Can be snorkeled by non-swimmers

We were from 21.01. - 03.02. 2016 on Maayafushi and were absolutely thrilled! We felt very warmly welcomed from the first step on this island until departure - especially by the Italian staff.

After 10 islands we have already visited (Holiday Island, Sun Island, Lilly Beach, Meedhupparu, Angaga, Rannalhi, Kandholduu, Velidhu, Thulhagiri and Centara Ras Fushi - the latter was a letdown for us - snorkeling only by boat, the island seemed quite overloaded to us through concrete and people - we had once again found a little paradise to our liking: warmth and sun, crystal clear water - as always -, very beautiful corals, great snorkeling experiences even for non-swimmers (fear of deep water), none Radio, no television - all misery in the world was turned off for two weeks!

We had bungalow 34 and were very satisfied with the location: in front of us the extensive sandbank, sunrise and sunset right from here, fruit bats on the right in the trees, daily herons visit ...

As animal lovers, we also had a lot of fun on the small island with the three tame parrots and many budgies and of course the heron, which also relaxed with the people ...

As mentioned above, for us (we are specimens from the older generation) it was an all-round very relaxed, wonderful holiday in a little paradise.

Thanks to all the staff on the island!

Ingrid and Winfried

From January 29th to December 20th, 2015 we spent a great vacation on Maayafushi.

After our favorite island was closed for renovation work, we decided on Maaya and didn't regret it.

The island is exactly the size we like (in max. 10 minutes you can get around). It's very clean and we didn't see a single mosquito. The entire staff is very friendly and always ready for a smaltalk.

Room clean, friendly, double bed with a great mattress, nice luggage rack, couch, minibar. Finally we had an open bathroom again, with everything you need.

Since there weren't very many divers on the island, we often had the privilege of being alone on the dive boat. My husband had great dives at beautiful spots with lots of sharks, turtles, eagle rays, schools of fish, barracudas, tunas, octopus, and much more.

With Judith, Empy, Jessica, Greta and Shareef, a great staff was ready to accompany beautiful and safe dives.

Since Judith is also a marine biologist with a preference for coral reefs, we have heard and learned a lot of new information about the underwater world. Thank you for that and your fine manner.

The house reef is also really beautiful. Lots of plate corals, anemones with nemos (I had never seen this amount in the Maldives). Schools of fish, turtles, sharks, box fish, porcupine fish, eagle rays, we were even lucky enough to meet a manta. I snorkeled with real enthusiasm. After not diving I enjoyed some massages in the spa. Very relaxing!

We liked the food very much. Delicious fish and everything else was very fine. I only say tiramisu !!!! However, the curries are very hot.

The evening entertainment is in Italian, but many of the sketches are attended even without language skills. The animation team is always looking for a conversation (even in German) without being intrusive.

Roberto, accompanied the aperitifs and afternoon coffee with saxophone and vocals. Cool music.

Gaietano from the boutique accompanied me to the local island to interpret. thanks

He and Michael from the reception are very welcoming and always available for a chat. The bartenders should also be mentioned here who already know the drinks preferences by the 3rd day at the latest. Everyone else who was not named also contributed to a perfect vacation.
The weather also played a role.

Conclusion: Maayafuhsi again anytime!
The island is great in the North Ariatoll, can be reached in 20 minutes by waterplane. Has a great barefoot island size. Conveys a familiar feeling without being intrusive. Nice vegetation. Nice house reef with lots of animals. Great dive center. Nice spa

Kramer Maria-Luise malu.kramer (at)

Maayafushi April 2012

getting there:
air-berlin direct flight from munich, barely tolerable wood class, on-board entertainment via rattling blanket crt’s, 2 old films per route, food of very manageable quality.
advantage: direct and fast
Entry formalities friendly + quick, finding your way around the airport and transfer without any problems. waiting time maldivian air taxi 90min, large open lounge with fans on the ceiling, comfortable (long) deck chairs to stretch out, view of the landing stages of the waterplanes, interesting and entertaining. there were vouchers for drinks + sandwiches. Those who cannot tolerate the climate shock will not be chased away in the adjoining luxury lounges in the high-end departments.
in general: there is a friendly, relaxed atmosphere ... no one pushes anything on you, no one wants anything from you ... these are positive first impressions (no comparison with some other parts of the world).

