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It's finally done! You have completed your studies in the field of international management, international business, etc.! By now you should be clear about the direction in which your professional career should go. We'll show you some job opportunities here - also in terms of the salary you can expect. To round off the picture, we interviewed some professionals about their everyday working life so that you can get a better insight into the time after graduation.

You may have already noticed during your studies: With a generalized degree you can - to put it casually - do anything and nothing. The advantages are obvious: you don't have to decide at the beginning of your studies which direction or industry you are heading in, you can do it Try it out during your studies and only decide on a specialization over time. Exactly this freedom of choice and the fact that all options are open can also be a disadvantage for some.

We got you in this study guide Listed three possible areas in which you can start your professional career after graduating. However, these are by far not all possibilities, because as already mentioned, the world is open to you with a general management or business degree - thanks to the international orientation, even in the truest sense of the word.

Jobs after graduation - focus is important

If you did not choose a specialized course at the beginning of your studies, you usually have the choice between different specializations or areas of focus. Whether logistics, marketing or finance - managers with an international background are wanted in every area. Just try out different areas during your studies - for example through lectures, internships or part-time jobs - to check whether the area interests you and is fun.

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    A look at job advertisements will help you assess the job market. And of course also when looking for a new position!

Further advice on the world of work in international management


The salary should of course not be the deciding factor for your choice of study, but this point is still interesting. Therefore we have put together some information about earnings for you.

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Job interviews

So that you can get a better picture of the different professions in this area, we asked graduates about their everyday professional life and their experiences.

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Do you now know in which direction you want to start your career? In our job exchange you will find vacancies in management and business administration. This is how your career can begin!

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