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With all of our information on how many consumables you will use in each case, the
corresponding ISO standards.

These ISO standards, and consequently our calculations, assume that you have an A4 page with the
Standard coverage of 5% for black and white or 20% for color printers.

Research has shown that the average page coverage for black and white pages is around 5%.
The average page coverage for color prints is usually higher at 20% (5% each for black and
for the three colors cyan, magenta and yellow).

If you put a significantly higher page coverage on paper with your printouts, you can assume that
that you will actually be using more consumables than our calculations indicate.

Example calculation to determine the amount of toner cartridges that are used:

You are interested in a black and white printer and say you print 300 black and white pages a month
and choose the period 36 months. The printer is a new device and already has one in the scope of delivery
Toner cartridge that is suitable for 2,000 pages. The toner cartridge that is reordered is for 5,000 pages

300 pages x 36 months = 10,800 pages in total.

10,800 pages minus 2,000 pages (as included in the printer price) results in 8,800 pages.

8,800 pages / 5,000 pages (toner cartridge) equals 1.76

So you will reorder or use up 1.76 toner cartridges within the 36 months.

* ISO standards for range measurement:

ISO 19752 for b / w laser printers: This determines the toner consumption for black and white laser printers.
ISO 19798 for color laser printers: Standard for how productive the toners are for color laser printers.
ISO 24711 for inkjet printers: Method of how productive the color modules of color inkjet printers are.