arrival by air taxi from male in about 25 minutes. small island, relatively densely built up and not too lushly planted (no ‘jungle areas’ with separated paths). View of halaveli (with an endless number of water bungalows), bathala (cute and small) and some other islands. But even the most obvious ones are almost ‘on the horizon’ (4–6km) and do not disturb the island feeling.

weather (beginning of april): perfect.
no raindrops, hardly any clouds, a few days of complete calm, then a light breeze from the northwest. continuously 30 degrees, hardly any nighttime cooling.

every 30–40m there is a pier to protect the sand beach (‘stone walkways’ built into the sea at a right angle to the beach), but there are no breakwaters on the reef.
sand almost everywhere (except in the north at the water bungalows and at the sports field), but also no great Robinson feeling (generally the island does not look very natural).
the area between the beach and the reef can be paddled almost everywhere, but at low tide you can only swim with your stomach pulled in. on a day with extremely low tide there was only 20cm of water left. in normal water the first 10m under water are fine sand, then coral breaks start, for which you would need bathing shoes.
Plastic chairs (as known without cushions) in sufficient quantities, only a few reservations on the way (Italians are also more relaxed here).
Beach towels are provided, can be exchanged every day in the lobby and if you would like more than one, you can get one.

Diving base 1a, nice and competent crew, multilingual (you just have to ask for English if you fall back into Italian) and a German instructor (jessie .. very nice) is currently on site. equipment is taken over and handed over at the dohni, hard-working helpers in the background take care of the rest.
house reef beautiful and rich in species, great spots in the immediate vicinity (sharks, rays, turtles, dolphins ... everything your heart desires).

beautiful, well-kept area ... the ‘public’ buildings are lovingly designed and kept in island style, the bungalows a bit more modern and sober (which is also helped by the row house impression).

the distribution of the probably a little over 80 residential units: - 4-person bungalows with a total of 60 units, almost all of them close to the beach, - 8 water bungalows in the north (stone wall on the shore, close to the generator, very transparent), - 7 garden bungalows in the interior of the island ( with a courtyard surrounded by a stone wall) - 8 rooms in a one-story building in the interior of the island (4 on the upper floor, 4 on the ground floor ... this one with a small front garden with seating)

3 supply areas (accessible to all ... there are only ai guests): restaurant, cafe and bar ... all beautifully designed and clean. restaurant open from 0800–1000h, 1300–1430h and 2030–2200h cafe open from 1000 to approx. 1900h, in addition to drinks there are always (simple) pieces of pizza, tramezzini-like sandwiches and sweet snacks like at breakfast. The (large) bar is open from around 1900h, a karaoke entertainer struggles there (but remains silent during meal times), from 2200h there is a program from the animation and diving team, it is touchingly tried to be a (ni) mateur ... we tried it once, but didn't last long.

The restaurant is centrally located (hardly any sea view) and is tiled (but suitable for barefoot) the food is ok, but not to kneel down. Italian dominates (pasta, pizza bread, breakfast almost only ‘dolce’), with fish and curry for lunch and dinner. now and then almost perfect pink roast beef (especially at the grill evening) or good chicken, lamb or duck.

the beverage situation (beer, wine, cola, fanta, sprite for self-pouring into thimble-sized glasses ... water is brought to the table in jugs) is known and has potential for improvement, but also its advantages (no waiting times). the all-inclusive situation is known to be ridiculous and leaves an unnecessarily 'cheap' and stuffy aftertaste:
how often is ‘ai’ more like ‘mi’ (most inclusive ... some drinks are subject to a surcharge), drinks (except in plastic thimble) cannot be taken away, room minibar not ai.

very hard-working and particularly friendly, courteous not dependent on tip. as soon as you have taken part in the watching (guests versus crew ... very nice), you are friends with everyone anyway (they often even know you by your first name).

present, but rarely annoying. from time to time you will be asked if you want to take part in activities, but you will never be forced to do so (we withdrew from this and therefore we did not have a complete overview). (water) gymnastics and yoga are offered several times a day, in the evening it is popular to watch the staff and at the animation center there is board tennis (that's not a volleyball net there on the tongue of sand) and from time to time special events such as towels -tying etc.
Kayaks and a windsurf board (in moderate condition .. if there had been wind, you would have quickly reached your limits with the material) are offered free of charge ... a dart catamaran is available for 28 $ / h.

