Is personality a gift from God

On the importance of giving We ourselves are the greatest gift

An unknown author once wrote: “Giving is the only custom that remained from Paradise, where everything was giving.” So giving is a very old custom that remained from Paradise. "Paradise" is described on the first pages of the Bible: Man lives in the world as God intended and created it, initially carefree and in his care. God has given us a large scope of action, freedom of action and decision-making right up to the “middle of the paradise garden with the tree of knowledge”.

Giving God a face

Giving presents is a custom that is especially cultivated during Advent and Christmas. The Christian root of giving lies in the Christmas mystery. God gives himself to us in a small child, Jesus of Nazareth. With that he tells us: “You human, I like you. You human, I like you to suffer. I like to go your way with you. I like to be there for you So that you learn to become fully human, just as I thought you would. ”- Because the greatest gift that God has given us is we ourselves. We are allowed to give God a face through our life in our time. We are not only allowed to give away his love and goodness in Advent and Christmas.

Passing on the love of God

When we give each other gifts at Christmas, we use small or large presents to express that we are grateful for them, as stated in the first letter of John, for “the great love that God has given us” (1 Jn 3, 1– 3) When we give something to one another in the family and among friends, we try to pass on a small piece of God's love that we ourselves have received from him. It's nice to give something to someone. It is a pleasure to receive something as a gift. Of course, it is not always easy to find something suitable for someone that is really fun. In this respect, giving is also an art. The way I give it shows how well I know someone.

God gave himself to us at Christmas in his Son. He did this without any advance payment. Before this greatest of all gifts we can only bow our knees in silence, as the shepherds or the astrologers did when they followed the star from the land of the rising sun and when they gave the newborn child their treasures, signs of their origins and their country have brought as a token of gratitude and appreciation: the mineral resources of their peoples, gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Give the most precious gift

We can point these mysterious gifts from the wise to the life and path of Jesus. Gold is the most precious thing the earth has to offer. The wise give Jesus the most precious thing they have to show that He is the most precious thing they could find for themselves. Frankincense is a real divine gift. Wherever clouds of incense rise, God is honored, who is mysteriously present in the midst of his people. Also and especially in the little child Jesus in the manger. Myrrh is an oriental medicinal plant. At the time of Jesus, the dead were embalmed with the "noble perfume". It indicates that Jesus will face suffering and death.

Give God time

Through the life, suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus we have all received rich gifts. In worship, in adoration and in personal devotion, we give ourselves to God and a little of our time. We thank him for life. I wish all of us in this season of Advent and Christmas that, from this perspective, we will again grasp what giving means and cultivate this “custom that remained from paradise where everything was giving” in our time and through our lives . (Andreas Krehbiehl, Parish vicar in Munich PV Moosach-Olympiadorf)

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