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Netflix: Free Month is back - but very different!

Hans-Christian Dirscherl

Netflix has again introduced a free trial month for users from Germany. But there is a little catch.

EnlargeNetflix: Free Month is back - but different!

Netflix is ​​laying out a new bait for new customers. If you register here for the Netflix streaming offer, you will get the second Month free. So you pay full price for the first month of Netflix and nothing for the second month. In fact, that means you can use Netflix for two months at half the price.

For Netflix, this offer, which looks a bit strange at first glance, has the advantage that it binds the customer to itself for at least two months. With this, Netflix is ​​likely to hope that the customer will get used to the Netflix offer sooner and not want to miss it anymore than would be the case after just one free trial month.

Neflix had only abolished the (first) free month for customers from Germany in August 2020, as can also be seen from the Netflix help page, which is valid for Germany. If, on the other hand, you want to use Netflix from Austria, you are still offered the free month. This can be seen from the relevant Netflix help page. However, Netflix increased the prices for Austrian customers in some cases in August 2020.

The offer with the second month for free is only available to new customers. Since you can also cancel Netflix on a monthly basis, you can actually end your Netflix subscription immediately after the second - free - month of use and have watched Netflix at half price for two months.

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