somewhat annoying:
around the animation center, the beach (and the sandbank) is often filled with music, sometimes louder, sometimes quieter. if it gets too bad, you ask for rest and then you turn back.
Nevertheless ... you only want to live in this area (from bungalow 35 to at least 46) if you don't feel disturbed by background music (approx. evening show very italian and often a nerve affair (one-man-karaoke-band, playback-slapstick, dance interludes etc. if you know the evening program of rai1, you know that the taste of entertainment is different in italy)
if you can take it, take it with humor or even like it, you stay ... everyone else (many and almost all non-Italians) go and sit by the sea (with their plastic cups ... hmmm) or on your veranda.

very neat (like new) and clean, good beds, not too soft - not too hard, quiet, finely adjustable air conditioning + ceiling fan, mosquito net (absolutely unnecessary ... no mosquito on the island) walled cupboard niches with Lattice door and just enough space, safe only against payment (2 $ / d) a little louder and not switchable refrigerator with soft drinks, beer, water and red bull (none of it ai)
Large designer bathroom, only a little open to the top, 2 showers, 2 sinks, soap dispenser + hair dryer

bungalow recommendations:

beach bungalows:
Quietest location in the east from 11-30, with the numbers below constant and relatively loud generator noise (the sports field there hardly disturbs and only max. 2 hours a day), from 35 to 46 in the south music sound reinforcement area of ​​the animation center. from 47 in the west you come near the cafe’s and the evening entertainment zone. it may be louder here in the evening, but it also has the advantage of being close to the bar and the view of the sunset. the bungalows here are set back a bit behind palm trees. lots of shade, but hardly any sea view. we were accommodated in 30 (our prior request was taken into account) and would want exactly this room again: located on the corner (only one neighbor and view to 2 sides), no bungalow is closer to the water, view of the sunrise and only a few steps to the tongue of sand to enjoy the sunset. for couples the corner rooms are the best and there again the south-east corners (e.g. 14, 18, 22, 26, 30 etc. ... a photo of the island map has been uploaded). if you travel with friends, the two middle rooms can be nice because there are some where the veranda is not separated and you can sit ‘together’ in front of the house under the reed roof. that's only 20 + 21, 24 + 25 and 29 + 29
Finally, with 9 + 10 and 59 + 60 there are also 2 double bungalows with a partition on the veranda.

the soundproofing between adjoining rooms is just okay ... you can hear someone speaking louder to the neighbor, but the content cannot be understood. as soon as the voice is lowered, it is no longer a problem.

water bungalows:
generally not for me (want beach and sand), but are particularly unattractive on maaya. located in the only area with a sea wall, near the generator station, are without protection from the sun or privacy. there is also the landing zone for the airtaxis. if so, then I would take the 190 on the far right / in the east. there at least part of the terrace is not open to view, because there are no more neighbors.

garden bungalows:
Inside the island with a walled-in courtyard, thus full privacy (possibly for a seamless tan), but without a view and without a cooling breeze. 3 out of 7 have the ‘garden door’ between 2 bungalows in the direction of the east beach ... at least you can get to the sea quickly. the others have the entrance in the direction of palmenalle (main street) in the interior of the island

an island for family holidays with children from 12, but also still suitable for (young at heart) couples. more ‘club character’ than you would expect on the malidives, very Italian with all the advantages (food, friendliness, easy-going) and some disadvantages (language barriers, a bit louder and more animated). for us as a family with 2 almost grown-up children, maaya was an ideal choice: sufficient peace and seclusion for us - sufficient leisure time and action for the kids. to 2t we would prefer a quieter, less animated island, which can also be more natural and simple.

Maayafushi from March 18 - April 1, 2012

Paradise with a little bit of hell!

Maaya is a small Robinson Island with a beautiful sandy beach and a fantastic house reef.
So much for paradise.

Hell is it for 3 parrots that are tied to a branch on a short chain all day long. Then there is a relatively large aviary in which there are tons of budgies. These animals are swarms and should be released! They would reinforce the "Robinson feeling" and certainly no more disturbing than the sparrows.

