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The Musik-Theater-AG is an open, voluntary offer for ages 8 to 13.
The focus of the work in this working group is to arouse and promote the participants' interest in performing on stage in connection with music.

It is important to us to use each and every one of them with their individual possibilities, be it in terms of acting or singing / instrumental. This can lead to the fact that, with the mostly very large number of participants, the pieces have to be "tailored" to the respective conditions of the group, which is not seen as a disadvantage for our work, but rather as an opportunity and enrichment.

In addition to promoting individual talents, the main focus is on working with the ensemble. This goes beyond learning the pure acting / singing "craft" by permanently demanding and training skills such as the ability to concentrate, commitment and teamwork. In addition to the situation of performing in front of an audience, which is very unusual for many students, even if only in an extra role, these other skills are important building blocks for the personal development of the students. Over the many years of our work, we have been able to determine again and again how much withdrawn students have gained self-confidence through their participation in the theater group and this development has also had a positive effect on other subjects.
The selected texts have a literary and historical-political background, so that there is also an increase in knowledge for the corresponding subjects.

Our concept is a balanced mixture of demanding, but also encouraging and motivating interaction with the participants. Overall, in addition to an almost therapeutic task, the quality of the content and performance of the productions is not neglected. The goal is the success of a collaborative project in which everyone has their place.