Can I edit the IPU application form?

Bridging aid from the federal government

Anyone who is already receiving a loan, scholarship or similar in the reference month can still receive bridging aid. Depending on the proven need, between 100 euros and 500 euros can be paid as a non-repayable grant.

Anyone who has more than 500 euros in their accounts at the time of application will not receive this bridging allowance. An application is hopeless.

If you receive unemployment benefit II yourself (benefits from the job center), you cannot receive bridging aid.


If you cannot prove that the emergency caused by the pandemic only occurred in the last 2 months, you must prove that at least 2 applications have been made in the past 2 months and have been unsuccessful.

The application can only be submitted individually for the respective month. A renewed application for a further month is only permitted if the emergency caused by the pandemic persists. The order in which the application is processed is generally based on the time at which the complete documents are received. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Please submit your applications in good time before the end of the month. There can always be delays in the application (e.g. because your own internet connection is slow or because a large number of students submit their application "at the last minute" and the system is overloaded). There have been a few cases in the past where the application was only started shortly before midnight on the last day and then could not be sent on time. Subsequent submissions are not possible! So please allow enough time for the application.

The application can only be submitted online. Please use the latest version of the Internet browser Chrome, Firefox or Opera - or the current standard browser of mobile devices. If you use Edge as your browser, please update to Edge Chromium from version 83.x. Internet Explorer versions are not supported.

Technical problems when submitting documents after a request (need for action)?
Try the following quick guide here:

  • Log into the portal (see link in the mail, just click on it) with the generated token.
  • Now you can see that the application status has changed, there is "need for action".
  • Now it is important that you click on the upper orange button "Process application".
  • Documents / explanations are now displayed that need to be improved and you will find corresponding text information.
  • Here you can view the uploaded document again, delete it and upload the correct document.
  • Important: Documents that you delete can no longer be viewed by the application processors.
    (If, for example, bank statements of another account are to be uploaded, do not delete the other bank statements that you have already completely uploaded.)
  • Make sure that all relevant documents are available as soon as you finally submit the application (via "Complete changes").