Other negatives:

  1. There is no beverage service in the restaurant - so only to be rated as a canteen. The boys only run around to clear the plates - but with dedication. Some stand next to the table and wait for the chance to pull your plate from under your fork.
  2. Bottled water. Normally (not only with all inclusive) you get 1 bottle per person per day in your room. Because with the temperatures you have the need to have a drink at night. Here you have to pay $ 4.50 + 10% service + 6% tax (everything is added afterwards)
    But you can take water with you in plastic cups (0.2) at the coffee bar. Plastic waste is so great too!
    And so you saw the people pulling away with 4 cups of post-filtration. Several times a day.
  3. the minibar - stocked with a beer and non-alcoholic sugar drinks, which are free at the bar, one can of each type, at crazy prices and not necessarily suitable to quench your thirst. The refrigerator is then locked on the last evening - you could get the idea of ​​grabbing these treasures without paying. In other words - all inclusive in a class of its own! Just ridiculous!!!

It's a shame, the island is really worth recommending.

A rethinking of the management is urgently required, especially since it was not always the case with the water. With a little goodwill and pressure from tour operators and customers, it should be possible to get a grip on this problem.

It's a shame that after snorkeling you have to walk through the room with your dripping stuff to rinse out the salt water and then back again to dry it. A water point for 1-2 rows of bungalows would not be bad.

Maaya is an island that can best be described as “easy going”. everyone is totally relaxed, whether Italian or German, it doesn't matter, if necessary, English is spoken. Really cool.

In the evening in the bar is celebrated as long as it takes. The animation team is in a good mood and does a good job.
Stretching in the morning - water aerobics at noon - yoga in the afternoon - there is something for everyone.
And it's a lot of fun!

The Oberhammer is the diving base!
They managed to get me back under water after 10 years of abstinence from diving - and that without stress!
After we had done a “family trial dive” with our children, filmed underwater by a professional, I was ready to go underwater again. It was great!!
That was VIP diving at its best. my husband and I - a guide - a boat, the equipment tied up - even after the dive you didn't have to worry about anything. VIP diving.

All employees on Maaya are very friendly (except for the general manager, who always looked like someone had stolen his house reef). Maayfushi is an island with a high repetition factor and recommended if you are not looking for luxury.


November 1st to November 15th, 2009 on Maayafushi

Island selection:
We enjoyed our first, and so far only (unfortunately) stay in the Maldives on Maayafushi.
While looking for a small barefoot island with a beautiful house reef, we came across Maayafushi here at, and booked it straight away.
We thought that every island has its strengths and weaknesses, and the only disadvantage that Maayafushi seems to have is the "pizza dominance".
And as a Swiss, with some Italian roots, you know about the mentality of the Italians and how to deal with it.
Arrival: from Zurich
We booked the detour via Dubai so we could fly with the Emirates. Dear stopover, and a few hours longer on the way,
and a spacious aircraft with its own screen for each seat, hundreds of current films and games. In the truest sense of the word, the time went by in a flash.
Then the breathtaking transfer from Male to Maayafushi by seaplane. Unfortunately Maayafushi was the first island that was approached. Which one in turn
can be seen as an advantage or a disadvantage.
Porters and receptionists, quick check-in, nice cocktail. Seaplane takes off again. And then * zack * paradise. Great feeling, especially the first time.
Maayafushi has been completely circled in 5-10 minutes. And ALWAYS barefoot. The island area near the water bungalows is the only section that is separated by a wall.

