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The romantic drama Kumki, shot in the Tamil language, tells the story of an elephant guide with his trained pachyderms to the aid of the inhabitants of a village community in front of a breathtaking Indian natural backdrop and who falls in love with the daughter of the tribal elder.

The young Bomman is a mahout, an elephant handler. He and his tamed working elephant, Manickam, grew up together and have been inseparable friends since childhood. Supported by his uncle Kothali, a drinker and libertine, and his assistant Undiyal, they earn their living by performing at temple festivals and weddings. Meanwhile, a remote village in the jungle has been attacked by a wild elephant that destroys the crops and kills people. What is needed is a kumki elephant, an animal trained to keep aggressive wild elephants away from settlements. But the responsible forest officials don't seem to care much about the concerns of the locals, because instead of looking after a specially trained animal, they first hire Manickam for this job. Although Bomman knows that his animal friend is not up to the task, he initially dismisses his concerns, as he is welcomed exuberantly by the village community and quickly loses his heart to the enchanting Alli. But there is a problem, because Alli is so traumatized by a pachyderm attack that she is terrified of all the elephants.

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