Are home burials legal?

Keeping the urn at home - is that possible?

Quite a few relatives would like to be able to keep the urn with the ashes at home after the cremation of the deceased. This is an administrative offense * in Germany. It is different in Switzerland. There everyone can freely dispose of the urn ashes.

In the neighboring country, the urn can be taken home for a period of personal farewell, which is not limited in time. Later, the relatives can have the ashes buried on an alpine meadow or on the edge of the forest in the Swiss mountains.

For Germans who, like the Swiss, would like to dispose of the urn ashes more freely, according to the current German legal situation, the only route left is Switzerland. There is a Swiss company with the offer "Urn under Swiss law". The Swiss company reserved a burial place for the ashes in Switzerland.

Note: If the urn is handed over to relatives in Switzerland, it is an administrative offense * to bring it into Germany.

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More information on taking the urn home with you"

Quite a few relatives would like to be able to keep the urn with the ashes at home after the cremation of the deceased. Why? For many, the urn in their own four walls makes grief easier. They would therefore prefer to have the urn in a more personal place and not have the final resting place dictated for the deceased relative. Relatives often associate the urn at home with the comforting feeling that the precious person is still close - and not just in our thoughts and memories. Last but not least, many people who are confronted with imminent death wish to continue to be able to "be there" for the bereaved in an urn at home. They find consolation in the idea of ​​still being very close to them and not having to find the last bit of peace in an anonymous cemetery.

Why do more and more bereaved relatives want the "urn at home"?
For many, going to the cemetery is associated with negative experiences from the past. They no longer want to go to a normal German cemetery. Many need the close proximity of the urn with the ashes of the loved one to be able to say goodbye more easily. After saying goodbye, it is no longer so difficult for these people to bury the ashes, for example in a burial forest. Of course, cost reasons sometimes also play a role because the entire grave maintenance is not necessary.

* An administrative offense in Germany is a minor violation of the legal rules. [...] The modern legislator regards it as sufficient in the case of minor legal violations not to react with the means of punishment, but only with fines. This also applies to cases of disobedience to administrative regulations. Source: Wikipedia