Is my relationship working

Psychological test on the quality of the couple relationship

How good is your relationship Take the partnership test!

With many disorders of well-being, a critical look at your own well-being is the first way to get better. This test will tell you how satisfied you are with your relationship.
It is not a standardized clinical test - it should only be carried out together with a psychologist or therapist as part of a professional consultation. The results therefore do not constitute a diagnosis and the values ​​derived from them do not show how you compare to the average for all other people. They should only be an invitation to self-reflection.

You should repeat the test from time to time. If you are currently stuck in an acutely difficult situation such as a divorce, job tension or the like, or if you have to cope with a severe loss, your well-being values ​​will understandably be worse. Everyone also has a black day when there is no joy or positive thoughts. Do not over-evaluate bad results, but rather use the information as an opportunity to do yourself good and look for ways to recharge your batteries. Do the test again after a while - you will see: after every steep descent, it goes up again.

If no other period is specified, the questions relate to the assessment of the last 14 days. The possible answers are usually grouped according to the school grade logic. The first answer option, on the far left, earns one point, the last five points. Enter your values ​​next to each question and add the total at the end of each test.
Instahelp is not suitable in acute psychological crisis or emergency situations. Please contact your doctor immediately, the medical emergency service on 141 or the ambulance on 144. To relieve the burden, you can also contact the telephone counseling at any time, which can be reached around the clock on the Austria-wide emergency number 142.