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Healthcare at Home. We bring health. home. PAT I E N T E N B E T R E U U N G HÄ U S L I C H E H O M E C A R E


1 Healthcare at Home We bring health home H U S L I C H E PAT I E N T E N B E T R E U U N G H O M E C A R E

2 For your well-being in your own four walls. Healthcare at Home Deutschland GmbH (HaH) is the subsidiary of the British parent company of the same name, the largest homecare company in Europe. Healthcare at Home is the pioneer of home infusions and a leading provider of high quality clinical services in the home environment. We operate in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England and in large parts of Europe. We are establishing a domestic care and service concept throughout Germany, especially for chronically ill patients who receive injections / infusions as part of their therapy. Our comprehensive service concepts are tailored to provide home care for patients with chronic diseases and to offer assistance there. For us, the interests of the patients are in the foreground. Our Mission Healthcare at Home offers an outstanding home therapy service for all suitable, chronically ill patients. Patient safety Patient safety is our top priority. It is our mission to improve the quality of life and adherence to therapy of our patients (especially for rare diseases) by means of suitable medical and medical systems, in which all processes relating to pharmaceutical measures - in close cooperation with patient care, work in a binding manner with the attending physicians - at home. For our patients this means increasing and ensuring an equal environment. lasting treatment quality - whether in Flensburg or in Constance. At the same time, we want to be one of the most attractive employers for qualified and committed employees in the healthcare sector.

3 Healthcare at Home The company 1 Our quality standards Your safety Our nursing team consists exclusively of professionally experienced, qualified nurses and qualified nurses and pediatric nurses. Each of our employees is specially trained in the diseases of their patients and the associated therapy. Through continuous further education and refresher courses, we keep our employees always up to date. Our quality principles Exclusively exam. Nurses in the HaH Homecare Team Regular product and indication-specific training courses Min. 5 years of professional experience, preferably in the following areas: emergency ambulance, intensive care unit, anesthesia, handling infusion therapy, port supply, laying vein access, injections SC and IM, studynurse nationwide, uniform care and treatment standards, clinical governance team, care visits, QM groups, clinical director, quality management, hygiene officer, nationwide data protection officer etc. SOP standards for emergencies Business Continuity Plan ISO certified QM system The quality management system of Healthcare at Home has been ISO 9001 certified in Germany and Austria. We are convinced of the high quality of our patient care. Every year the TÜV checks our quality management system for compliance with our processes. We are proud to be the first ISO certified homecare company in Germany and Austria. certified QM system

4 2 Healthcare at Home Home Therapy What is Home Therapy? Home therapy or homecare is the continuation of your medically prescribed therapy at the patient's home. With your consent, our registered nurses visit your patients and ensure the implementation of the therapy you have prescribed. We do not intervene in the therapy, but adhere to your medical specifications. Home infusion cold chain holiday services H Ä U S L I C H E PAT I E N T E N B E T R E W O N S I C H E R H E I T S - & Q U A L I TY S G E P R Ü F T E SECURE COOL U R L A U B S B E T R E W O N H O M E C A R C H Ü H L K E T T E H O L I D A Y C A R E As part of our domestic care and service concept are cared for your patients not only in drug infusion, but you will get from us also always well informed. There are clear rules that must be observed for the storage and safe transport of pharmaceuticals. This is especially true for thermolabile drugs. Our certified cold chain specializes in handling these drugs. With mutually coordinated and harmonized infusion standards and a monitored cold chain, you will receive your usual product on your vacation and no longer have to do without your home infusion at the usual quality! Our competencies Care programs in the field of rare diseases: Fabry disease Gaucher disease Pompe disease Hurler / Scheie disease (MPS I) Hunter disease (MPS II) Morquio syndrome (MPS IV) Maroteaux Lamy syndrome (MPS VI) Hereditary angioedema (HAE) Other care programs : Osteoporosis Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) Short Bowel Syndrome Rheumatoid Arthritis Desire for children - Intralipid infusion therapy Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) Nutritional advice Endocrinology

5 Healthcare at Home Home therapy 3 How does home therapy work with Healthcare at Home? PATIENT Informed about Healthcare at Home Coordinate partner Contact Visit HaH Customer Service DOCTOR HAH NURSE Commissioning, regular feedback Our services In Germany, Switzerland, Austria and other European countries we offer you, in close coordination with your patient: Training for Self-injection z. B. PEN training (for those affected and their relatives) proper storage, handling and preparation of the drug cross-process transparent documentation reminder management (reminding patients to take the drugs) regular injection / infusion at home according to the uniform GCP standard proper transport (GDP) - in particular products requiring cold chain TÜV-certified delivery processes regular feedback to you as the responsible doctor Advice on all aspects of illness and everyday worries

