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After a short break, the Audio file played.
Format - The compression format of the Audio file.
Format - the compression format used for the audio file.
Rule action is to play a Audio file.
Changes the format and attributes of the Audio file.
Sampler Track The new sampler track transforms any Audio file into an instrument.
Sampler Track The new Sampler Track allows you to turn any audio file into an instrument.
The Audio file is played directly on your note via audio stream.
The audio file will play directly on your note using audio streaming.
I am sending one Audio file to the surround sound system.
Sending to audio file to the surround sound system.
Note: Only allow one Audio file to add.
The Audio file is sent as an attachment.
Now you can see the resulting Audio file play.
Closes the dialog box Audio file - details.
In response to a specific menu option, you can create a Audio file play.
You can play audio file in response to a particular menu option.
Language resources that are a Audio file play continuously.
Voice resources that continuous play audio file.
To create a custom handler in the tool step "Audio file play".
To create a custom handler, in the Play Audio file tool step.
The name of the selected Audio file is displayed in the rule condition.
The name of the selected audio file appears in the rule condition.
Play one Audio file or a system sound.
To avoid repetition, you can hyperlink to the Audio file insert.
To prevent repetition, insert a hyperlink to the sound file.
How to change the format of a Audio file
You can only change the volume if the Audio file is not compressed.
You can change the volume of an uncompressed sound file only.
If your computer has speakers, you can use one Audio file play and listen.
Play and listen to a sound file if your computer is equipped with speakers.
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