Why is self development important at work

Self-development as the basis for a successful career (copy 1)

Self-development as the basis for a successful career (copy 1)


In order to meet the high demands of modern working life, permanent further development is indispensable. It is not only about subject-related further training, but also about the topics of self-development and personal competence. But what exactly do these terms mean and how can individual self-development be promoted?

What self development means and why it is so important

The term self-development stands for the targeted work on one's own abilities. The basis of self-development is the definition of personal strengths and weaknesses. This procedure allows you to quickly see in which areas there is the greatest potential for improvement. Furthermore, self-development means sharpening the eye for one's own wishes and needs. Only those who know and clearly state their professional goals can achieve them. Accordingly, self-development is to be understood as the basis for a successful and satisfactory career. An important component is the expansion of personal competencies and soft skills: These can be, for example, skills relating to dealing with customers or communicating with business partners.

How can self-development be implemented in practice?

A wide range of specialist literature is available for the purpose of individual self-development: "The Language of Power" by Matthias Nöllke, for example, is a suitable book to become step by step more confident in free speech. Presentations and lectures are part of everyday professional life for many people, which underlines the importance of this personal competence. "Soft Skills - The Kienbaum Training Program" by Rainer Niermeyer can also make a valuable contribution to self-development: This book contains practical exercises that can be used to improve skills such as empathy and criticism. Both of the titles presented and a large selection of other books on the subject of self-development and personal skills can be found at haufe.shop.de.

Personal self-development is an excellent way to become more successful both professionally and privately. Thanks to the large variety of relevant specialist literature, this does not fail due to suitable sources of knowledge. Those who consistently and purposefully advance their own self-development can lift their life holistically to a new level.