Lie my hairdresser

5 lies almost every hairdresser tells you!

5 lies almost every hairdresser tells you!

How often have you been to the hairdresser's in your life? And how often dissatisfied afterwards?

1. I only cut the tips!

Even if we are always reluctant to part with our mane, it is sometimes better to have one to two centimeters of our bred hair cut off. Just Unfortunately, many hairdressers do not stick to this agreement!

So dear hairdressers: If the ends of our hair are so broken that they have to be at least 8 centimeters, then please warn us next time!

2. It only looks like this now because the hair is wet!

Understandably, when you dye your hair, you don't always get the result you had in mind. Something like that happens sometimes. But if then the saying: "It only looks like this now because the hair is wet" come, ring the alarm bells for us! Instead of drying your hair first, you should style it completely and talk about the whole thing nicely look for a solution together.

3. You can easily do this at home!

"With these loose beach waves, your new haircut will fall even more beautifully - and you can easily do it at home" - No way. No matter how hard we try, the whole thing will never be the same as at the hairdresser's. So notice: A good haircut looks great even if you don't style your hair great.

4. Our products are better!

Hairdressers also like to lie to us when it comes to hair care. We can of course understand that they know better than we do what is good for our hair! But still not everyone has enough pocket money left that they can afford a hair shampoo for 30 euros! The right products from the drugstore will certainly do the same. So have a little pity on us ...

5. Those who dye at home damage their hair!

Well, if you have dark hair and you really want to go blonde or have made another, bigger experiment, you should definitely leave the whole thing to the hairdresser. But if you just want to change your natural hair color a little, you can also use a light tint from the drugstore.