What are the most forgiving golf clubs

- Handicap 20+ club fitting

Advantages of a golf club fitting for golfers with (HCP 20+)

You don't need to be a highly talented golfer to really enjoy this great game and benefit from solid and professional club fitting. At GOLF FITTING & FASION we fit golf clubs for 20+ handicap players every day. We see our best results in this HCP division.

Our club fitting for a 20+ handicap player focuses heavily on getting the most out of his dedicated swing. This primarily means that the hardness of the shaft (stiffnes) and club head settings are optimally optimized for the swing speed and club path.

By the way for Golf Seniorsthat were once lower handicaps, it makes sense to keep your golf equipment in shape. Due to the age, the swing speeds have slowed down a bit. This means that seniors can also benefit greatly from new golf shaft technologies in a solidly executed fitting in order to re-maximize their distances.

Advantages for 20+ HCP golf club fitting, which can be achieved significantly improved results:

1. Maxmial forgiving golf clubs
Golfers at this handicap level still struggle with consistent golf shots. For a solid game it is important to have club heads with built-in "forgiveness". Current golf technology has improved dramatically. Strikes that are not hit in the middle - thanks to this technology still have enough distance and a little more accuracy are the result. At "GOLF FITTING & FASHION" we select the best club heads and shafts from all leading manufacturers together with you. This will give you better results with your individual swing characteristics.

2. Improved accuracy
Many 20+ handicappers have mostly solid ball contact, but their swing pattern causes significant lateral dispersion. This leads to lost balls, usually poor positioning of the ball on the field and ultimately to higher club numbers. With "GOLF FITTING & FASHION" the swing dynamics of the golfer are jointly identified and the golf club is then adjusted accordingly so that it works optimally for the respective swing. In many cases, just the right club offset can produce straighter ball flights. It is extremely rare that golf clubs at this 20+ HCP performance level achieve a better performance for the golfer from the bar (without adjustments / fitting).

3. Optimized ball launch angle and shot distance
Some 20+ HCP golfers constantly hit their balls too high because their golf clubs are in no way adapted to their swing type. This leads to a loss of throwing distance and greater inaccuracy of the golf shots. Others have a hard time getting enough loft into their shots, resulting in shorter, shallower golf shots. At "GOLF FITINGEN & FASHION" a well-founded custom club fitting is carried out, whereby the irons / woods / hybrids are configured in such a way that an optimized ball take-off angle and the best possible golf ball flight distance are made possible, based on their unique swing dynamics.