6 4 Healthcare at Home The cold chain Certified cold chain Your medication in safe hands. S I C H E R H E I T S - & Q U A L I TÄT S G E P R Ü F T E SECURE COOL KÜ H L K E T T E Medicines are special goods. In particular, thermolabile medicines must be transported and stored with expertise. Healthcare at Home specializes in handling and handling these thermosensitive drugs. An interruption in the cold chain of medicinal products requiring refrigeration can lead to a loss of effectiveness and, in the worst case, pose a risk to the patient. Under our motto: From the manufacturer, the first seamless integrated cold chain, to the patient in the vein, we offer you the opportunity to have your products delivered to your home by one of our nurses after the third delivery, in compliance with the highest quality and safety standards. We have compliance with these high standards through regular ISO 9001 certification 1. Send prescription to pharmacy 2. Arrange delivery date Our quality management is confirmed by TÜV. We know what we are doing! And because we are so sure, we also assume product liability for transport and storage for: Breakage Theft Temperature fluctuations Exceeding the expiry dates Other reasons for your medication to become unusable What you can expect from us: Your medication will only be handled by regularly trained specialist staff Delivery to your home or any other location within Germany * Complete temperature recording You specify the delivery day (Mon. Sat.) Validated transport systems and emergency plans Many years of experience in handling temperature-sensitive products Medical drug refrigerators according to GDP standard with 24h temperature monitoring and alarm device Logging of all relevant Cold chain parameters

7 Healthcare at Home The vacation service 5 Infusions on vacation? Now it is possible in Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The new partnership between Caregiving from Italy and Healthcare at Home in Germany makes your vacation in the south (or in the north) easier. Have you always wanted a vacation without having to do without the important infusions? Have you longingly looked at pictures of Italy, Spain, England, Switzerland, Austria (and Germany)? Now the new partnership between Healthcare at Home in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Caregiving in Italy and Spain (Catalonia) is making this dream come true! The two companies, which together stand for high-quality home fusion at M. Fabry and M. Gaucher, offer you this service: with mutually coordinated and harmonized infusion standards and a monitored cold chain, you will receive your usual product on your vacation and on your home infusion you no longer have to do without the usual quality! If you are interested, please contact your home infusion nurse and / or our customer service - we will talk through all the details with you.

8 6 Healthcare at Home The advantages The advantages of home therapy Excellent experience in working with large centers and clinics (virtual hospital) Today, we regularly supply almost all large centers and specialist doctors in Germany, and meanwhile over 160 patients, with home infusions and deliver to these patients through our ISO 9001 certified cold chain processes. Smooth workflow in cooperation The centers delegate our nurses to the infusion of their patients at home and usually have the patient's family doctor write out the prescriptions (remedies and aids). Alternatively, this can also be done by centers, especially after the (semi) annual patient check-ups. H U S L I C H E PAT I E N T E N E T R E U N G H O M E C A R E Back to normality in everyday life: time and cost savings More autonomy and quality of life Regular personal contact Relief for you, your family and relatives

9 Healthcare at Home The advantages 7 Advantages for you as a patient: Advantages for you as a doctor: Many patients appreciate the care provided by a personal contact person on site and the opportunity to discuss general questions about the prescribed therapy in peace and quiet at home. We are also available as a personal contact for families and relatives. You offer your patients an additional, free service that ensures adherence to your prescribed therapy at the patient's home. You will be informed about the progress of the home therapy whenever you wish. Increased quality of life - back to more normalcy in everyday life: Home therapy offers you as a doctor the following advantages: Good therapy control through regular information after the home infusion appointments Flexible treatment therapy in the familiar environment Time and travel cost savings No long and strenuous trips and stays in the clinic Reintegration in everyday life and possible work process. During the infusion, time and rest for other things such as

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11 Healthcare at Home Contact 9 Contact to Healthcare at Home If you are interested in home therapy or the services of Healthcare at Home, simply give us a call or send us the completed fax reply. We would be happy to present our homecare concept to you in person and discuss with you which of your patients will benefit from home therapy with Healthcare at Home. Yes, I am interested. Please call me and make an appointment with me. Telephone number Please send me registration documents for the below Indication per to. Praxisstempel -Adresse I would like to discuss the possibility of home therapy for my patients for the following indications: Indication Product Endocrinology / Growth Hormones Enzyme Replacement Therapy and Lysosomal Storage Diseases Hereditary Angioedema Oncology Rheumatism, Rheumatoid Arthritis Other Indications Healthcare at Home guarantees you the confidential treatment of your data and your patients. We will not pass on any personal information and / or patient-related data to third parties.

12 Healthcare at Home Healthcare at Home Deutschland GmbH Bergstraße Weinheim Customer Service: Fax: Healthcare at Home Europe B.V. ZNL Austria Büropark Donau Inkusstraße 1-7 / Objekt 7 / 1st floor 3400 Klosterneuburg Customer service: Fax: If you have any questions about home therapy or Healthcare at Home, please do not hesitate to contact us. Simply use our free service hotline or fax number. You are welcome to fill out the attached fax form and arrange a call back or a personal appointment with us. Free service hotline: