that it is a prerequisite for registering a secondary residence in Germany to have a main residence in Germany is just as unworldly! There are enough retirees who spend their retirement years in the sunny south, so undeniably have their main place of residence there. However, many of these pensioners still maintain an apartment or in Germany. In Germany you are obliged to inform us of your current place of residence within 14 days of moving into your new apartment. In accordance with the Federal Registration Act, you must meet this deadline if you are going to stay in the new apartment for more than 6 months. Wanted to register with auxmoney, but the terms and conditions say that you must be resident in Germany can register with auxmoney with a foreign residence? We would like to receive an answer. Thank you. on October 20, 2008. Beate, however, the example shown in the article shows that there are cases in which loan applications are made when living abroad. If you only have one place of residence in Germany, this is your sole place of residence in Germany under registration law. However, this does not exclude one to n additional residences abroad. Just tell the EwoMa that you would like to have in writing that they will not register you if you have another place of residence in BE, keep this document and forget the rest. If you have too much time. A second residence is only possible if there is also a main residence in Germany. In all other cases it is simply a matter of a residence in Germany

Cross-border commuter residence France dental insurance. by Irene »Wed 28 Mar 2018, 9:58 am. I live on the border with Germany but work for a German employer. Is there any dental insurance that would take me on. So far it has always been rejected because the residence is not in Germany. Irene Posts: 12 Registered: Tue 21 Aug 2012, 05:34. Up. Re: Cross-border commuters. Article 2: All natural persons with a minimum age of 15, resident in France, [... BahnCards resident in France? BahnCard, BahnBonus and BahnComfort Service Community Register; To register; Home; Categories Everything to do with tickets. 15,123 contributions 26 members BahnCard, BahnBonus and BahnComfort. 4,525 posts. According to the registration law, the German place of residence is then registered as the main residence, because there is only a secondary residence under registration law if there is also a German main residence under registration law. I would differentiate here between registration under the law of registration as main residence and main residence under school law and say that schooling is only compulsory under school law. In Germany, however, I still registered my main place of residence at my parents' house. According to Section 1 Paragraph 1 Clause 1 of the Income Tax Act (EStG), whoever has a place of residence in Germany is subject to income tax in Germany, whoever has a place of residence here

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