And because you don't want to swim there anyway, because of all the water bungalows, firstly it is not at all bad that this small part of the beach is now separated from the water by a wall, and secondly, the area of ​​the beach section is a little increased and offers enough space for sports activities such as volleyball with a net, fitness, etc.
If you stand in the middle of the island, between the massage house, restaurant and café, you can see the beach and the sea on both sides. This means that the width of the island is no more than 100m wide at this point. Just awesome.
Unfortunately, I can't say enough about the bungalows. We stayed in a beach villa with a garden, which in itself was absolutely awesome. Private garden section (sand) surrounded by a coral wall, but no view of the sea. Spacious rooms, large bathtub, "topless bathroom section".
The guests in the Beach Bunigs actually had nothing to complain about. However, the guests in the water bungalows had problems with water on the walls (when it was raining) etc.
Restaurant / food
Breakfast à very nice buffet, eggs in all variations
Lunch à Always fresh fish in all variations, pasta, etc. super tasty in buffet form
Dinner à ditto lunch
Dessert à sweet Italian dishes and fruits
During the day in the cafe à small pieces of pizza, pizza bread and pieces of cake
Very reserved and friendly, cater to individual needs
Unparalleled point of criticism
The Italian animation lives from the loudness and the intelligence of the Italians?
Every children's entertainment in Italy is better, more interesting and more pleasant. Simply unreasonable. (But the Italians apparently liked it)
Animation in Italian every evening, with additional translation in English, French and German.
This means that something is told at a slow pace and then tried to translate it in broken English, French and German. Horror!!
The same sketch every Monday, karaoke every Tuesday (but since no visitor wants to do the monkey, the animators do it, and deliberately "make fun", which is really not possible),
every Wednesday a different, but always the same sketch, etc.
But since you can sit a little to the side (outside the covered area), you don't really hear the screaming.
The musician, who sang live every evening before and after dinner, is the real highlight of the island. Good voice, good sound, good mix, good music.
Didn't we do one in the whole two weeks, we were too busy snorkeling and fishing
Snorkeling / diving:
Every day we saw various spotted eagle rays, reef sharks and white and black tip sharks in the lagoon. Then on fins, and after 30m you are at the house reef.
The three exits on the eastern side are well distributed (over the entire width of the island), and you are already outside.
Early in the morning we caught spotted eagle rays twice from about 2 meters away making love, but they didn't let us disturb them. Each came from the
Screwed up the depth of the reef, then jump out of the water together and on top of each other, and then float away together on the surface of the water.
Various sharks, huge schools of fish, turtles, dolphins, triggerfish and, and, and.
I can't say anything about diving, except that most of the island's visitors were on various diving excursions during the day, and we were able to use the island almost alone several times.
Although November actually has few rainy days, we always had mixed weather, except for about 4 days there was pure sunshine.
It was our first time in the Maldives and there will definitely be a few more trips to follow.
If you can turn a blind eye to Italian animation and avoid it a bit, you will experience wonderful days in Maayafushi.
We especially enjoyed the advantages of the island, and now we don't know whether we should try a "new" island the second time or stay with the old one.
Of course, we have no means of comparison, but we would move straight back to the Maayafushi paradise.
If you have any questions: macwittwer at

Maayafushi report

Island name: Maayafushi
Duration of the trip: 25.03.2009 - 09.04.2009
Catering: All inclusive
People: Heiko & Iris from Potsdam
Accommodation: Bungalow - No. 45 (right by the sea, like all beach bungalows)
Maldives vacations: 3 (2 x on Maayafushi in April 2006; March 2009; 1 x on Fun Island in October 2004)

We are repeat offenders here as snorkelers. We were already here about 3 years ago because we liked it so much. We came from Berlin Tegel - via Munich - then from Male by seaplane - this is always a great experience. Since our first vacation in 2004, we can't imagine a better vacation destination than the Maldives. It's also expensive - but from our point of view it is definitely worth saving for it.

Anyone who is sufficiently concerned with the destination island is happy to accept the “Italian-heavy”. It wasn't disturbing in any way, neither the language nor the people nor the food. The entertainers were all very personable and in a good mood. Since it is a barefoot island, you can really walk around without shoes at any time - it is a relief for your feet. You only need shoes for your arrival and departure.

This is how we experienced the holidaymaker composition:

80% Italians / 20% split up into: French, Germans, Austrians, Swiss. We didn't even notice the English this time.

The main language on the island is English / Italian. But there are also a few chunks of German. The staff takes great pleasure in learning individual German words. The daily politeness phrases such as - How are you? / Were you come from? - you get used to it just as quickly as to the great warm and pleasant climate. A very warm people.

The food here is really a delight - various types of preparation of fish, various types of vegetables, rice, pasta, potatoes, various types of meat, lots of salads and not to be forgotten is the tasty fruit that is in the form of a fresh fruit salad every day or freshly prepared for you nice "Candyman" is presented. You can watch when he cuts a papaya, orange, melon or even just an apple. This year all dishes were offered in a convenient buffet form. There was really something for every taste. And if you like sweet things, you could enjoy the delicacies that change daily, such as various puddings, creams, tarts, freshly made crepes with many different fillings. To list everything here would be too much.

The entire AI offer is great here - everything is free until midnight. This year we rediscovered the cocktail menu. Our absolute favorite drink was the “Barman Speciale” or, alternatively, the “Maaya Dream”. One should also mention the drinks "to go". If you want to take drinks to your room, you should always have drinks "to go". You will then receive an unlimited number of plastic cups with e.g. water. This is important - if you would prefer a bottle of water instead, this is not included in the all-inclusive package - you would have to pay extra. The "to go drinks" are completely sufficient.

With the underwater world we had the impression that the house reef had developed to our advantage - we could discover something new almost every day. As a highlight while snorkeling we saw a family of eagle rays (3 spotted eagle rays) very close. The rays danced majestically from the open sea towards land over the reef - simply breathtaking. We were also able to admire sharks (nurse sharks, white tip reef sharks), turtles, moraines and countless colorful fish and schools of fish right on the house reef.

We noticed negatively that it has apparently become a bad habit for boat people to simply throw their rubbish overboard (individually and in plastic garbage bags). With unfavorable currents it can happen that garbage is washed ashore near the reef. During our 14-day vacation we had to do this not so great experience twice (1x with us on the house reef; 1x on a snorkeling trip on another island).

Another highlight for us was a storm that we had never experienced before. While snorkeling we suddenly saw a huge black cloud front. In a few minutes it started. The innumerable lightning bolts flashed in the sky, the wind bent the palm trees back and forth and the thunder cracked so loudly that we sometimes had to cover our ears. Not to mention the rain shower which was really extremely powerful. It was really an exciting natural spectacle that we won't forget anytime soon. The last 4 days of our vacation remained untypically gray for the time - the rainy season had started here 1 month too early - but that's nature - unpredictable. Nevertheless, we could of course continue snorkeling the whole time.

All in all, we can recommend everyone to go on holiday to the Maldives at least once in their life - it's really worth it in every respect.

Towards the end of the holiday (unfortunately too late), we looked at one of the water bungalows. We will definitely take one of these on our next Maldives vacation - the view is amazing. The facility is great. Here you have even more peace and quiet than with a normal bungalow. From your own jetty you can admire the colorful underwater world - great!


Travel report Maldives
Maayafushi Island Resort from 11/25/07 to 12/9/07 Andi and Marcella

For the fifth time we chose the Maldives as our travel destination at the same time. Based on the travel reports, our choice fell on Maayafushi.

Arrival times <> transfer
As in previous years, the entry and transfer by seaplane to the island was quick and easy. The check-IN for the seaplanes is now located directly on arrival at the Vis à Vis airport, the counters of the various travel agencies. The bus transfer to the seaplanes no longer takes place across the runway (red traffic light / barrier), but via the newly built . Attention: Larger hand luggage (Rolley) is now also weighed and is charged with a steep surcharge.

Arrival Maayafushi
As usual, the greeted us with a welcome drink and refreshing towel. As described in the travel reports, a barefoot island; with the exception of the reception (wooden floor) and restaurant (tiled), which did not prevent us from being without shoes for 14 days. The island does not have any insects as it is chemically assisted.

Beach bungalow accommodation
Based on the travel reports, we tried to get Bungi No. 42 by email and actually received No. 43. Bungis 46 to 31 are on the south side of the island and are highly recommended. 46 to 34 are slightly hidden behind vegetation and protected from the wind. You don't have a sea view
much. The most beautiful bungi is certainly number 31, where you have a direct view of the sea. The bungalows on the east side are exposed to the strong wind; the beach section is also not very nice, as the beach has been reinforced with jetties. The bungalows on the west side are very sheltered from the wind and also have the nicer beach section. The only disadvantage is that the takes place in front of the bungalows. The beach bungalows are functional and very clean. The sanitary installations are also Tiptop (2 showers). The air conditioning takes some getting used to in terms of noise, but does its job. If you let the fan run on level 6, the bungalow neighbors should also notice this (but only tricky ...) We were also very satisfied with the room boy. Fridge with minibar is available. You have to take your kettle with you.
It is also advisable to bring a clothesline / clothes peg with you.

Accommodation water bungalows
The water bungalows are on the north side of the island and in our opinion are absolutely out of place (concrete blocks ... with tiled roof). In addition, the island's generator is in the immediate vicinity; so that it is certainly not possible to sleep with the window open. There is also no beautiful stretch of beach in the immediate vicinity of the water bungalows.

Superior bungalows
We cannot judge because these are hidden behind walls. Absolutely no sea view. Since I did military service, I would avoid going on vacation in these bunkers ...

The beach section on the south side of the island is fantastic. On the east side you can swim and splash around without any problems. A little more swell on the west side. From there you can also access the house reef (approx. 50 meters). There is also the Beachpoint (cat sailing / canoes). The sunsets can be enjoyed romantically on the sandbank. However, it only has 5 parasols. Since the island was not fully booked at our time, we had no problems getting an umbrella. Beach chairs (without cushions <> it is advisable to take air mattresses with you) were still enough available. However, I doubt whether there will be enough lounge chairs when fully occupied. Well, and since it was an , we were able to enjoy the in the first week. Those looking for peace and quiet have to hide on the west side of the island.

Those looking for hermit crabs on Maayfushi will unfortunately be disappointed. We searched and searched and unfortunately only found a few isolated specimens. The flying dogs can be admired in the evening. The island is also home to 4 ravens that protect your territory. The ravens also accompany you to the snack bar ... so be careful not to pay attention once and the food is gone. But mussel fans get their money's worth. We found countless great specimens.

House reef
Entry is easy (approx. 50 meters). The reef has recovered and colorful corals can already be seen again. However, we saw a lot more with regard to the abundance of fish on other islands (e.g. Helengeli). Perhaps it is also because ten Italians snorkel at the same time ..... resp. put the fins to an endurance test .... It's a shame that the house reef can only be snorkeled on the east side.

Diving base
Unfortunately we cannot judge. We only know that the German-speaking instructors left the island at the end of December. So only English and Italian are spoken.

Reception / Internet / Shop
It has an internet room, which I don't recommend. On the one hand, as usual in the Maldives, the connection is very slow and also expensive ($ 7 for 14 minutes). In the book corner you can still find enough German-language novels and thrillers. In the souvenir shop you can also buy sunscreen, toothbrush, etc. if necessary.

Beverages (ALL IN)
We decided on this option because the additional costs in the Maldives are very substantial. Water (4.5 $ for 1 ½ liters) and red wine as well as espresso and capucchino are not included in ALL IN for drinks. The water is included with the meals, but is served in water jugs. Recommendation for the bungi: Buy a bottle of water and then fill it (secretly) at the table .... The red wine is cheap by Swiss standards. $ 20 for a Chianti Monamina. For breakfast and other meals, you can bring the coffee (very good) yourself. For lunch and dinner you can also have white wine (well ...) as well as beer and cola / etc. be picked up yourself (will not be served).

The boys in the bar are courteous and quick. The service was great. It's just a shame that the ceiling fans have been dismantled. Depending on the weather, you may sweat, as only the front part of the bar allows a little wind. The drinks (vodka lemon / whiskey cola / etc.) Are also ALL IN and were always well prepared. Unfortunately no lanterns either (we took our own)

On the first day we were seated at the same table with two strangers. (As usual in Italy ...). With an appropriate tip we were able to call a table our own from the second day. However, this should no longer be possible when the island is fully occupied. The opening hours: breakfast from 8.00 am to 9.30 am / lunch 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm / dinner 8.30 pm to 10 pm, especially in the evening we cannot understand that the opening hours are not set to 7.30 or 8 pm (Especially families with children should have their problems there) Breakfast is also relatively late. Unfortunately we were very disappointed with the food. For breakfast there was no yogurt, muesli, salami, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, ham and bread. The breakfast is only geared towards Italian requirements. (Sweet pastries). Fortunately, fried eggs and omelets were able to compensate for freshly made dishes. (I gladly gave the a tip) The cuisine is also absolutely not varied; i.e. weekly cycle. Neither Indian nor Sri Lankan food. 1 x Maldivian meal. Otherwise pasta / pasta / pasta every day. Salad ? Well where's the salad. But we were able to get hold of salad twice (cabbage and cabbage). Usually the main course is served at lunchtime. Recommendation: Wait until the plates are served at the neighboring tables and then decide. Otherwise there is still the alternative of a small buffet. We enjoyed much better cuisine on other islands for the same price category.

It's OK. for a coffee / snack in between. (Attention the ravens ...! Do not feed!)

Unfortunately, unfortunately we were with Italian entertainment every evening. Not only in the evening ... also during the main meals excursions are advertised, which bothered us very much. The evening program (start 10.30pm) included karaoke / cabaret / fashion show / melody recognition / etc ..... The Italian-English-speaking animation is absolutely unnecessary and out of place in our eyes. Pity

We cannot recommend Maayfushi. The island's beauty is tarnished by the Italian management. Now, in the preseason, the vacation could still be enjoyed to some extent. In the main season, German-speaking guests (in the minority) will certainly not get their money's worth compared to other islands, as everything is geared towards Italians. We will definitely go to the Maldives again next year, but definitely not to an island.